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How to De-Puff Undereye Circles with an At-Home Lymphatic Drainage Massage

I couldn’t believe my own eyes—literally, NO MORE PUFFY BAGS!
Ever wake up looking like Will Smith having an allergic reaction (check out this scene from Hitch for a better reference  😂). A puffy face and eye bags are enough to bring down your whole day.

Whether you inherited under-eye bags from your mom or they’re just an occasional occurrence, you don’t have to put up with them anymore or break the bank on filler injections that will only last a few months. A lymphatic drainage massage works wonders and this anti-aging hack is easier than you think. You can totally do it at home! Read on to see how.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?
Your body is full of lymph nodes that contain fluid from the face down. When fluid buildup occurs, it causes swelling in all kinds of places you don’t want it—particularly the face. A lymphatic drainage massage focuses on those important areas by stretching the skin and applying pressure around the lymph nodes to release fluid.

I was a skeptic at first, but I’m always up for trying an at-home anti-aging hack that could save me money so I gave it a go and now I’m OBSESSED. My hereditary sleepy eyes are wide awake with substantially less inflammation and a few fine lines reduced. The best part—it cost me nothing!

I’ve seriously contemplated filler injections to remedy my puffy bags, but this massage (usually done twice a week) does the trick and it keeps hundreds of dollars in my pocket! Keep in mind, this is not a cure-all for dark circles and discoloration.

Side note: You can get an adorable knotted headband like mine (pictured left) on Amazon!

Use a good facial oil.
You’ll want to use a hydrating moisturizer or oil during the massage—organic coconut oil is what I use and it’s the perfect consistency. I like using this under $5 jar from ALDI but you can use any organic coconut oil brand you prefer. You can also score some cheap lymphatic drainage ginger oil on Amazon!

Nail the massaging technique.
I love following the DIY facial detox massage tutorial from Dr. Mona Vand on YouTube. The massage actually gets started at minute marker 2:50, but she also offers tons of insight on how to properly perform the massage and all the incredible benefits before that!

Try it at a Spa (Of course not right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.)

Lymphatic drainage massages are quickly becoming a popular anti-inflammatory alternative to reduce swelling and contour the face. Many have even replaced the use of Botox and other fillers with the treatment. If you’re not in the mood to lather up and rub your face for 30-40 minutes at home, find a spa near you that offers the treatment. Lay down, relax, and leave the rest to a pro.

Before you fork out hundreds of dollars on costly facial treatments, do your wallet and your face a favor by indulging in this genius anti-aging hack.

If your results are anything like mine, your skin will look smoother, more vibrant, and less inflamed. Lymphatic massages can be done as often as once per day or just once a week as needed.

Now that you’re face is de-puffed, check out these awesome beauty deals!