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Ask Collin Your Frugal or Financial Questions on Facebook Live

Want to chat one-on-one with Collin?
If you’ve been a Hip2Save reader for some time, you may remember the days when Collin used to do Coffee with Collin videos (way back in 2011!). ☕️ Well, guess what?! We are going to be starting a new series that is somewhat similar, except Collin will be chatting with Hip2Save readers via Facebook Live!

Be sure to follow Hip2Save on Facebook so you don’t miss a beat!

Each week, Collin will be talking with a different Hip2Save reader about a frugal or financial question that the reader has. She’ll also be providing simple tips and tricks to help you live an extraordinary life on an ordinary budget.

Interested in discussing your frugal question with Collin on a Facebook live video? Just head on over here and fill out the short form with your question for a chance to hop on a future Live video!
These are the 3 qualifications that must be met:

Strong internet connection.
Have a Facebook account.
Be comfortable sharing a video split screen of your face and Collin’s on Facebook Live.

Don’t be shy! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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