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This Treasure X Alien Dissection Kit has a Gooey Mission for any Slime Fanatic!

Aliens, slime, and gems, oh my! 
Just what mom and dad needed around the house—more slime, guts, and aliens! Needless to say, the Treasure X Aliens could be a total hit with any slime and/or alien lover. Just to be sure it’s a must-buy gift this season, Collin and Stetson went live on Facebook and dissected this creepy kit.

Watch Collin and Stetson’s Facebook Live review of the Treasure X Alien now!

Here’s what Collin had to say about the Treasure X Alien:

“I like this toy! It’s inexpensive and super fun! This toy is definitely good to do over a pan because there’s slime inside the alien and it can get messy. Luckily, the slime comes off your hands pretty easily.
Any kid would seriously love this! Even if your kiddo gets sick of the alien after a few weeks, it’s still a fun activity regardless, and it’s inexpensive enough that it wouldn’t be a big deal. Better yet, you can collect all 18 of them if they really end up loving this toy!”
• Collin’s overall rating: 7.5 out of 10
• Stetson’s overall rating: 7 out of 10 

You could have your very own top-secret Area 51 alien at home!
Each Treasure X Alien comes in a sealed vessel to be pried open. Once the alien is out, the job is to save the Treasure Hunter (and collect all 18!) hiding in its belly!

Each one is filled with reusable slime, so once the Treasure Hunter is found, you can do it all over again or squeeze the slime from the alien’s head! Either way, if you’ve got a slime lover, this toy is a MUST

Here are our favorite features of these Treasure X Aliens:

Dissectable alien toy filled with fun slime.
Tweezers included to save the Treasure Hunter inside the alien.
It comes with a pouch of reusable slime to be stored away or squeezed from the alien’s head.
18 different Treasure Hunters to collect, each one comes with an included weapon and treasure.

These are some cons reviewers mentioned to look out for:

Too short of an entertainment span for kids.
The slime smells like chemicals and one reported that it caused a rash on their child.
The alien breaks apart easily and is of poor quality.

Here’s where you can score a Treasure X Alien:

Amazon – $12.93

Walmart – $12.93

Target – $12.99

Kohl’s – $13.49

Best Buy – $14.99

Make sure to watch Collin and Stetson’s Facebook Live video!

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