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We’re Testing Out These Fun Surprise Blume Dolls | Just Add Water & See Who Grows

We love a good surprise!
We’ve been sharing some popular toys this holiday season and this gift is popping up to the top of every doll-loving kiddo’s Christmas wish list! Want to see why? Collin and Stetson brought this cute Skyrocket Blume Doll to life to see whether or not it’s worth the price!

Watch Collin and Stetson’s Live Facebook Video reviewing the Blume doll!

Here’s what Collin had to say about the Blume dolls:

“The first thing I love right off the bat, before even unboxing this toy, is that all the Blume dolls are under $10 and you can scoop them up just about anywhere! And the doll really did slowly grow out of the pot, how cool is that?!
Also, I just love miniature things so much and the itty bitty watering can that it comes with is too cute! Overall, the element of surprise is fun since you don’t know what doll you’re getting and there are little surprises that are included. I think this is a cute toy and something that would be easy to gift!
On the downside, I do think that the toy could quickly lose its appeal with kids and also some of the pieces are small, which I think are likely to get lost pretty easily.”
• Collin’s overall rating – 7.5 out of 10
• Stetson’s overall rating – 6 out of 10

What makes Blume dolls so special?

They’re interactive and totally fun to open! In fact, you don’t even open it since watering the pot will make them bloom all on their own! Once the dolls have fully bloomed, you’ll get to check out their out-of-this-world personality which is expressed through their fabulous clothing and wild hairstyles!

And the best part? If you collect more dolls, you can swap out their fun hairstyles and clothing. It’s the new, modern-day Barbie!

Here are our favorite features of the Blume Dolls:

There are 22 different dolls you can collect.
Hairstyles and clothing are interchangeable.
They’re fun to open by just watering their flower pot for them to “bloom”.
There are 10 surprises inside including a mini friend, sticker sheet, and fashion accessories.
There’s a playset within every Blume Doll pot.

These are some cons reviewers mentioned:

Received duplicate dolls making it hard to collect all 22.
The Blume doll didn’t end up “blooming” on their own.
Poor quality and broke after a few days.
It’s hard to open the package and takes a while

Here’s where you can score a Skyrocket Blume doll:

Amazon – $9.88

Target – $9.89

Walmart – $9.88

Barnes & Noble – $9.99

Make sure to check out their Facebook Live review of the Blume Doll now! 

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