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10 Cheap Decorative Throw Pillow Covers We’re Loving on Amazon

Upgrade your decor with decorative throw pillow covers from Amazon!

Time to redecorate those throw pillows!
For those who love a good reusable throw pillow, you’re going to love these affordable throw pillow covers you can score on Amazon. Just note that these are for the covers only, and the pillows are not included. You can, however, score great deals on a pack of four!

This brings us to our picks for some stunning decorative pillow covers from Amazon. The best part? All of our picks are under $15 per pillow cover!

Hip Tip: Before you shop on Amazon, become an Amazon Prime member so you can take advantage of fast and free shipping, plus so many other awesome perks!

1. Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 20″ x 20″ (Pack of 2) $16.99 (regularly 19.99+)

This set of two velvet covers features an elegant design that makes them superior to any regular velvet case! Not surprisingly being velvet, we’re told they remain some of the softest cases ever. Put these pillow covers on the fluffiest throw pillows you have to accentuate the designs to the fullest and showcase how glamorous these are!

“Perfect color and crazy soft. I really loved these pillows because they aren’t the boring flat pillow covers you normally see and the tone-on-tone detail gives these the right amount of visual and textural interest. I used a fur throw pillow as my insert, just wanted to get refresh the winter/fur vibe with something clean and light for spring/summer. I suspect the soft fabric will attract lint and so these may need a little maintenance to keep them looking nice, but they still are just what I wanted (and spent HOURS looking to find them!)” – Jane

2. Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18″ x 18″ (Pack of 2) $19.99+
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Final cost just $16.99!

These luxury throw pillow covers are the burst of color your home needs! They are made of soft wool material and are guaranteed to uphold their color and quality – no matter how many times you wash.

“Gorgeous and thick pillowcase. Exactly as pictured, color and design. I bought two feather-filled pillows from Ikea for $6 each and put them in there. Love the case, would buy again.” – Esther

3. Longhui Throw Pillow Covers

Longhui Throw Pillow Covers 18″ x 18″ (Pack of 2) $14.99+

The ruffles of these pillows are such a timeless design that’ll complement any space you place them. Each pillow comes out to around $7.50 each, making it an awesome value for the 18″x18″ size! The quality is exceptional, and the zipper is hidden which is a plus.

“I LOVE these covers! Ordered several sizes and colors because I couldn’t choose. I ended up with light gray and mustard yellow. The actual color of the gray is darker in these photos… Be careful if laundering at home. I washed gentle, cold, air-dried, and lost 1″, horizontally. Pillow inserts still fit and all is good.” – Laura

4. Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-Poms

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-Poms 18″ x 18″ (Pack of 2) $13.99+ (regularly $20.99)

We’re loving these gorgeous and chic pom-pom pillows! They come as a set of two and are available in 21 different colors to go with anyone’s home decor!

“I bought the 18”x18” size in off-white color. I was in search of some pom-pom fringe pillows since they’re so trendy right now but I was finding that they’re so expensive everywhere else! The material on these is soft and silky but not gaudily shiny. They don’t wrinkle and they don’t require ironing! The quality and price totally meet my expectations and tight budget perfectly.” – Zuma 

5. Meekio Farmhouse Quote Pillow Cover

Meekio Farmhouse Quote Pillow Cover 18″ x 18″ $8.99

Whether you’re keeping this pillow for yourself or giving it to a friend, these farmhouse-inspired quote pillow covers could make for a perfect housewarming gift or a darling addition to your gathering space.

“I purchased this pillow cover because I liked the script, size, and the gorgeous linen look. When I received it, I laid it on the ironing board and used a cotton table napkin to iron over the lettering, and ironed directly on the rest of the pillow cover. I also really appreciated the email from Meekio instructing me how to put the insert into the cover without worrying about ripping it. I love this pillow so much!” – Mary 

6. Phantoscope Burlap Trimmed Linen Farmhouse Pillows

Phantoscope Burlap Trimmed Linen Farmhouse Pillows, 18″ x 18″ (Pack of 2) $23.99

Add character, texture, and charm to your couch with these burlap-lined pillows. Their linen covers will perfectly complement any country or modern farmhouse decor.

“I’m in love with these pillows! Originally, I found identical ones at Pier 1 but they were way more expensive so when I found these I was so thrilled! They match our new sofa perfectly and the quality is amazing. Their texture makes them look more expensive than they are – I already want to order more!” – Rachel 

7. Inspired Ivory Boho Throw Pillow Covers

Inspired Ivory Boho Throw Pillow Covers 18″ x 18″ (Pack of 4) $37.95 (regularly $49.95)

Want a whole bunch of pillows to spruce up your living room? This mix of geometric, modern, and boho pillows comes with four different covers that complement each other and will add the perfect global touch to your space. Plus, at such a great price, you’re only paying just around $9 for each one!

“These are FABULOUS! I was actually surprised by the quality especially considering they are so cheap! Just a tip, I size up one size for the pillow insert to really fill the pillow cover. So I used 18×18 covers and my pillow inserts are 20×20. Love them and they’re such a great value!” – Jordan 

8. Mkono Macrame Throw Pillows

Mkono Macrame Throw Pillows 17″ x 17″ (Pack of 2) $27.99

Is your home decor style totally boho? This set of two macrame pillows is going to be your answer to the perfect and cozy living room that you’ve been dreaming of!

“These pillowcases are AMAZING! The quality and price are outstanding – they have thick and sturdy macrame that will last! I think that these pillow covers would easily cost $50 EACH anywhere else! I just threw them on some existing pillows that I already had, and they look like a hundred bucks! I definitely recommend these!” – Alexandra 

9. MIULEE Decorative Faux Fur Throw Pillow

MIULEE Decorative Faux Fur Throw Pillow 20″ x 12″ $10.49

Add some unique and funky touches to your space with this fun and trendy faux fur throw pillow! Not only can you get it in many different colors, but it also comes in ombre patterns to really make it one of a kind!

“This pillow cover is so fun! The fur is longer and can be brushed with a hairbrush to fluff it out. From past experience, this one is high quality with a durable zipper and doesn’t shed. I’ve dealt with similar products that are very cheap and shed which is hard to clean up on furniture and in the air. The zipper is hidden behind a cloth band, which is a nice touch.” – Dena 

10. Kevin Textile Sequin Decor Pillow Cases

Kevin Textile Sequin Decor Pillow Cases  18″ x 18″ (Pack of 2) $14.99

If you need more than just faux fur to make your home stand out, these glitzy and glamorous pillow covers will really make your room sparkle! Whether they’re going in your chic living room, sprucing up the bedroom, or planning to have tons to have at your glitzy wedding venue, these will steal the show anywhere they go!

“It took me forever to decide which product to purchase and I’m so glad I chose these! The pillow covers are exactly as described and simply gorgeous, very shimmery (but not tacky looking), and are so classy. The pictures don’t do them justice at all!” – Leanne 

Hip tip: Use old, seasonal, or thrifted pillows for inexpensive (or potentially free) inserts!

Your base throw pillows don’t have to be plain white! Have a seasonal or older throw pillow? You can use that to place your covers over as well! Sometimes stores will also have out-of-season pillows on deep clearance you can snag for a steal. You could even browse the aisles at your local thrift store for inserts around a buck or two!

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