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How Cute are these Geometric Vases from Amazon?!

Love shopping for unique home decor items in your comfy PJs?
I was recently up late at night looking at Instagram and spotted these cute tabletop gold geometric vases from Amazon and it turns out they are such a CUTE and stylish home accessory! I love the modern shape, crisp white color that will fit in anywhere, and affordable price point at under $27.80 for two.

These Umbra brand ceramic white gold geometric vases come as a set of two and are both versatile and unique. I purchased the tabletop ones, but there is also a set of very similar Umbra vessels that are meant to be hung on the wall. How fun is that?!

Keep in mind that I purchased these vases myself and just thought I’d share here with you all as a fun find. This is not a sponsored post.

Here are some different ways to consider using these geometric vases as both home decor and for organization!

Organizing Makeup Brushes 
In the bathroom, these would be cute to keep your makeup brushes, cotton balls, and Q-tips organized, or perhaps to store hair ties and accessories.

Organizing Office Supplies 
What a stylish way to tame all your pens, pencils, scissors, and office supplies on a desk or table, using these pretty Umbra vessels.

Indoor/Outdoor Planters 
You can definitely use these as stylish planters! I love personalizing my home with plants and these are small enough to fit on a side table, fireplace mantle, or window sill.

Hip Plant Tips using these planters:

If using real plants, you’ll want to first put a couple of small rocks at the bottom to create drainage for watering, since there is no drainage hole.
I’m honestly not great at keeping indoor plants alive, but the Dracaena (or Dragon Tree plant) pictured left, is great for beginners as it’s super hearty, doesn’t need much water, and is hard to kill. It’s my favorite plant right now besides the snake plant, which is also hard to kill!
Also, small succulents seem to be fairly easy for me to keep alive since they don’t need lots of watering.

Plant Faux Succulents
By far this is my favorite use of these vases so far – faux succulents! They don’t need any water and last forever! Plus, planting yourself a little faux succulent garden can be much less expensive than buying vases with the faux succulents from trendy boutiques or home decor shops.

You can find faux succulents online on Amazon, at craft stores, and even in-store at budget-friendly stores like Dollar Tree!

Head over to Amazon to score these modern tabletop planters yourself for just under $27.80!

Umbra Trigg Desktop Planter Vase & Geometric Container (Set of two) $27.80

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