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Amazon Sells DIY Backyard Guest Houses with Free Delivery

Did you know that Amazon sells DIY backyard guest houses?
These days, you can pretty much find anything you could possibly ever want or need on Amazon, including an entire DIY Backyard Guest House Kit delivered right to your doorstep. Who knew?! 😱

These kits are a great way to expand your living space without the cost of adding on to your home, and they can be used as a spare bedroom, office space, home gym, art studio, or just a quiet retreat when you need a brief escape.

Before you order one of these building kits, be sure to check with your local municipality or HOA. You may need to get your structure approved before you begin building.

And be sure to place your order several weeks in advance of when you plan to start your project. Everything takes longer to ship these days, so many of these kits now require 3-5 weeks for delivery.

In the meantime, it sure is fun to dream about having one of the following DIY retreats in your own backyard!

This beautiful garden house has lots of windows and a small footprint.
With all of those windows for natural light, the Allwood Chloe 123 sq. ft. Cabin Kit would make a lovely artist’s studio or home office.

This complete kit comes with everything you need to put it together (except for roofing shingles). It includes floor joists, ceiling boards, wall logs, doors, windows, a hardware package, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions for a total cost of $8,900 shipped.

This window-filled cabin would be ideal as a pool house or a lakeside retreat.
The Allwood Summerlight 150 sq. ft. Cabin Kit features a traditional, welcoming design that would be at home in any backyard. The large, polycarbonate glazed roof area combined with double doors and surrounding windows make this one of the most light-filled, airy cabins available. It’s currently priced at $8,990 shipped.

This structure functions as a backyard retreat and garden shed all in one.
Short on space? If your backyard only allows you enough room for one additional structure, then the Allwood Estelle 157 sq. ft. Cabin Kit could be the perfect multitasker for your property.

Priced at $8,460 shipped, this cabin has two rooms, each with a separate entrance. The larger room features windows and a large double door, while the windowless room in the rear would be perfect for use as a shed for your gardening tools or other outdoor storage needs.

This airy space would make a beautiful she shed or office space!
With all of those windows for natural light, the Allwood Solvalla 172 sq. ft. Studio Cabin Kit would make a lovely artist’s studio or home office. It’s currently priced at $8,795 with free delivery.

This guest house is a spacious yet cozy backyard retreat.
The Allwood Claudia 209 SQF Cabin Kit would make a great resort-style outbuilding to accommodate your guests or serve as a poolside clubhouse. It would also make a great exercise space, a yoga retreat, or a remote office that you’ll actually look forward to working in! It’s currently priced at $10,990 with free shipping.

And what’s really fun about these Amazon DIY House Kits is that you can customize and paint them however you’d like!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want to add anything extra, like air conditioning, plumbing, or electricity to any of these homes, you’ll need to do that yourself or hire a profressional. They don’t include any of those features.

Would you build your own tiny house with one of these kits?

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