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These IKEA Bag Clips Are Giving Pampered Chef a Run for Their Money

IKEA has got some great products under $10!
Never search for a useless twist-tie in the kitchen again and say hello to this $1.99 pack of inexpensive sealing bag clips from IKEA! Reviewers even claim they’re identical to the Twixit! Clips from Pampered Chef, but at a fraction of the cost.

IKEA BEVARA Sealing Bag Clips are a must-have in the kitchen!

BEVARA Sealing Bag Clips – Starting at just $1.99!

You’ll never struggle with stale cereal or looking for a lost twisty tie again as these sealing clips from IKEA are a simple way to keep all types of baggies closed. They’re so easy to use, too! Just unclip, wrap around the top of the bag, and reclip—easy peasy! They’re even kid-friendly!

Depending on your needs, you can scoop up their pack of 10 for just $1.99 or a variety of sizes in their 30-pack for just $2.99! You can’t beat that price!

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Why you’ll love these sealing clips:

They come in bright colors making them easier to find in drawers.
Assorted sizes available for a variety of bag sizes.
Freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe.
Easy to use and clean.

Check out what people are saying about their IKEA BEVARA sealing clips:

“We love these clips in our house! They’re so handy! We use them for chips, frozen food, birdseed, pet treats – the list could just go on and on! They’re also super cheap which is great! These are definitely a ‘must-buy’ for me!”  – Paige from Hip2Save

“I bought a package of these some months ago and went back and bought 3 more recently! These are so easy to use and brightly colored so you don’t lose them – never again will I have to deal with those disappearing twist ties!” – Kay

“If you have ever used the ones sold by Pampered Chef, these are identical for a fraction of the price. Smart buy and I hope they never go out of stock!” – Nick

“I use these clips to close potato chips bags and cereal to keep it fresh all the time. I would recommend these clips for all households and for everyday use, they’re great!” – Vanessa

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