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We Cracked Open the Popular Hatchimals WOW Egg Toy & Here’s What We Thought…

Is the Hatchimals WOW toy all it’s cracked up to be?
Kids have been going crazy for Hatchimals ever since they came out! This year, Collin is showing off one of the hottest toys of the season so you’ll know if it’s worth buying for your child’s Christmas list.

Watch Collin and Stetson’s Facebook Live Video reviewing the Hatchimal WOW egg toy!

Here’s what Collin had to say about the Hatchimal WOW toy:

“This toy is actually really cute! And you know what’s super nice about this toy? It comes with batteries – which is a HUGE positive for gifting as it’s ready to go right out of the box and is definitely well put together.
At the same time, I do kinda see how kids might get bored with this toy after a couple of days, but the quality does seem good. Since it’s on the pricier side, we’re definitely hoping for a deal come Black Friday!”
Collin and Stetson’s overall toy rating – 6 out of 10 

What’s inside the egg? The Hatchimals Wow Llalacorn is part unicorn, part llama! This is the first Hatchimal that can grow, which makes playing even more fun once it’s hatched. Its neck can magically shrink or grow up to 32″ tall!

Each time the egg is hatched, Llalacorn wakes up in one of 10 surprise moods. When out of the egg, she can be cuddled, fed, or tickled and even has some special surprises like recording your very own voice!

Here are some of our favorite things about this Hatchimal WOW:

It’s the largest Hatchimal yet
It’s interactive

Grows up to 32″ tall
Reacts to special treat inside
Voice records
Has 250 different sounds
Sings along to music, and so much more!

The egg is re-hatchable for endless fun
Each playset has special surprises in it

Here are some cons reviewers mentioned that we’re looking out for:

It grows when you don’t want it to
It doesn’t stop talking
You don’t get to choose the color (comes in pink or purple)
Kids got bored after the first day

Here’s where you can score a Hatchimals WOW toy:

Target – $69.99
Get 25% OFF by texting TOY to 827438 (limit one – expires 11/23)

Walmart – $59.99

Amazon – $59.99

Check out Collin and Stetson’s Hatchimal WOW toy feedback on Facebook Live!

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