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YETI Vs. Ozark Trail Challenge—Which Tumbler Wins?!

We’re testing the quality between high-end YETI tumblers vs. the very affordable Ozark Trail brand from Walmart.

Curious how YETI brand tumblers compare to the much less expensive Ozark Trail brand?
Double-wall insulated tumblers are all the rage and for good reason! They can keep drinks cold or hot for hours, which can truly be a lifesaver whether you’re on the road, in the car, at the office, or at home.

We seem to have a growing supply of tumblers at home and I often wonder if there’s a difference between the higher-end brands like YETI and Walmart’s more affordable brand Ozark Trail.

The YETI brand costs 4 times as much! 😱

I compared two 30-32 oz. tumblers, one from YETI and one from Ozark Trail, to test if there’s a difference that would make me want to spend 4x as much money for the YETI.

My YETI tumbler is currently priced at $34.99, while the Ozark Trail tumbler is currently just $8.94 on

Similar qualities of both of these tumblers:

Stainless steel
Sweat-free and rust-proof
Same style lid and overall shape
Hold 30 to 32 oz. of liquid
Keep drinks HOT or COLD for hours

Are they dishwasher safe? 
One difference I noticed is that the YETI brand specifically states dishwasher safe and Ozark Trail says to NOT place in the dishwasher. However, we have personally washed the Ozark brand water bottles and tumblers in the dishwasher at my house without issue for years.

These tumblers look SO similar, but will they perform the same?

Let’s put these tumblers to the test with an ice challenge! 

I was wondering how long they could keep ice frozen and how they compared in performance to each other, so the following are the results of my very casual and unscientific YETI Vs. Ozark Trail Challenge!

I started by filling each cup with 15 ice cubes, set them in my kitchen with the lids on, and started the clock.

4-Hour Results: There was no noticeable difference or any results to give.

8-Hour Results: I was able to pour about the same amount of liquid out of both cups, just under 1/4 cup each. Both still had lots of ice.

24-Hour Results: Ice seemed to be melting the same and water levels were pretty much the same at 3/4 cup each.

31-Hour Results: The water was still cold! Also, kinda surprising, but the ice in the YETI tumbler completely melted, while the Ozark Trail had a teeny tiny bit of ice left.

We have a winner!!! 🎉 (Although it was so close!)
The less expensive Ozark Trail Tumbler was declared the winner of my very casual unscientific YETI vs. Ozark Trail Tumbler challenge! And they both really did seem pretty similar in performance and are both fantastic tumblers to consider.

Final thoughts

If you’re not concerned about the brand name that’s on the outside of the cup, most can agree that Ozark Trail is a MUCH better value for your money.

I can’t live without these double-walled tumblers now! 
Living in extremely hot weather in Arizona, it’s a wonderful thing to fill up an insulated cup, run errands in and out of the car, and still have an ice-cold drink to enjoy. It’s especially crucial in the summer!

At under $10, this Ozark Trail tumbler is a great choice, especially since it does the same job as YETI!

Hip Tip: I used my Cricut cutting machine & permanent vinyl to create a personalized decal for my Ozark tumbler, which is a fun gift to make friends and family, too!

Ozark Trail tumblers can be found on or in-store near the camping section. At that price, we can afford to buy the whole family a cup each! 😊

Ozark Trail tumblers also make great gift ideas for so many occasions! 😍
The cup itself is a nice gift for friends, teachers, moms, dads, and anyone who would enjoy a quality tumbler. You can read about how I made fun little gift baskets using Ozark tumblers here!

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