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Preserve a Handwritten Note into a Photo Canvas

Turn special handwritten notes or quotes into keepsake home decor with custom photo canvas prints that are easy to order online.

Have handwritten notes that are special? Display them using a photo canvas! 💕
Photo canvases don’t have to be just for actual photos! Consider having a handwritten message, recipe, quote, or card printed on a photo canvas to display in your home. You can turn any image into a work of art, including handwriting! This could be a wonderful Valentine’s Day idea to consider.

So many possibilities to display a canvas! 
You can hang a handwritten photo canvas up on the wall to include as part of a photo gallery or use a photo frame easel to display. There’s nothing more special or personal than a written sentiment, and this is such a fun way to preserve it and make it part of your home decor.

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Have a stack of old greeting cards from family?
I recently came across an old card my dad had sent me years ago and thought it’d be a nice message to see every day. He has the most recognizable handwriting in my family and ALWAYS signs cards and messages to me with how proud he is—I love that. ❤️

We are very close so I’m happy to have this special message on display as a photo canvas in my home!

Where’s the best place to order a photo canvas and make something similar?

How do you get the image as a photo to upload for purchase? 
I took a well-lit photo of the handwriting on the card using my phone, and making sure to keep my hand steady. I did some minor edits using Apple’s Photo app to brighten and add contrast to the image.

Then I just uploaded the photo to a canvas printing website and purchased an 8″ x 10″ photo canvas. Easy peasy!

Ideas for mementos you can turn into photo canvases include:

Old handwritten family recipes.
Drawings or artwork from your kids.
A letter or a special handwritten note from a loved one who passed away.
Handwritten wedding vows.
Meaningful song lyrics or a poem.

This would make the best gift! 

I truly think this would make an amazingly thoughtful gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or something special to do for yourself! It’s a very meaningful way to memorialize the handwriting of someone who has passed. I have been looking for handwritten things from my grandparents and considering getting a few canvases made of recipes for my kitchen.

I hope you try this simple and sweet DIY to cherish your favorite words for years to come! ❤️

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