Target Will Be Requiring All Customers To Wear Face Masks Beginning August 1st

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man wearing face mask in Target holding packages of reusable face masks

Important news for Target and CVS shoppers!

Beginning August 1st, Target will be requiring all customers to wear face masks when shopping in-store. This new store policy follows suit with other major retailers enacting the same requirement including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Starbucks, and more.

To date, around 80% of Target stores already require guests to wear face coverings due to local and state regulations. Note that they will be offering disposable masks upon entering for customers who do not have one.

The National Retail Federation, the main lobbying group for the retail industry, has made a call for all retailers to require customers wear masks in stores so we’ll likely hear of more and more stores making the requirement.

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  1. Lisa JP

    They already do that here, even before our governor mandated masks in public.

  2. E

    Is there a link to their statement about it? Kids under 12 don’t have to wear masks in my state and I’m wondering if Target will require even kids or people with exemptions to wear them.

    • Sparrowfly

      While businesses are free to make their own rules, for those who have been told not to wear a mask, you may ask for an accommodation. In the world of online ordering and pick up at so many places, I feel this will be the accommodation. Or possibly a face shield. However, if you remain calm and ask for an accommodation, I believe they will help you find something reasonable. Just bear in mind it cannot cause “undue burden” on the establishment.

      • Barn

        If you are told to not wear a mask, stay home. If nurses can wear a mask for a 12 hour shift, you can wear a mask for 20 minutes in a store. A “standard” blue surgical face mask does not restrict breathing, it just makes the air warmer. People in “murica” just do not like to be told to do things.

        • MCox

          You obviously don’t have a medical condition. You speak as if those who do are less than. Be glad you don’t!

          • Pam

            I agree that there probably are some with medical conditions making it harder to wear a mask BUT there are so many people out there just using this as an excuse. It kind of makes it hard to tell who is who. It’s sad that it’s just another thing dividing the country.

            • riss

              Yes! Just like that San Diego woman who wants half of gofundme $$. She said she had a pelvic exam and a chiropractic note that she should not wear a mask 🤯. Pelvic exam – no mask. The mask does not go there, honey.

              • *Angela-Miles*

                Omg, Pelvic exam?? REALLY 🤣🤣😭. That is comical riss, I hadn’t heard what her reason was. Thanks for the giggle 🤗

          • Amy

            My father has severe COPD and he still wears a mask. Which health condition makes you not be able to wear a mask? Is it: I-feel-more-special-than-others-itis?

            • Nicole6

              My dad has COPD and end phase congestive heart failure. He wears a mask just fine, other than having to find ones big enough for his prominent Italian nose. LOL

          • lydia999

            My father has congestive heart failure, lung damage due to a 40 year smoking habit, had open heart surgery 18 months ago and he can wear a mask when he goes out in public. So PLEASE tell me what keeps people from wearing a mask. When I visit his house we all keep masks on and maintain distance for the entire duration of my visit (2-4 hours).

        • rochellemcgee

          Dude, Sparrowfly answered a question. Why are you chastising her? She didn’t advocate any certain actions and she didn’t say she couldn’t/wouldn’t wear a mask…she didn’t even refer to herself. Your misplaced zealotry isn’t winning anyone over, but I suspect from your “Murica” comment, you’d just rather rage against strangers on the internet.

        • stph095

          So whst color masks are acceptable? BTW it’s AMERICA ,get it right!

    • E

      Well everyone just argued instead of answering a simple question. Target’s website says “young children” and those with medical conditions are exempt. It took some searching but I did find the statement about masks on their site. I’m just hoping the “young children” includes up to age 11 as our gov’s mandate says. I’ll try it and if they send me home cuz my 2 yr old won’t wear a mask, oh well. Not like I take my kids in target much, they’ve been in there once since this whole mess started. But target is the only local store that sells a certain specialty refrigerated item (no pickup!!) that I get regularly because of dietary restrictions.

  3. Mommyx6

    If it’s so concerning and we are being required to wear a face mask to shop . Then why wait til August to start it?

    • zina

      I was wondering the same?! If it’s that a big of a deal, why wait? if you wait, then it’s not that big of a deal?

    • Snowflake1211

      I believe because they are going to hand out masks to those who do not have them when they come to the store. Perhaps it is so stores that don’t require masks already (like our stores in Wisconsin) to have some time to acquire the masks and training for employees on how to handle unruly, entitled guests who refuse to wear them. But that’s just my guess

  4. Barbara

    they are already doing that here. I don’t really shop at Target much anymore though. I do order pickup. It keeps me from spending too much money anyway because when I am in the store, I tend to linger in the aisles and pick up things I don’t need. lol.

  5. dym786

    It should definitely be required already

  6. Emily

    I think the science is pointing toward it being the way we help stop it more and more. I know it’s a pain but for me, I’d rather air on the side of discomfort for a few minutes in order to protect others (there’s actually science coming out showing it can protect you as well) than just do what I want and potential endanger some. I am fine wearing them inside but don’t think it’s necessary in most outdoor activities. I listen to this guy for a middle of the road, well informed perspective. This was a hopeful listen for me today.

    • Pikemusky

      The science behind it is bogus! 🤣

  7. Lily

    Shopping is no longer a relaxing activity…now its stressful…wearing a mask is def uncomfortable but i give myself 20-25 minutes in the store to quickly pick up what i need and im out…i still see people bring their entire family and roam around the store relaxing not wearing masks….those days are gone for us …at least for a few more months.

    • Marinova

      I wish I shared your optimism…a few months…we pushed back a big wave to coincide with flu season. Even if a miracle vaccine appears in November, would you inject your kids with a hyper fast tracked vaccine with no long term safety record? I’m not anti vaccine at all, but I certainly would not.

      • Pikemusky

        Amen! This is sickening! By the way, that first wave of vaccines will most likely kill millions!

        • Sarah

          Pikemusky, deep down inside, I believe you are right. 😔

    • runnergirl838

      Oh how I miss those days, and a relaxing stress free shopping run at Target no less. 🙁

  8. Sarah

    😑How long is this “face mask requirement” for stores going to last? Or is it a permanent feature? Other viruses kill people too, so… 😑 I’m becoming more and more limited to stores I can shop at.

    • Deb

      As my auntie from Mississippi says, “Bless your heart.”

      • Barn

        Well said!!

      • Abbyrose

        That was a very rude response. She asked a question. It’s ridiculous that people can no longer do that or have a different opinion without someone having to be rude and sarcastic.

        • Jen

          I don’t think the comment was rude. I think it is well placed since nobody knows the answer to the question. So that fact that the question is being asked in the first place, it warrants a “bless your heart”. It’s such a common phrase used down South by a lot of the older folks when someone is clueless, oblivious, irrational, and for many other things.

          • Abbyrose

            So then by that reasoning, she was calling her “clueless, oblivious, and irrational,” but that’s not considered rude? I wear a mask where required, but I am so disappointed in the name calling and hateful things I’ve seen and heard from both sides of the equation. Why can’t people respect each other’s opinion without belittling and cutting the other person down?

        • Debby

          I agree. The numbers everyone are talking about are being manipulated. It’s simple…if I get tested today and I’m positive and then I go back 3 days later this is now 2 cases. Uhmmm no it isn’’s only ONE case….they are counting the same person multiple times as a new “Covid case” Hospitals are manipulating the numbers as they get $19,000.00 per “ positive” case. I know people who work at hospitals and are nurses….even they say it’s all about greed. A friend stood in line with her husband to get tested.they finally left WITHOUT being tested as lines were too long…..and funny they get results that they are positive. People are being given positive results that haven’t even gotten tested. 🤔 Or people go in and die from a heart attack but have tested positive and they are put down as a Covid death. 💰💰💰💰💰 It’s a political year…and after November the cases will suddenly drop. Sorry I don’t believe any of this..I know people have died..but it’s all old people and people who already have issues. No one cared last year when it was the flu…but all of a sudden everyone’s hiding in their house wearing masks. You have an immune system… Don’t care ..I’m not wearing one. I have freedom to do what I want. If your that scared stay home. Stop infringing on the rights of others with the paranoia and information that is and has been given falsely. Take some time and watch something besides CNN…. and think for yourselves. I refuse to have scumbag politicians make choices for me. DR. Fauci also stated 1 in 5 people were going to die of AIDS with his “ brilliant” research. Uhmmmmm wrong again…. so probably not the person I would believe. Or how about 250k-400k ( per John Hopkins) dies each year due to malpractice. We’re not even near the low end of that…🤔

          • everest716

            Spot on Debby

          • Deb

            We’ll said debby

          • runnergirl838

            Old people or people with prior conditions – death is death. That is someone’s loved one you’re talking about there. That’s someone’s mother, father, sister, etc. Let’s have compassion for human life.

            • Marinova

              Yes, the number of times I hear this type of rhetoric = the number of times I have compulsively watched Louis CK’s “Of course, but maybe…” bit. It is hilarious. It also amuses me that anyone would think hospitals are salivating over 19k/pt. Clearly they haven’t seen any internal hospital budget records.

          • cooper

            Bunch of load of Fox News talking points which have zero truth. Yes the entire world is against Trump cause “election” is in November. Right.

            This is NOT THE FLU. How hard is that to understand!??!?!!? The Flu has A VACCINE ALREADY. The flu has some level of herd immunity. The flu has been around for decades. Covid is a brand new virus.

            • Cari

              Yes, Trump’s idiocy is spreading!

            • Pikemusky

              You won’t have any herd immunity left when your mask comes off- that’s a no brainer! Keep your mask on while you sleep too- you’ll probably be safer! 😂

          • Tina

            You’re so dumb.

          • StephB

            Well said!👍🏼

    • Pikemusky

      It will last until the election! The left wants to fudge the election results! Socialists!

      • Lee

        Stop projecting. I want accurate election results. I want every eligible voter to be able to vote and to have their vote counted. I also don’t think it should be a hugh inconvenience for people to exercise their right to vote. I would want that no matter what the outcome. However, since the majority of this county wants the same outcome I do – adults in charge – I’m not afraid of everyone voting. Nor does the claim “socialists” as a buzzword scare me, since it’s just trying to make it sound like wanting my tax dollars to go to things that benefit most Americans instead of to increasing corporate profits that only benefit a few is a bad thing. You can shame me out of my political beliefs that helping middle class and struggling Americans is wrong by calling it “socialism” as though that word is somehow terrifying.
        Also, since this is a global pandemic, the idea that this is some conspiracy to effect the election is just so detached from reality, it’s hard to take anyone repeating it seriously.

  9. Rayna

    I suppose the mask requirement will soon turn into a mandated vaccine to shop.

    • StephB

      I’m sure it will unfortunately…

  10. aflgirl

    How far does this really have to go? I’m just waiting for people to sue one another, or yet be convicted of murder because someone caught Covid 19 and died because one person came within 6 feet of someone not wearing a mask. Where do we draw the line really? This has all become so insane.

    • Emily

      Murder? Probably not… but I could see involuntary manslaughter. Not wearing masks when it’s a requirement of your local juridiction could constitute negligence and if someone dies as a result of your negligence, that absolutely should be on you.

      Wearing a mask isn’t an unreasonable action. Just like buckling up or storing firearms properly isn’t unreasonable… it’s an action you take for safety.

      • stph095

        However there is NO link that not wearing a mask caused someone to get sick…there is no study conducted, no proof …just pure speculation.

    • stph095

      There is literally NO EVIDENCE that not wearing a mask caused someone to get sick…if that was the case we would have a 0 homeless population in the country.

      • Carrie

        There is literally EVIDENCE that wearing a mask has helped stop the spread.

        • stph095

          To maybe slow it..but that too is debatable.

        • Pikemusky

          Show me!😂 We are becoming a socialist country and you people are too blind to see it! Trump 2020!

          • Cari

            And you are the downfall of this country

          • stph095


          • StephB

            🇺🇸MAGA 2020🇺🇸👍🏼

  11. fourboymommy

    Hip2save please stop posting about mask related issues. This is not why I get on hip2save every day. Thank you.

    • Jen

      They are simply informing their followers about store policy whether we agree with it or not!!!
      That way we can make our own judgement if we want to continue to going to these stores or shop elsewhere.

    • Jen

      It is relevant and should be shared so those going shopping for deals know to have a mask.

    • Deb

      Agree 100%

    • StephB

      Then stop reading the posts. Your thumb can simply move right past the posts you don’t want to read!🙄😂

  12. everest716

    In my state – masks have been mandatory since April. I know everyone has their own opinion, but I tend to question why Walmart, Target ect were open through this..but other businesses were not able to open using those same health guidelines. It isn’t fair and it’s very sad to watch businesses shutter for good, and families struggle with job loss. There’s definitely “one set of rules for thee, another for me”. Just watch how it has played out. So hypocritical. Our children need to be back in school and sports. Of course we need to keep the older, more vulnerable population safe. But it’s time for people committed to moving on using the health guidelines to have the right to do so. If the price of admission these days is a face be it. Long term lockdowns are not sustainable.

  13. Sabrina

    Lol remember when people were like, I’m not shopping at Target because of their bathroom policy? I bet the same Karens are the ones now saying they won’t go because they refuse to wear a mask. Ain’t no one ditching Target ever.

  14. RN404

    RN here…if I can wear a N95 with a surgical mask on top of it for 12+ hours while at work you all can wear a simple mask for 30 minutes or so while shopping. I am sick of this entitlement BS

    • stph095

      With all due respect, you chose this job .You were also probably using masks way before this started.

      • Robyn

        And a shopping trip to Target is equivalent to choosing a career that helps people & saves lives??!! I have no words! I’m sorry Collin for this nonsense that has nothing to do with what this site is meant for!!

      • Baker's Wife

        Thank God RN404 chose her job. Don’t be rude.

        • stph095

          Not being rude..just pointing out that she or he has probably always wore a mask as part of their job.

    • Cari

      Thank you, I agree. If you don’t wear a mask then don’t go to the hospital if you get it. If you made a choice not to wear one, live with it. Thank you drs and nurses for keeping us all safe.

      • stph095

        95% of the people that contract it are just at home …most never go to the hospital.

        • Cari

          Better hope you don’t need to go! You don’t see the seriousness of it, so don’t go!

          • stph095

            No need …I’m definitely not scared of a virus!

  15. stph095

    Literally just wear one for the 20 seconds to get in the door and take it off. I’ve been doing this for weeks, with no problems.

    • sne3103

      Please stop spreading your idiotic suggestions.

    • Cari

      Just selfish

      • stph095

        Typical response. Try something new.

    • AH

      That’s disgusting. And until stores start enforcing their policies and kicking people like you out I will still not be going out shopping in stores. I’ve saved a lot of money because I impulse buy a lot but that’s hurting the economy. So you are really endangering others (particularly store workers), violating the terms of the stores and making yourself a trespasser, making life unpleasant for anyone that has to tell you to put it on or leave, and the reason the economy will remain in freefall for awhile. Glad you’re proud of yourself.

    • Rach

      Why even wear it for 20 seconds – its an infringement of your freedom…it causes discomfort etc. etc.- why shop at Target when they are instituting policies you don’t agree with – better to walk in without a mask, and once they begin enforcing policies for the benefit of everyone and you’re told you can’t shop there/ fined etc. then you would have atleast kept your freedom intact.

  16. LeeF

    For how long?

  17. LeeF

    Some reasons that others cannot wear masks do not have to do with physical conditions but mental/psychological. Having such severe claustrophobia that you have to take daily medication can cause extreme reactions when wearing something as restrictive as a shield or something that covers your mouth and nose. And no, these people should not be isolated and told to never go inside a store again.

  18. stph095

    Also, there is no requirements on color ,size , or style..I constructed a 1inch wide mask out of very thin almost tissue like fabric…does the trick! I wear it in ..then take it off.

  19. Jack

    Masks are required in my city but the cases keep rising. I thought the whole point of the masks were to keep the virus from spreading. Weird how masking are being worn but it’s not affecting the spread. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Amber

      People will just say it’s because so many don’t wear them, not because they don’t actually work. Mask=false sense of security.

      • Cari

        Masks have been required here in NJ for months and our numbers have dropped drastically. I can’t believe the stupid comments here. It’s not difficult, just do it!

        • Amber

          I’m in NY. I know.

          • Amber

            And I never said I don’t wear one. It just amazes me how people feel it “solves” the problem.

  20. C.Woolery

    Please don’t be like me. I was a clueless idiot posting how I thought coronavirus was a joke and a hoax. Well low and behold my son has it now. I quickly deleted my stupid tweet. Stay informed people and don’t be like me.

    • Cari

      This is great

    • Tricia

      Unfortunately that’s usually what it takes…for it to hit home to be real. Prayers your son is ok 🙏

  21. MommySpendsLess

    Stores need a way to process returns curbside for merchandise purchased online. One of the reasons I’m willing to buy things like clothing from Target and Kohl’s online is because of the ability to return them in store if needed rather than having to box them up, get them to a shipping location and possible pay shipping fees. I’d settle for a return code of some kind to place on the merchandise and a drive up access controlled drop box – I don’t mind waiting a few days to get my refund.

  22. Lora

    Ok so those that refuse to wear a mask to go shopping, do you have a job? Because many employers are requiring and enforcing masks for the duration of your 8-10-12 hour shift. Would you quit your job because you do not agree with a mask policy? Just curious.

    • MommySpendsLess

      Some employers are making that a requirement but some employers (especially in professions that do not require interaction with the public) are still encouraging remote working, others are only requiring masks when people are in working in common areas (lobby, hallway, break room, conference rooms) or others only when the number of people in the room would exceed a threshold (like 10) or where it’s not feasible to remain a 6’ distance.
      Personally, my office has been working from home since March and will continue to do so until at least August. If we have to go to the office for any reason it’s seldom more than 3-4 of us at a time and we sanitize/wash our hands frequently, keep our distance and don masks if the situation requires it – generally we treat each other with respect.
      I currently wear a thin mask when I have to go out in public, avoid touching my face, sanitize my hands as soon as I get to the car (sometimes mid-trip as well if it’s a long one) and wash my hands as soon as I get home and again once I’ve put groceries away. I cannot wear a thick 2-3 layer mask with a bunch of filters in it but I have no desire to fight with anyone about masks, especially since a “face covering” is required in many local counties.
      Due to the nature of my job and their response so far I highly doubt full time mask wearing will be required. I will work with my employer as necessary to be a productive employee who is not endangering her coworkers while at the same time respecting my own limits. I imagine the only time it would be a difficult balance is large meetings but I suspect we’ll encourage outsiders to join via video conference and I will probably skip as many large meetings as possible and/or call into the conference room from my individual work area.
      The biggest difference in my mind is that you have the opportunity to talk to your employer, compromise, provide a doctor’s note, etc. It’s not practical for customers or retail establishments to make individual arrangements each time someone needs a few things from the store.

  23. nita

    Yes, this has already been the rule here in the northeast.

  24. Csandst1

    Speak with the mouth of Jesus.
    View others with the eyes of Jesus.
    Treat others with the heart of Jesus.

    Words are containers. They carry in them the power to teach and instruct, lift up and encourage, create humor and laughing, to bring peace and joy, and hope where hope was lost. They are also containers that can mock, belittle, embarrass, tear down, deceive, and destroy.

    People will not remember everything you did or said but what they will remember is how you made them feel? What legacy do you want to leave on this thread?

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