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Declutter Cabinets with a Cute Coffee Mug Rack (Starting at $12!)

Grab your favorite cup from a fun and functional coffee mug rack!

Your mugs should look as good as your coffee tastes! ☕
Looking for the perfect place to display your favorite coffee mugs? Amazon has a trendy selection of mug racks perfect to add to your home decor. Not only will they look stunning on display, but now they’ll be easily accessible for when you need them the most. The best part? Every option is affordable and under $27!

Here are our 6 top coffee mug rack picks:

1. Fox Run Expanding Beechwood Coffee Mug Wall Rack

Fox Run Expanding Beechwood Coffee Mug Wall Rack $12.60 (regularly $24.19)

This classic design can be used for your favorite mugs. People are loving it so much, they’re putting the expanding racks in their foyers, bedrooms, and even in the baby’s nursery! Hang mugs, scarves, hats, beach bags…the options are endless and it will look great anywhere. At under $13, this one is an absolute steal!

“For some unknown reason, my family decided I needed to start collecting coffee mugs. Most are really unique, whimsical, beautiful, snarky (think early morning before coffee – lol!), and took up WAY too much room hidden in the cabinets. I tried the cheaper expanding racks before – and made several very lucky catches when a mug slipped off or a peg pulled loose.

This one is – by far the best – it’s superior! I bought three and they are FULL. They make interesting (and humorous) wall decor on the wall next to the breakfast bar and visitors always stop and study them.” – Katy 

2. The Lakeside Collection Coffee Mug Wall Rack

The Lakeside Collection Coffee Mug Wall Rack $15.96 (regularly $19.96)

This minimalistic coffee mug rack comes with 4 bars along with hooks for your favorite mugs (note the photo above features two sets of these racks). Each set even includes two baskets to hang off the hooks to give easy access to extras like disposable cups, straws, tea, or K-cups.

“Everyone that comes to our house loves our coffee cup rack! It went up so easily, and the baskets work perfectly for our oversized travel mugs that don’t fit inside my kitchen cabinets. After all my searching, this was the very best choice for our mugs!” – Grace 

3. TMGY Coffee Mug Holder Under Cabinet

TMGY Coffee Mug Holder Under Cabinet (2-pack) $25

Keep both your countertops and walls clear with these under-cabinet hooks! Once installed, you can easily store all your favorite mugs still at arm’s reach, but without all the clutter in your kitchen!

“I hung these along the bottom of a cabinet to free up some space inside the cabinets and to display cute mugs. It was super easy to install and looks really cute with all my mugs hanging on display.” – Susan 

4. HULISEN Coffee Mug Wall Rack

HULISEN Coffee Mug Wall Rack $24.99

How adorable is this coffee rack?! Made of durable, rust-proof material, this fits all sizes of coffee mugs and has three racks that fit four cups each. It’s easy to install and easily labeled. There are two other options, one with bolded “coffee” letters and the other with thin letters that call out coffee and tea. No matter which option catches your eye, this is the perfect touch to your coffee bar!

“I bought this to have easy access to some of my coffee mugs since I have limited cabinet space. It was my first time installing anchors, and these were super easy. It probably took 15 min tops to install everything, including figuring out how I wanted to place them. This is a cute, functional piece that can also serve as decor.” – Marquito

5. Emaison Coffee Mug Holder

Emaison Coffee Mug Holder $26.98

This rustic beauty will be the focal point of your coffee bar. It comes in white, gray, or natural wood so you can match the style of your already gorgeous kitchen. The two brown options also have 12 hooks and 16 hooks if you’re looking for more space. Waking up for some fresh coffee in the morning never looked so good!

“This was the perfect addition to my little coffee bar! I really love the weathered look, and it’s great quality for an even better price. It also has held my larger coffee mugs perfectly, which is hard to find believe it or not! I’m so happy with this purchase!” – Sabrina

6. Claimed Counter Coffee Mug Wall Rack

Claimed Counter Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Rack – $72.14

Collin loves her mounted coffee rack that holds up to 27 different mugs! Not only does it look great on the wall, but it helps to clear space in the cabinet. This rack is so popular that there are only a few left available.

However, we found some comparable models. Both of these models have a modern look and include 27 pegs or more!

BirdRock Home 36 Peg Mug Rack – $73.96

Sorbus 27 Mug Rack Holder – $32.99

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