McDonald’s Will Require Face Masks Starting August 1st

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mcdonald's employee wearing face mask and gloves

McDonald’s will soon require face masks to enter their restaurants!

In a statement from July 24th, McDonald’s will require all customers to wear face masks when entering all U.S. locations beginning on August 1st.

With nearly 82% of McDonald’s restaurants already in areas that require facial coverings for both crew and customers, this step is a proactive approach to further continue the health and well being of their customers and employees across the entire country.

In their statement, they said, “This public health crisis continues, with one million new COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks alone. At the same time, we’re learning more. The latest science suggests droplets have the potential to stay in the air for extended periods of time, increasing the risk of virus spread, especially from asymptomatic carriers. As a result, the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reiterates face coverings are an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

man holding McDonald's Fries and drink in Mcdonald's parking lot

In addition, the restaurant chain has also said they are applying new training for their employees to ensure they are prepared to address this new policy in a friendly and positive way when customers are unable or unwilling to wear a face mask.

Plus, restaurants will also be adding protective panels to front and back-of-house and extending their pause on re-opening dining rooms for another 30 days.

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Comments 93

  1. Wren


  2. rftr

    TIME magazine June 8th,”the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical lead for COVID-19, said at a press briefing on June 8 that asymptomatic transmission appears to be “very rare.” Contradicts what Mc Donald’s sites as recent findings in their news release.

    • Marie

      Did WHO separate out asymptomatic vs. presymptomatic? Like, people who have the virus and will get sick, but just don’t have symptoms yet? Other viruses can spread before you start having symptoms.

    • Denise

      Sorry don’t trust WHO

      • weml

        But I’m sure you trust facebook and youtube 🤣

    • Sue

      And on June 9th, the WHO clarified that they really don’t know how frequently asymptomatic people transmit the virus.

    • Alice

      You do realize the findings on this virus change and as such, medical and scientific advice/recommendations have had to adjust. You are citing an article that is almost 2 months old, we are now 6 months into this pandemic with NO end in sight due to poeople like you and your insistence to use common sense.

    • weml

      Information changes. It’s a new virus. What is so hard for people to understand???

  3. Sally

    LOL…just in time….virus will be all but gone by then.

    • ccmama

      Let me know where you live.

    • Em C

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the virus were gone four days from now? Unless there’s an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, it won’t happen.

    • M

      I thought it was going to be gone by April or when the weather got warm or some other made up nonsense. Please vote in November and encourage others.

      • Doug

        What does voting have to do with the virus? Does it magically disappear if a certain person wins?

        • apennyfeather

          Ummmm, if literally anyone else in the world were president we’d be doing much better with the virus. It’s like someone wrote an upside down book about what to do during a pandemic. Trump has done everything exactly wrong. He continues to do everything wrong. That the United states is in this position is unbelievable

          • DebJ

            Wow! You must have supernatural powers to know that a different president would have handled this situation so much better! Good for you!

            • Val

              Yeah… this “stable genius” has done a great job. So impressed by his cognitive abilities.

          • denise-3

            Agree 100000%.

  4. Skip

    Walmart, Home Depot, CVS and others have dropped enforcing their mask mandates. They realized the legalities behind trying to have their employees enforce it. I also read the ADA and other legal entities were threatening to get involved.

    • ccmama

      Not in my town. Every store requires it. And I’m happy about this too. It’s a small thing to do to stop the spread. Covid needs a host to survive. No host… well you understand. And if you say you can’t breath with a mask. Stay home, order groceries online and pick up. My mom does this. It’s free at Walmart.

      • RR

        Exactly !

      • Beth

        Except that both times I tried grocery pick up last week, they messed up my order. Both times. It’s hardly convenient when they leave things off my order and overcharge me.

        • ccmama

          Ours does – per state requirements.

          • Skip

            What you posted had nothing to do with my post above. States can’t enforce a mask mandate in a business. That’s why WM and other stores released official statements saying they would enforce it in their stores. Now WM and others are backing off that. Partially due to the hassle and risk to store employees and also due to potential lawsuits (Americans with Disabilities for example). BTW, governors can’t pass laws about masks. That’s for the state legislatures to do and to date, none have passed such laws that I’m aware of. That’s why local police departments aren’t enforcing mask mandates and many have openly stated such. It’s really a strongly worded suggestion by the governors, but lacks legal teeth. Anyone that is arrested or given a ticket for not wearing a mask will have it thrown out by local judge. Wear the mask, don’t wear it..I don’t care. Just wanted to pass along what I’ve learned from numerous sources since this started.

        • C

          Walmart is requiring it but not enforcing it. Meaning you’re supposed to but there have been aggressive people or those having tantrums over it that they don’t want to make their employees deal with an altercation and/or have to involve police so they are not expected to stop them. However, our local Walmart has an entrance person still who is checking people in and only allowing you in with a mask.

        • patricialavenz-goff

          As the Governor made masks mandatory state wide Walmart is making people wear masks.

      • stph095

        Why don’t you stay home if you feel uncomfortable with NOT wearing a mask. I never wear, haven’t since the beginning of this and haven’t been asked by anyone to put one on. People just easily conform.

        • ccmama

          I’m not uncomfortable. I wear a mask as it is required. Just like it’s required to wear shoes and a shirt when shopping. Is it safe to assume that you have followed that rule and conformed? How about a safety belt when you drive or a life jacket for children under 14. Enough with the BS people!

          • stph095

            It is so hilarious you compare a shirt with a mask? As for shoes ,when you live near the coast , you run to the store plenty of times with no shoes & sometimes no shirt if male or just a bikini female…no one says a word. Like I said. Not wearing a mask and have not had a problem getting in to stores.

            • kevashell

              Stph095 thank you isn’t enough to say to you for your words. It seems Hip2save members are more interested in bullying ANYONE anytime they differ in opinion from their agenda. I’m so thankful for you continuing to stand up to these bullies!

            • Jax

              STph095 & kevashell….Interesting that you would say anyone would be going to a store with no shoes on. I’ve vacationed in plenty of coastal areas and would not be barefoot anywhere. As far as bikinis, everyone should be wearing a cover. There’s no need to be at a store just wearing a bikini. And even at the beach/pool area, I’ll be wearing flip flops or some kind of “shoes.” So to be barefoot anywhere on a street, it makes no sense to me. I’m certain some stores in coastal areas would look the other way because they want to make money but maybe they should enforce that too. Obviously there are plenty of people that are unable to wear masks for medical reasons. My son has asthma and he wears his mask a few times he needs to. I can understand that and be empathetic too. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to until all of this is figured out. This is a global health crisis so wearing a mask can help so far, why not do so? Information changes daily so I can see why they make adjustments to everything related to this virus. I’m from New York and I live in the suburbs. It’s a mandate to wear a mask anywhere where you’re unable to socially distance or when you go into a store. I know unfortunately many people that have died because of this virus and many family members unable to say their goodbyes or have a funeral for their loved ones back in April. This is not about bullying because someone thinks differently. Everyone is able to express their opinions. But when you see what’s happening globally, it’s beyond scary. I personally don’t think anyone is really prepared to know beforehand how to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. Let’s please be empathetic and help one another. It really doesn’t take much to be kind and helpful.

    • Mel

      Not in my city. There are flyers taped to the entrance doors and if you don’t have a mask, security guard will ask you to leave. WM even has someone at the entrance doors telling people no mask, no entry. I haven’t seen any confrontations, either the person leaves or they pull a mask out their pocket or purse.

      • ccmama

        We have signs everywhere too, people standing at the door either offering masks or ready to remove those that won’t comply. But at this point there isn’t a store around that will let you in without a mask, so everyone complies

      • Sally

        If a person has a legitimate health reason, Walmart can’t refuse entry. That’s why the ADA was getting involved…and Walmart has stopped enforcement nationwide…regardless of what a state requires.

        • patricialavenz-goff

          Not in Arkansas. Mandatory statewide.

        • DebJ

          If they have a health reason that prohibits them from wearing a mask, then they should do curbside pick up OR use a delivery service. Period.

        • Emily

          They can refuse entry as long as they make a reasonable accommodation in another way (i.e. curbside).

    • dylanfan

      False!!! The ADA says as long as a business offered curb side pick up or delivery they DO NOT have to let you in a store without a mask on.

  5. CaseyB

    Awesome! Glad to see stores and restaurants stepping up.

    • M

      I agree. Our Republican governor refuses to mandate masks and will not allow individual counties to do so. Our hospitalizations are rising and medical experts are begging her to mandate masks. I think our governor forgot who she works for, the people. Unfortunately, I live in Iowa where meat packing plants forced workers to keep working even when visibly sick and several have died. And now she is trying to force kids and teachers back to school.

      • weml

        It’s as if they don’t care if their citizens die

        • Meg

          It’s as if they realize that only ONE percent of the American population has even gotten sick and that only .05% has died.

          • weml

            Your numbers are wrong Meg. And the virus isn’t over yet.

  6. patricialavenz-goff

    I am so glad they are getting on the band wagon and want to keep their employees and customers safe. All ours are closed but I usually wear mine in the drive through and so does the employees. Not comfortable enough yet with going inside any restaurant yet anyway. We have to stop the spread and if this even saves one life I am happy doing it.

    • ccmama

      Our McDonalds are closed inside as well. Which I’m fine with. People can’t social distance in a McDonalds. I was told they won’t open up inside until next year sometime.

  7. Allie

    All this hype for a disease with greater than 99% survive rate. Thank goodness for paper masks and that awesome vaccine they are hastily throwing together.

    • Mrsj6901

      Amen Allie…this is just a test to see how well we all “comply” with their mandates…

      • ccmama

        Tell that to the dead 150,000 and counting

    • weml

      There is NOT a 99% survival rate. Stop spreading this false information! And PLEASE stop getting your information from memes, blogs, Facebook, and Youtube. It sounds like you are in deep denial.

      • meg

        Umm, it actually is. .05% of the American population has died from this. This information is available to you on the cdc website, you just want it spoonfed.

  8. Marie

    We live in a “RED ZONE” because the virus was not taken seriously from the beginning. Now masks are mandatory in all public areas. Too bad that it had to come to this.

  9. stph095

    Masks are not about safety, they are about conformity! Let’s see how easy it is to get everyone micro chipped too.

    • ccmama

      Calling BS on this. You see how Florida and Texas have cases out of control? No masks and GOP governors.

      • stph095

        I live in Texas! Lol and we’re seriously fine! Out of 6 million people in the Houston area…the death rate is like 1% or less. I’ve only known 2 people this entire time who have contracted it, both were over it in a couple of days. Our GOP governor only caved because all the whiny Dem mayor were being babies.

        • Amber

          Not to mention the death rate in the ENTIRE United States is less than 0.05%! I live in NY, and the death rate for the entire state is less than 0.4%. Yes, it sucks people have lost their lives, but I can’t stand behind rushed vaccines and the “ways to prove you’ve been vaccinated” that are soon coming. You’ll all see soon.

          • Amber

            Also less than 1.4% confirmed cases in the US. 4.4 million people sounds like a lot but that’s compared to 328 million people total.

            • weml

              Those just may be numbers to you, but those are people’s lives. Deaths that could have been prevented if there were better plans in place.

              • Karen

                Agree with you, weml. It’s not a problem, until it is, right? For those who won’t wear masks, which of your neighbors are you willing to infect? Who’s expendable?

              • Emily

                Hi weml,
                Do you do realize that everyone has an expiration date? We all will die, if not today then someday. I for one encourage all of us to live our lives fully today because we are not guaranteed any tomorrows. Please do not cower in fear of a virus that is highly survivable and only meant to cause division amongst the people. In reality the real true numbers are showing that this virus is not as grave as we were initially lead to believe. Most don’t know they have it, they are not asymptomatic, they have a low viral load… Low enough that they are not sick and low enough they can’t spread the virus. Please take courage and turn off the TV and live your life to the fullest!

                • weml

                  It’s not about courage or fear. I know science is right and I look at evidence and research. Not claims on the internet. You sound like youre in denial and don’t know or don’t care about the suffering going on in hospitals that are overcrowded and full. That means if you get in an accident, or have a heart attack, the ER is already full. Go on being oblivious and “living life to the fullest” with your hear in the sand.

        • weml

          I also live in Texas, and guess what? Our hospitals are full and no beds available. People are being turned away to die at home. This isn’t a joke and you should stop conflating this with your freedom and paranoid conspiracies about microchips. Have some empathy for those dying. YOU maybe have only known 2 people that had it and recovered. But that doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

      • stph095

        I’m sure you’ll be first in line to get you and your kids microchipped too. Have fun with that!

    • patricialavenz-goff

      I agree. That is BS. They are about safety. As long as they will save one life I will wear them.

  10. Lora

    We have relatives in other countries with whom we communicate. This pandemic is real. They are reporting that even if you recover from Covid-19, you may have medical issues afterwards. This is based on what they see and hear around them, not on WHO. Not to mention, if you are one of the unlucky ones that need to be hospitalized…the bills will be expensive! I’m willing to sacrifice being uncomfortable in a mask for a short time to help others and myself.

    • Beth P


    • weml

      Yes I do too. Read some international news. Other countries were able to slow down numbers because governments took action quickly and people wore masks! We had months of preparation and failed. Remember when we looked at Italy and Spain in horror when they were the hot spots? Our numbers have surpassed all of them.

  11. Marinova

    I ❤️ mask post comments! I don’t even read the post just jump straight to the comments

    • V

      Me too! It’s so entertaining to hear from all the experts. However, I am saddened that Americans can’t come together right now.

    • Karri

      Me to I love the comments I say “You do you boo”

  12. Kathy Walker Brassard

    In California, there is no indoor dining so masks wouldn’t have to be worn.

    • Amber

      I can see it now Lol …. “Masks required while driving in public….”

    • weml

      Masks are required in drive thrus here. And when you think about it, it makes sense. You hand people your payment and grab things from a close distance. It’s for a short moment to wear one, so what’s the big deal?

  13. CMind

    I’m surprised my comment about yesterday’s doctor’s press conference was not posted. It can save lives. Look up Dr. Stella Immanuel on twitter. Please hear what she says.

    • stph095

      I agree!

    • Allie

      Yes!! That Doctor was awesome!! It seems that those videos have been deleted. She spoke the Truth!!

    • Jenn

      OMG….STOP…JUST STOP!! Do you know anything about that doctor? Did you know the org that pulled these apparent docs together was founded by another political org? A bunch of the docs they had at their event haven’t seen patients years and some no longer practice medicine. And your Dr. Immanuel…umm…she has said publicly in recent past that gynecological issues are often caused by women having relations with demons in their dreams….she also has said the govt forces docs to use alien DNA for testing on unsuspecting Americans…and she is on camera talking about the “reptilian” aliens who have penetrated the US govt at the highest levels…really…so she’s a the genius you are following…

      • weml

        Another conspiracy theorist. They like her and promote her because she says what they want to hear.

  14. stph095

    I don’t even go to McDonald’s and I was a huge advocate for drive thru’s way before this, just because I’m lazy af!!! This ” pandemic ” has been so hilarious to me…literally the government can get a huge amount of people to do pretty much anything! Masks are utterly ridiculous, if people took 5 minutes to do a little research outside of the WHO and CDC. .they would see that there is absolutely no proof to their validity, yet here we are .

    • patricialavenz-goff

      Masks have been proven to work. The next time you go to the dentist tell him her to take theirs off as they do not protect either of you. Ask your surgeon to take his off when he does surgery on you too. They are worn for a reason and they work.

      • liv

        THIS!!! You are so right! Thank you!! As a healthcare worker I will proudly wear my mask and know that I am not part of the problem.

      • weml

        Yup, might as well ask them not to use gloves either since you’re so brave and don’t think you have any chance of getting sick.

    • wifeandmomof3


    • weml

      Your ignorance and arrogance are astounding. You are part of the problem.

  15. bobear

    If you’re eating at McDonald’s, are you really concerned about your health 🙂

    • wifeandmomof3

      Exactly! Funny, masks… but still eating junk food, no vitamins, no healthy food… oh and they don’t wash hands!

      • Jax

        Unfortunately, some people are unable to make healthier choices and sometimes unable to afford to buy healthier food.

  16. Kelly

    Published today by MarketWatch. Dr Fauci himself. ‘Your guess is as good as mine’ and we destroyed our economy based on his ‘expertise’. MarketWatch: Do you have any estimate on how much less likely people are to transmit coronavirus if they’re wearing a mask: 50%? 99%? Or …? Fauci: We don’t know exactly. There have been a number of meta analyses. One published in the Lancet on June 1 said masks and respirators reduced the risk of infection by anywhere from 78% to 85%. Your guess is as good as any: 50% to 75% or 80% is probably correct.

  17. patricialavenz-goff

    Even 50% is worth it to wear them.

  18. wifeandmomof3

    There are hospitals out there “convincing” people to say someone died of Covid, in return they cover all the hospital bills. Shame on them! Suddenly we don’t hear about heart attacks, Cancer, natural causes… everything Covid! And people sit here and quote numbers. The media is full of BS.

    • Stop it

      what rubbish….anti-maskers making stuff up…im sure u guys will say you ‘know’ of many people who got the vaccine and now they are being controlled by Bill gates…

  19. Karen

    What is McDonald’s waiting for??

  20. Tara

    Other countries have a mask policy. There are no mass issues with wearing masks in other countries that I’m aware because it is not a political issue there like it has become here. Look at the result.

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