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This Advent Calendar w/ Metal Puzzles is My Favorite One Yet (& Only $13.99 on Amazon!)

Puzzled on which advent calendar to buy this year?
This advent calendar with metal puzzles is the solution to your problem! 🙌 While this one may test your brain a bit, it’s fun, interactive, and can be enjoyed by both the kids and adults so it’s perfect for the whole family!

The countdown to Christmas will be here before you know it!
Believe it or not, Advent Calendars are already a hot item and it technically isn’t even fall yet! 😱 That said, we’re jumping on the train and sharing which ones are a must-buy this year.

This Advent Calendar for foodies is already selling out super fast! (It did last year!)

My whole family loves the Coogam Advent Calendar with Metal Puzzles!
A totally unique spin on an Advent Calendar as this one is filled with 24 different metal puzzles! It also happens to be one of my favorite ones that the kids and I have ever bought, simply because it was something we all enjoyed every single day while building the anticipation for Christmas!

Even better, it’s currently only $13.99 on Amazon!

The best part about this Advent Calendar? It’s doesn’t get eaten or thrown in the trash after one day! Each metal puzzle is high-quality and they really do challenge you (and they get harder every day). Plus, you can keep them forever or even regift them when you’ve solved them all!

These metal puzzles may look like no big deal, but I promise, they’re a lot harder than they look! We had so much fun last year opening a new puzzle each day.

To make it even more fun, we turned it into a game by setting a 5-minute timer and each person got a turn to try and solve the metal puzzle…i.e. get them apart without cheating! And let me just tell you, the majority of nights we didn’t even solve it!
You can take them anywhere too!

Another perk about this Advent Calendar with metal puzzles? A lot of these metal puzzles went unsolved most nights, so we started to build up a collection getting through the Advent Calendar — great for the kids (and you)!

If we were getting ready to go somewhere, I would tell the kids to grab a metal puzzle and try to solve it while mom finishes getting ready. They normally got so sucked in that all 3 kiddos would take one or two in the car to stay occupied. (Then they can trade puzzles if they solve theirs.)
Needless to say, solving puzzles + car ride = peaceful drive & even happier parents. 🤣
This Advent Calendar is a win, win. 👏 

If you’re looking for an Advent Calendar this holiday season that’s fun for the whole family, not filled with candy or junk, then this Advent Calendar with metal puzzles is a no-brainer!

From 3 years old to 90 years old, anyone will love this challenge!

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