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The Lite-Brite Classic Toy Will Light Up Your Christmas Morning (Well, If You’ve Got Batteries!)

Basic Fun has released an upgraded version of the classic Lite-Brite with an Ultimate edition. This means it has a larger screen, more colorful pegs, and additional lighting options!

To see if this upgraded toy is worthy of your holiday shopping list, Collin and Stetson unboxed and reviewed the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic on this Facebook Live.

Watch Collin’s Facebook Live Video reviewing the Lite-Brite!

Here’s what Collin had to say about the new Lite-Brite!

“So not cool Lite-Brite! 🤪 We totally failed on this one because come to find out, this toy doesn’t actually include the batteries. That’s a huge bummer and one reason why toys win so many points with me, so this was a big let down. Also on Christmas morning, who wants to deal with having to find batteries?! 
Personally, I think this Lite-Brite also feels very cheap. It’s made out of super light-weight plastic. It’s really true, they just don’t make them like they used to. I like the concept of the Lite-Brite, but this one is a thumbs down for me, and I’d much rather have the classic version.”
• Collin’s overall rating –  4 out of 10
Stetson’s overall rating – 6 out of 10 

Here are our favorite features of the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic toy:

Bigger brighter screen and includes more than 200 colorful pegs.
Inspires creativity and helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Battery-powered LED bulbs have 4 settings to light up your artwork.
Includes 6 different design templates.
Has a built-in stand.

These are some cons reviewers mentioned to look out for:

Not as fun to play with after your templates are used up.
It doesn’t come with batteries.
Have to buy extra templates that will fit the new screen.
Made of cheaper plastic—they don’t make them like they used to!

Here’s where you can score the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic toy:

Amazon – $14.97

Target – $14.99 (text TOY to 827438 for 25% OFF – expires 11/23, limit one)

Walmart – $14.97

Can’t find them at any of the stores above? You can also find similar Lite-Brite Classic toys at Kohl’s and Barnes & Noble, though they’re slightly more. Keep in mind, they won’t have as many pegs or the extra brightness to light up your holidays like the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic.

Check out Collin and Stetson’s Facebook Live reviewing the Lite Brite Ultimate Classic Toy!

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