Postage Stamp Prices are Going Up… And Delivery Times May Be Slowing Down

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There’s no denying that everything’s getting pricier, and stamps are no exception.

If you’re a fan of sending mail the old-fashioned way, we have some bad news: the price of an individual stamp is increasing from $0.55 per stamp to $0.58, so a book of stamps will cost an extra $0.60.

The price change will become official on August 29th, so if you plan on sending out a lot of holiday cards, you may want to quickly stock up on stamps. That $0.60 per pack adds up, after all!

And it looks like that’s not the only increase. The postal service website reports some other changes as well, including:

  • First-Class Mail Metered Letters: $0.51 to $0.53 (a $0.02 increase)
  • First-Class Mail Domestic Postcards: $0.36 to $0.40 (a $0.04 increase)
  • First-Class Mail Single-Piece Flats: $1.00 to $1.16 (a $0.16 increase)
  • Outbound International Letters: $1.20 to $1.30 (a $0.10 increase)

A USPS truck in front of a house

This postage increase is part of a plan to help mitigate losses for the United States Postal Service. That plan also includes a possible slow-down of delivery from 3 days to 5 days.

Unlike the stamp prices–whose official increase takes place on August 29th–we’re not sure when we can expect to see these possible delivery slow-downs to start affecting our postage times. But it may be a good idea to send mail out a little earlier just in case!

Holding a pack of stamps

It might also be a good time to swing by your local post office and grab a few books of Forever stamps which will retain their value past the postage increases!

Higher stamp prices got you sweating? Offset the cost with our frugal DIY deodorant recipe!

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Comments 104

  1. Jo Ann

    We know who to “thank” for all the problems he caused with the USPS.

  2. ellasan

    Please no politics here. Everyone his/her own opinion about that.

    • Materof6

      Thank you. Hip2Save has to deal with comments becoming political whether it’s a chicken sandwich or a postage stamp! Come on, folks! They are just giving us the heads up!

    • Kruiz528

      Free speech

      • JODI P

        No, sorry……free speech does not apply in a private arena, which this website is. Freedom of speech only applies to the GOVERNMENT preventing you from voicing your opinions. As an example, if you are in my house, I can tell you that you are not allowed to talk about gardening in MY house. That does not violate your free speech rights.

        • Kruiz528

          Where in the constitution does it say that? I don’t think you even know that. Who told you that CNN? Last I checked the comment section is for everyone. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Very simple solution for you

          • Lunafalls

            @Kruiz528: The Constitition says that in the First Amendment which reads in part, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech.” Yes, only the government is prohibited from restricting speech. Perhaps you need to study up on the U.S. Constitution, which I’ll bet you purport to love.

            • Kruiz528

              Actually, JEN psaki admitted during a press conference they are working with face book and all those other sites on who and what to censor. So the government IS RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH so they can keep their propaganda machine going

              • TGaines

                And these same social media sites have allowed content to incite violence, domestic and foreign actors to spread false info in order to destabalize our govt as well as harass, threaten and terrorize others besides provide a gathering space for hate groups, pedophiles,etc. FB has worked harder on crafting its umpteen apologies to Congress about it than in trying to stop it. If a company consistently fails to protect users from abuse, don’t the people have a right to impose rules to force them? We do the same, via FEC, with TV and radio already.

              • TKTK

                FB is not a govt entity… If govt is recommending shutting down vaccine misinformation on FB, Facebook has all the right to say no…thats the difference.

          • Adam

            dont disagree with most of your posts, but private sites are private sites. Just like your home is private. You can open it up to others, but it is still yours (until the un-voted for Rochelle Walensky says otherwise)

          • Kruiz528

            Doesn’t look like they’ve deleted it does it?

          • Kruiz528

            Another one of your ignorant comments. I don’t watch Fox News.

        • Kruiz528

          And btw Jodi. This is not your house.

          • JODI P

            That’s right. Whose house is it? Colin’s. This is not a government run entity. If she says we can’t talk about flowers, here, that does not violate our rights to free speech.

            • Kruiz528

              You’re not Colin that’s for sure.

              • TKTKT

                The point was that ur post can be removed if Colin wanted…yelling Free Speech is just ignorant..

        • John

          A discussion consists of sharing opinions and ideas. We all have differing ideas and opinions. It’s very immature and narrow minded to insist on others to be silent if their ideas and different than your ideas. Please set your feelings aside, share and discuss with others so you can learn and grow. When we silence others it becomes tyranny.

      • KPhx

        Free speech can be posted on YOUR facebook and YOUR social media. Please don’t leave political comments here. This is not the place. Thank you.

  3. beth

    What election fraud exactly? No evidence has been found.

    • Kruiz528

      I’m not surprised you don’t know what going on.

      • Stella

        Give it a break there is NO substantiated evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. NONE. Any and all attempts to overturn our nations free, fair and democratic election process is based on lies, distortions, refuted conspiracies and BS.

        • Kruiz528

          Really? That’s why Trump won 18/19 bellwether counties and Biden Cant even fill a gym stadium, that’s why thousands of regular people signed affidavits saying they saw election fraud, thats why in Georgia they have actual video footage of poll workers sending everyone home and pulling out hidden ballots from under the table which they scanned several times, that’s why in the arizona audit they found 74,000 ballots with no chain of command. I could go on and on but believe me you wouldn’t know facts and evidence if it punched you in the face

          • Kay

            Kruiz528, agree with u. Thanks for sharing.

          • Sue

            I agree with you Kruiz528 there was election fraud.

          • Elsie

            “Punched you in the face” like the moronic MAGAts storming the capitol?

            • Kruiz528

              punched you in the face like the 6 months BLM and antifa riots where several people died, cities were burned, stores were looted and people lost their livelihood

          • Adam

            To say *no fraud* is an absolute statement. I can just about guarantee some type has occurred in more elections that we can count. Did it make a difference, doubtful*.
            Filling out for a family member can be fraud under the right circumstances, and I know of an instance it happened last year. So, with that right there, fraud occurred. So your statement is incorrect.

            Really don’t think this is the place for this kind of topic. Deals!

          • TGaines

            And yet, 9 months after the election, all they have are “claims” of fraud. In more than 50 court cases, including those presided over by Trump-appointed judges and twice by SCOTUS, none of these claims have survived scrutiny. They’ve all been tossed. Furthermore, other top Republicans have dismissed the claims as well, including former US Attorney Gen. Barr, former VP Pence, Sen. M. McConnell and Ga Sec of State. If what should provide ample, verifiable evidence and therefore easy to win — a case of “rampant and widespread” fraud–fails in its first appearance before a judge–repeatedly–then please understand why the majority of the country has moved on and abandoned yet another unprovable, baseless conspiracy theory.

            • Any Name

              TGaines, perhaps you are unaware of the forensic audit in Maricopa county, Arizona where 74,000 ballots were received that WERE NEVER MAILED OUT. That’s fraud. The auditors are having to pursue the examination of the voting machines through the Attorney General because the eight board members and Dominion WON’T release the routers and passwords. Can you say fraud? An innocent man wants to prove their innocence. Just that 74,000 was way more than enough for Trump to win Arizona. Now Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and many other states are pursuing a forensic audit as well. Trump won and remember what Biden said as Democratic candidate “”We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said in the video.

              Regarding Pence, McConnell, Brad Raffensberger, and former DOJ Bill Barr all are RINOs who didn’t even investigate the election fraud. They are part of the problem and the corruption. Why are the Democrats and RINOs fighting so hard to not do forensic audits and provide routers and passwords IF THEY ARE ALLEGEDLY INNOCENT? LOL

              Regarding the Supreme Court I suggest you educate yourself and read the responses from Alito and Thomas pertaining to the election fraud.

          • Sue

            1st, we don’t count votes by county but by people. Trump won more counties in PA, but most of the counties he won are rural & sparsely populated. 2nd, it doesn’t matter how many people come out to see a presidential candidate, it’s the vote that counts. Just because Trump supporters are more vocal & have the time for rallies & parades doesn’t mean anything. As for that Georgia footage, that has already been debunked. If you choose not to believe that, that’s your choice. And that’s fine if people have signed affidavits saying they “saw” election fraud, but if it was investigated & no fraud was found that’s the end of it. In fact, the few cases of fraud I heard about all involved Republicans committing fraud. As for that 74,000 ballot gap, that was a number thrown out by Cyber Ninjas & Maricopa County has stated they don’t know where they got that specific number from. They also explained that the ballot gap found concerned all types of early voting, both mail in & in person. None of the election officials in AZ have found fraud. I’m sure you can go on & on, but just because you keep talking doesn’t mean what you are saying is factual.

    • Sara

      No evidence has been found BY THE COURTS WHO REFUSE TO SEE IT. Just an FYI there. Trump won the election by a landslide.

      • Jessica

        So, all the courts? Lol. Does it get tiring sounding so dumb all the time?

    • ME2016

      There is no fraud, it’s just people being sore losers because the person they wanted to win lost.

    • Any Name

      cden said in the video.”……….Oops, he did it again.

  4. laura-24

    DeJoy needs to go!

  5. Jen

    My problem with the post office has to do with missing mail…90% of my children’s monetary Christmas gifts were stolen by some postal employee last year. I feel like I cannot trust them with any of my mail anymore. I signed up for informed delivery and even then have had missing mail. I basically only use the post office now in an absolute emergency and encourage my family to do the same. It is sad that an institution that used to be trusted feels shady to me now. Their postal rates were not worth it before and they certainly aren’t worth it now…sadly I know this won’t be the first or last increase in rates…

    • JennD

      This. 100% this. I moved recently and have zero trust in the usps where I now live. Prior to that was not good either, but at least they took the time to respond/look into problems.

    • Jackie

      I agree with you and there is no place to complain or call! You only get a voice recording. It’s so frustrating 😡

    • JenB

      To file a report, go to, Mail Theft, Continue, Where is my Package? (not where is my letter)

      It’s a federal crime, they should investigate.

      • jenniferzimpferdewees

        I did this multiple times and spent hours on the phone with different divisions. They never would follow up at all and just told me to tell my family never to send cash or gift cards in the US mail again because they were not liable if something is not mailed with a tracking number. From my birthday last October through the end of December, there was approximately $400 in stolen gifts. Unfortunately my relatives’ generosity benefitted someone in the postal service. I did file a police report as well but they also told me that their hands were tied 😥…

  6. Lora

    DeJoy has made the post office worse since he came into position…probably to create the incentive to privatize it. I am still going to send out Christmas cards this year…maybe in Nov. I wonder if they have Xmas stamps now.

  7. Casey


    The USPS, even with the increases, is still the best deal around. It’s wild to me that for 55 cents I can have a letter delivered from Maine to Washington state! It’s unfortunate that they are one of the only government entities that has to self fund their pensions many years in advance, which is the reason they operate at a loss.

    • JODI P

      I agree………..I can’t even get my nephew to deliver a note to the neighbor lady for .55 cents, lol

    • Jackie

      Casey I disagree. If they were reliable and I was 100% sure was mail would reach the final destination on time (or even reach the final destination) then yes. But they are always late and I find it interesting the amount of mail that goes missing.

      • Casey

        I guess I’ve been pretty lucky with my mail. I’ve been selling some things on eBay and fortunately haven’t run across any issues yet. Fingers crossed!

    • Evie

      Only good for my magazines! I even get postage paid to sign up! I buy few stamps, not rewarding incompetance.
      But they can take their time with the junk mail and their charity non, profits, they end up unopened and in recycle bin.

    • Gigi

      Thanks for trying to get this conversation back on topic!

  8. Kruiz528

    That’s supposed to hurt my feelings?

    • JODI P

      It’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect: The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence.

      • Kruiz528

        Lol! Ok✌🏼

      • laura-24

        Best thing I’ve read in a long time! Thank you!

      • Adam

        There are other reasons why people can’t accept facts. “confirmation bias,” the tendency people have to embrace information that supports their beliefs and reject information that contradicts them.

        don’t forget, the Dunning-Kruger Effect could be applied to you

    • Kruiz528

      Are you triggered it doesn’t bother me? I’m not emotional like you. Clearly. I know facts and all you can do is insult. Pretty pathetic.

      • D

        Way to sow discord among US citizens, Boris. More rubles for you!

        • Kruiz528

          You can scroll down if you don’t want to read it. Just like everyone else

      • LKJ

        Looks like all your comments are posted just to ‘trigger’ ppl…the election was won by the better candidate…unlike the loser Trump, he won both the popular and the delegates…at no point has loser T won the majority of the votes…so no triggering happening…just celebrating the 🇺🇸

        • K

          I agree. He is teaching us not to go back to work..student loan forgiveness. …renter forbearance. What next…car loan forgiveness? I’ve done it all wrong all these years I guess.

          • JODI P

            The banks, auto companies, and wall street, have been bailed out FOR DECADES with OUR MONEY. People lost their homes to the mortgage swindle, and ONE guy went to jail for it. Why is it ok to bail out these criminals, but not help regular citizens, who have been their victims?

  9. Jen S

    Seems like a lot of people have stopped mailing Christmas cards anyway…. So maybe I’ll follow suit.

  10. spike

    They have last years Christmas stamps online. Ironically you have to pay for shipping. lol It is like $1.90 or something like that. My rural post office does not get all the selections that they offer online so i order from there and i dont have to go out an stand in line. I have cut down on my Christmas card list as well. If i did not get one back from them i have taken that person off my list. An email is ok, but there is just something about getting a card from someone and knowing that they took the time to think of you and send the card. I guess if postage keeps going up that will be going away too!!!

    • JODI P

      I always order stamps online.,…it’s so convenient, and they have all the selections. The small amount of postage it costs is better than the inconvenience of going to the post office, to find they don’t have all that are available.

  11. Jackie

    I am not happy with the USPS. It has declined a lot. My mail man delivers half my mail to the street behind us. Sometimes he skips a house and all the mail is off by one house. Oh and this is the best, not once but 3 times this has happened- I order from Amazon and if it goes through USPS the shipping shows out for delivery but never gets here, when I check it says USPS encounter a problem during delivery and that will delay my deliver for a week or more. One time it said there was a car in the driveway blocking our door…what? Not true and that same day we received 2 deliveries from UPS, no issue. The next day they skipped again and I went out with my phone recording the empty drive way and the USPS driver driving away. It’s ridiculous! If I have a choice I never use USPS

    • Imsofrugal

      You have no idea of the amount of packages that Amazon drop off at the post office. They are bombarded with huge, oversized Amazon packages, that Amazon should deliver themselves. A lot of mail carriers are going out due to back injuries from all of the Amazon packages. (kitchen sinks, inversion tables, dog food, kitty litter, exercise equipment, to name a few)

    • Imsofrugal

      Trust me, your mail carrier gets upset with themselves, when they are off a box. It’s not like he/she is doing it on purpose. They are in a rhythm and maybe one house is vacant, mail on hold or just didn’t have any mail that day. Then he places the next customers mail in the box without realizing what he/she has done. It’s an honest mistake, but it happens sometimes.


    politics and late mail. grow up people. the USPS is not the only business having problems, every business is short handed because people don’t want to work, or they don’t understand what hard work really is. service is slow everywhere, life is to short to complain about others, look at your own life, be happy fixing yourself

  13. Imsofrugal

    The postal service had nothing to do with the so called “election fraud.” In my area, everything was delivered everyday. The dozens of political mailers, kept carriers in the office for hours, over their leave for street time each day! All ballots were collected and taken to the election office each night.

  14. Imsofrugal

    When mailing your letters, make sure that they are legible. * Make sure that you are writing the correct house/box number on it. * Make sure that you have affixed your postage stamp. * Make sure you use dark ink, as some people like to use light colored ink and it’s extremely hard to see/read. * Make sure you add the apartment or suite number. * If you are mailing cash or gift cards, I suggest you send it with delivery confirmation. At least you’ll be able to track it, because without a tracking number, they have know idea of where to begin to look for your letter or package. Don’t blame the mail carrier if you live on Green Park Way, but it was written Greenpark Way and delivered there. Those are 2 different streets. The postal service doesn’t give out street names and numbers, that’s the county office. Hopes this helps!

    • Imsofrugal

      One more thing, if you know that you’re moving. Turn in a change of address or do it online BEFORE you move. Don’t wait until the day you’re moving to complete one or not complete one. The carrier will only hold your mail for 10 before it is returned to sender as moved left no address. Don’t call to the post office complaining about not receiving your mail at your new address if you never did a change of address. Complete the form at least 2 weeks before you move, but just put your actual move out date as your start date. That way you mail moves with you.

  15. Rob

    USPS is SUCH a letdown these days! Our small business has lost faith in them. Nothing but lost packages, misdeliveries, theft and NO ONE will help you with anything. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTENT!

  16. Jo Ann

    Wow. Hold onto your tinfoil hat.

  17. mamarenie

    USPS is awful! They stopped delivering mail and parcels to my home six years ago. Why bc the last nine houses in our housing addition is past a mile and they don’t have to. Even though they delivered to everyone for 50 plus years prior to her psychotic episode.
    I have called everywhere and everyone. No one cares! I have lost THOUSANDS bc of this inconvenience. I hate the USPS!

  18. Mary

    Yes! The postal service is a disgrace. The customer service is horrible and nothing is ever resolved. As a small business, I have lost alot of money due to their incompetence.

    And yes the election was manipulated. There has been plenty of proof and many whistle blowers. Why do you think this “delta” varient is so hot right now? Because the Arizona audit is due to be released soon. I pray every day for the blind to awake from their sleep and see the truth.

    • faithanne

      So true!! If people actually looks at facts instead of the mainstream media. There is a reason they are trying so hard to bury the truth and silence those who dare question them.

  19. Tricia

    Don’t waste your time with these people. They will only know and see what CNN allows them to know and see. Love how they still think he lost in all the courts when the majority were never even seen in the courts which is much different than losing but again it’s the difference between being lied to and knowing where to find the facts. It will all come out soon and they won’t even know what hit them.

  20. Jenna G

    Please Hip2Save…take this post down. There is enough discord.
    Keep this site a safe space for us to remember what we have in common.

    • shannont

      I agree. Please DELETE these comments! I got rid of Facebook because I’m so tired of this kind of thing!

    • David

      I come here for the deals. Sad

  21. Evie

    Another Democrat success story! Like open boarders and defund the police.
    Really pissed and yes I remember. In January, my credit cards, insurance and cell phone Bill’s were late and almost got late fees for all!
    Now, I pay my Bill’s other ways, no did not get their apps like they wanted.
    What do we get for our taxes?

    • TKTK

      Another low information voter…Who put DeJoy in office? He was put there just to destroy the Post Office…just like Betsy Devos was put there to destroy Public schools. I dont understand why middle and low income ppl vote for R candidates. You are voting against your interests … Faux News has brainwashed you. And look into what Defund the Police actually means. Getting away with killing ppl of color just because you have a badge is not fair. As far as police funds are concerned, it has only increased.
      I hope you haven’t spend $$ to tRump’s Wall or reelection fund…millions have been siphoned off to his personal account…his supporters are all chumps.

      • Imsofrugal

        Totally agree with you!

      • Ty

        Wow. It is beyond sad that people like you even exist let alone are allowed to comment on public forums. How can you not fight for freedom? You probably will stand by and cheer as your neighbors are forced onto the Cattle cars. I pray you see the government corruption before its too late.

        • TKTK

          I pray that you stop listening to right wing misinformation and open your eyes….you ppl are being killed right now with all the vaccine misinfo and ur whining about the post office. PO is what enables you to mail a letter for a few cents…wait until they privatize it…then when you pay 10 times more for the same service you will then blame the left because Hannity told you so.

    • Imsofrugal

      Aren’t those bills due on the same day each month? Since you didn’t receive a “mailed” statement, you’re blaming the post office for your late fees? I’m guessing the new way of paying your bills, is receiving an emailed statement and the due date is still the same as a regular mailed statement.

    • Jessica

      Are you a dinosaur? Theres plenty of other ways to pay a bill, it’s 2021. If YOUR bills were late, NO ONES FAULT BUT YOUR OWN.

  22. Jean

    Fraud has to be proven in a court of law. Just like whether someone murdered another person must be proven in court. That’s how it works. While you claim there is all this proof, Trump’s attorneys spent millions of dollars and lost in every court making these claims even before judges he appointed. It’s easy to claim it, but when it comes to producing evidence and proving it where it matters -in a court – they couldn’t. Give it a rest. He lost.

  23. Csandst1

    People won’t remember everything you say but will remember how you made them feel. What legacy of feelings do you want to leave? Once your words are on the internet they are there forever. Before posting, wait five minutes and ask yourself how will my words make people feel? If your answer isn’t positive reconsider your choice.

  24. Bonnie

    If this is an information only post, perhaps you shouldn’t have commenting turned on. Seems like it just causes arguments.

  25. Towana

    Last week I went to the post office to mail a package, I bought a roll of stamps, postcard stamps. I did go online and order Christmas/Holiday and other stamps that my post office never have. So I’m stocking up on stamps before the increase that will last me until next year. I do send out cards for the various holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day) and I sent birthday cards to family and friends. I do send out just thinking of you or miss you cards so I use a lot of stamps each year. I did get a few booklets of stamps that I will put in cards and send to friends and family to spread cheers to others. All my bills are paperless so don’t have to get bills late in the mail.

  26. Mima


  27. Nikki

    Rep/Dem – Two wings of the same bird.

  28. Susanne Morse

    The online stamps (Forever) indicate 55 cents each! That is higher than all the reported increases or did I miss something?

    • Lisa

      Susanne, if you buy the “Forever” stamps, you can slap them on anything you mail and it won’t matter what the USPS charges. The price you pay at the time you buy them, you are buying the “insurance” (security) to mail something for whatever it is you slap the stamp on (First class letter, that is).

  29. Lisa

    Nice way to add a bit of levity, James. For once, I don’t mind you sharing your referral code.

  30. Tjbuck

    WOW!! There are a lot of nasty people in here!!

  31. Tami

    Thank you for the information re stamp increase! Glad this site puts out information to help everyone save money $

  32. molly

    This makes me so sad to read such negative, angry remarks from all sides in a post about stamps. I live in Hawaii, and I LOVE my delivery people. They are reliable, super friendly, and are working into the evening many times to deliver mail. I’m always amazed when mail is generally so well delivered, especially over the ocean! Thank you to all the USPS employees, who have no control over what they deliver or who their boss is. You are doing a great job, and I support you!

  33. AV

    This comment section ain’t it. I swear you could post about puppies and people would find a way to gripe about it.

  34. Sarah

    Thank you for this information! I appreciate knowing when the prices increase. I do a lot of resale online and I so appreciate USPS allowing me to schedule a pickup. It’s such a convenient service. It helps things run smoothly.

  35. Debbie in PA

    I have had good experiences with my local post office and my mail carrier. I have actually started writing letters again during the pandemic, because sometimes a letter or a card beats a text. I have actually reconnected with a few people that way. Looks like i need to get some more “forever” stamps!

  36. Mandy

    The post office is a disgrace. They routinely lose packages and I get other people’s mail more often than my own. There is zero accountability. They don’t care. I refuse to give them any more funding until they start doing their job.

  37. sfc_abby

    Thank you for sharing Hip2Save team. I am ordering my Christmas stamps and they are coming out with HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamps (have to pre-order), so excited. I have my birthday cards done in October for the following year. I love sending snail mail and surprising friends and family, just because. Thank you again for all you do 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Awesome! You’re SO welcome!

  38. Rebecca

    Thanks for the heads up. I just stocked up on stamps. I too, like to send mail!

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