Women’s Period Panties 3-Pack Just $15 on Amazon | Great for Incontinence & Postpartum Recovery too!

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three pairs of high-waisted women's underwear

Through January 21st, head over to Amazon where you can score 30% off these Innersy Women’s Period Panties 3-Packs! Note that the discount should automatically apply during checkout but if it does not, you can use promo code 303UTM7L.

These underwear provide extra protection during your menstrual cycle, for light incontinence, or during postpartum recovery. They offer two layers of protection with a leak-proof lining as well as a 100% cotton layer so they’re soft against your skin. Plus, they have a high-waisted 3.15″ waistband for some added support during bloating and postpartum!

Note that it is recommended to pair these with a cup, tampon, or pads if you’re using them during your menstrual cycle on heavy days. They’re also perfect to wear during the night to help prevent accidental leaks onto sheets and pajamas.

three pairs of high-waisted women's underwear

Reviewers love the extra protection these provide…

I wore these post-partum and they gave me just the hug I needed, and after I was done wearing pads, I still wore them because they kept that extra muffin top from being visible in my dresses I had to wear because I couldn’t wear jeans. Fast forward a few months, I am on my period and when I went to the bathroom there was blood on the pad and on my underwear. I was so surprised these actually stopped the blood from reaching my pants!

When I got home I threw them in the washer and you can’t even tell there was ever a mishap in them. Definitely a must for postpartum and period. Love them!

I just have to say that I love these underwear! I’m not skinny at all and I honestly feel like these “comfort” my mom bod. They are so comfortable for me and give me the protection I need. I’m so tired of doubling panty liners in my normal underwear every day. I had urethra surgery when I was 18 and ever since, as soon as I feel I have to pee, I better find a bathroom quickly.

Also, I don’t regularly have periods so I like that extra protection for when that might randomly show up. I just used them for a period and I didn’t use anything else with them. No leaks, no feeling wet or gross. I hate tampons, hated the cup, and don’t like super bulky pads either. It was an awesome period.

It’s funny to feel comforted by underwear… But they truly make me feel good. One less thing I have to stress about!

Grab a pack with this deal…

3-pack of high waisted women's underwear

Innersy Women’s Period Panties 3-Pack $21.99
30% off automatically applies
OR use promo code 303UTM7L (30% off)
Final cost $15.39 – just $5.13 per pair!

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    Get free shipping on a $25 order OR snag free 2-day shipping on ANY size order with Amazon Prime (you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here).

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Comments 51

  1. Casey

    Thanks! Will try them out for that price. Late 40s = spotting and irregularity. Will be nice to have some protection.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Casey!

  2. SavingsMama

    I can see how these would be a nice back up option. I have to be honest though…I am ready to toss out anything related to monthly “fun” and I don’t think I want it in my washer with other clothes. I have had good luck with the Infinity pads vs traditional for any ladies tired of the constant changing of other brands.

    • Stephanie

      I didn’t like the idea of putting them in with my clothes either so I actually wash mine while in the shower then just hang in there to dry as well.

      • Jennylynn3880

        That’s a great idea!

      • SavingsMama

        That’s an option! I was also thinking of using Lysol laundry sanitizer in the wash as well. It’s nice that ladies are getting some choices now👏

    • Jenna

      We just rinse these out in the sink first, then add to regular loads.

  3. Lexy

    Amazon TAKE MY MONEY!

  4. Meg

    Ive been waiting for these to go on sale again. Thank you! These are great for spotting. By the way you don’t have to put a promo code in it’s already applied. 😊

  5. molly

    Anyone know how these compare to Thinx? I’m looking for something that can act as a backup to a cup and be effective on very light flow days. Thank you!

    • Jen

      In my opinion Thinx are better because they have a much thicker padding. These felt like I was wearing a panty liner but the Thinx are like a maxi pad (but comfortable) with better protection. I love the Thinx cotton briefs the most and I’ve never leaked in them. I only wear Thinx and these as a backup with tampons on heavier days.

      • Sarah

        I like thinx too. But they are not a breathable fabric so thry cause me problems. Just an fyi.

  6. Jacqulineliza

    I bought these when they were on sale last time and I am in love. I use along with my diva cup and I never have any leaking. I really think they are great quality and do the job.

  7. Observant Mom

    These are disgusting! I think people as a whole are becoming so lazy. If you leak then try a pad/tampon designed for heavier flow or change/empty your pad/tampon/cup more often. There is no reason why anyone would need these. You simply need to adjust which items you use and how often you change them according to your flow. Items like these promote poor hygiene and I’m saddened there is a lazy market for them.

    • Trinity

      When I was a pre/teen I couldn’t wear tampons and I would leak out of the largest pads at night. I would have liked these. I think you sound really judgemental and I doubt anyone actually likes you irl, not even your kids.

      • Kathleen

        Agreed, very judgemental and negative. Another person that doesn’t have empathy for others that have conditions that they don’t have 😥

    • Ashley

      Are you ok?

    • Errr

      The only thing disgusting is your judgmental comment. I know someone who uses only pads (no tampons) for personal reasons. She has woman-health problems for which she has had surgery.
      She has super-heavy flow and often makes spots on her sheets overnight. She is far from lazy. Give thanks that you do not have medical issues others may have and try not to be so narrow-minded, especially about issues pertaining to women’s health, since each of us all walk a different journey.

    • underoath

      I’m in a wheelchair and have suffered from a very heavy flow for my entire adult life. Nobody is using these underwear as an alternative to good hygiene and changing out sanitary products as needed. When I’m asleep or when I’m out in public and can’t use a public restroom, it’s nice to have an added layer of protection for my own comfort. I don’t even know you, but I feel sorry for your kids. That’s one disgusting attitude you’ve got there. Perhaps therapy would help you realize that not everyone is like you, nor is everyone physically able to do what you recommend as often as you recommend it. Laziness is not part of the equation. Judge us when YOU are perfect.

    • Becca

      And for the females who already use the highest absorbency products and still leak overnight? Do you suggest they set an alarm clock for every hour, to check on their flow? You have NO idea why someone might want to use this product. Zero. Try living up to your username and actually opening your eyes. Shed your judgmental notions and you might actually be a good mom one day. I hope you don’t have a daughter!

    • Hannah

      Why even comment on this post? It is obviously not for you so MOVE ON. People like you are what is wrong with the world……spewing hate from behind a screen.

    • Steph

      Hey, “ObservantMom,” I just placed an extra order because of your comment. Thanks for the motivation!

      • Lori


    • Amanda B.

      You can spew a bunch of nonsense on here, but I worry about the implications of your disgusting attitude in real life. Keep in mind that your kids will be the ones to choose your nursing home. Alter that filth you’re speaking accordingly.

    • Observant Mom is not so observant...

      The only thing that’s lazy here is your logic.

    • Miranda L

      I worked with a lady that had crazy, heavy flows. She couldn’t go to the restroom but every 2 hours (production job). These were a lifesaver! Not everyone can just sit around and monitor their undies all day. If she could change every 30 minutes, that would have solved the leakage issue, but it wasn’t possible. Have a heart!

    • Get woke please!

      Didn’t your mother teach you the Thumper Rule—if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!! Your mother would be ashamed of your attitude, and bless your poor kiddos’ hearts!

    • Brit

      So this is actually a money saving website with super supportive consumers who help each other out via these posts. We don’t know each other personally, but we share honest experiences with products and companies between each other. Among us there are; mamas, grandmas, aunts, sisters, daughters and caregivers who may be hurt by your careless remark. Please, voice your negativity elsewhere so this can continue to be an amazing, helpful website.

    • xoxos

      I second all these comments before me! You should have just put judgemental mom smh. If you were really observant you’d realize everyone’s situation is different. And there’s nothing lazy about wanting extra protection, which is exactly why I intend to buy these for my daughters when they go back to school. I *WISH* I would have had these in middle and high school. It’s such an awkward time when you first get your period, and I hated being stuck in a classroom at a desk for an hour, dreading getting up and possibly having a tell-tale spot for everyone to see. These would have definitely fixed that embarrassing situation and alleviated all that anxiety and distraction.

    • Mama

      I don’t think it’s disgusting like you said, every situation is different, I work as carrier for the post office and some days are very busy and long and these will help me get through my day without worrying about any accidents, so is very convenient for some of us, maybe you’re lucky enough to be available to change as needed but some of us have to use alternatives

    • Suzmorea

      If you have daughters I truly feel sorry for them. I would’ve LOVED to have this when I was 11 thru 39. Especially in my early years and not knowing anything about anything and having to learn it all on my own. I plan to buy these for my pre-teen so she doesn’t have to deal with the embarrassing issue of leaks and can actually have choices.

    • ekelamcgee

      FYI. Some women have fibroids that cause heavy menstrual flows. But also work in jobs where bathroom access/times are limited. Actors on stage. Surgeons. Ups. FedEx. Mail. Emt. And so forth. Has nothing to do with poor hygiene /laziness. Think positive. Be positive.

    • beth-3

      Nothing lazy about it. I ALWAYS wear a tampon/cup with a regular pad and still leak. I often will have to visit the restroom every hour for a few hours. If I can’t, I will often leak off a side or something. And heaven forbid if my heavy time is at night. I have been experimenting with period panties and they give me the extra layer I need. I wear them in addition to a tampon & pad combo especially if I’m at work, traveling, or sleeping during my heavy hours.

    • Shawna

      I am not in need of these anymore, but as a teen in high school I would have LOVED to have these. I was so heavy I would go through a super plus tampon in 1/2 hour on my heaviest day (day 4..I remember well). I would get extremely bad cramps like I had while I was in labor as an adult. My mom was the same way growing up. So, as a back up for some people this product is ideal, not at all lazy because I changed twice an hour all day long or I would have been in trouble with heavy, heavy leaking. I’m talking soaked jeans not an oops small spot (yes I went to a great OBGYN for this) . As a teen the teachers didn’t want me going to the bathroom twice in an hour if needed so I struggled with this problem. I would end up going home a lot because I would go through and couldn’t help it. So, I am guessing you were blessed with normal or light periods. I was not so lucky and….I would have a period twice a month for 7-10 days!!! Lucky me.

    • AGoodall

      Dearest “Observant Mom”
      …. Have you ever worked a 24 hour shift on an ambulance and peed once because people. just. kept. calling. Have you ever been at someone’s bedside in the ICU for 2+ hours for just ONE procedure holding them, giving meds, and assisting the doc while internally cursing yourself for starting your period? Have you ever started your period while performing CPR, or bled through your SUPER tampon, AND pad, and had to continue doing this with blood running down your thigh? Because I have. It’s my job and I love it… but I also have super heavy flows and I like the protection. I hope you never need emergency care, or round the clock bedside assistance.. but should you find yourself in an overcrowded pandemic ER anytime soon… feel free to watch the nurses and techs and docs. Watch them RUN around all shift. Answering call lights, not hydrating ourselves with masks, and see how often we leave the floor.

      OH wait, you called that lazy. My bad. Tell me how I should correct that?

    • Hanna

      Actually, these are not disgusting. They’re better for your body(no nasty chemicals unlike tampons and pads), better for the environment, and cost-wise, much better on the wallet in the long run. If YOU think these are lazy and disgusting then please, by all means, don’t use them. But negative baseless comments like yours are unnecessary.

    • Sarah

      Thank you for bring so judgemental. Regular pads/tampons caused a horrible allergic reaction all over my private parts that took almost 3 weeks to clear up. Then I would start again. These saved my life. I have not tried the new natural brand tampns or pads. Also, people are not lazy. This is more work, duh. We don’t throw these away. And what do you think women did in the middle ages? Ran to cvs for kotex? This is not a new concept. How about you let each woman decide how they will take care of their personal needs and stop period shaming them?

  8. RachelD

    A lot of the Amazon reviews suggested sizing up in these. I regret listening to them! Go with your normal size.

    • Cbb

      Yeah I read that too last time this one was on sale. So I sized up but it was a bit big and I should have went with the description that said True to size.

  9. Momofmany

    I bought these when they were posted here before and they have been a major fail for me. Using them as back up to a cup I leaked all the way through to my jeans in just an hour!!! I normally use a liner as backup but these undies absorbed less than a liner for me. And I was not a fan of the wet swimsuit feeling down there. Maybe they work for women with super light flow but not for me….

  10. Linda Reickard

    How do you know what size to get?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      If you look on the product page, next to the size selection there is SIZE CHART. Just click that and a window pops open with the sizing.

  11. skateman1sgirl

    I own numerous pairs of a similar brand. I have always rinsed, hand washed with hand soap, then laundered with my regular wash. They have always come out of wash without stains.

  12. Lolas93

    I’ve bought another brand on Amazon before. They fit perfect til washed and now are too small. Also they were pretty noisy. Does this brand have any of those issues?

    • Kayti

      They are noisy. Not during the day, but if I touch them, I notice. Just no booty rubbing or it sounds kinda like a parachute in gum class 🤣

  13. Large family mom

    Someone here suggested trying the Lumma disc. I just wanted to say thank you for the suggestion! I think its going to be a win! Also, I like the concept of these panties. Great ways to save money, especially if funds are tight..

    • Options

      Agree! I love that period panties and reusable cups and discs are becoming more mainstream to give everyone more options to use what is best for them. I am so appreciative of the positive environmental impact as well.
      I also am coming to these options in my early 40s and am so grateful I can give my daughters these options as well because I have actually them more effective than tampons, etc.
      Wearing something for 12 hours with NO leaks and forgetting it is even there, not to mention being able to swim with no worries makes me so glad that my daughters will have a lifetime of having better period experiences.

  14. Cbb

    Is the deal over? Because I tried the code again this morning and the code doesn’t apply. 🙁 I purchased one last night but I decided I want to purchase another set.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! It may be offered only once per account. I do see that the discount is still valid when clicking through the offer link above. Hoping that helps!

      • Cbb

        Oh I see. Hmmm well I did try to add to cart another panty set after my purchase and it did take the discount off last night but today it’s not taking the code

  15. Jenna

    I was hoping the code would work for the “big girls” sizes, but it does not. My daughter fits in the L for girls, and I worry about getting the xs in woman’s and having tiny leg holes that are too tight.

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