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Introducing The Mealthy Man Cooker (Easy Cooking For Dudes)

There’s no pressure at mealtime now!
Hey fellas! Are you tired of eating fast food and looking for a way to get a delicious dinner on the table without spending a ton of time in the kitchen? Then we have a product just for you!

Introducing the Mealthy Man Cooker!

This all in one cooker requires just a few simple ingredients to turn your dinner into a tasty gourmet meal.
How does it work? 

Simply pick at least three ingredients – it doesn’t matter what, then throw them in your Mealthy Man Cooker, add one cup of water, and choose your meal from over 1,000 dinner options and you’re good to go. In just 3 minutes 12 seconds your delicious dinner will be ready.

Impress your family and friends — shhh we’ll never tell your secret… they’ll think you spent hours in the kitchen cooking dinner.
What’s in the box?

Every Mealthy Man Cooker comes with utensils, paper plates, pot holders, and more! Just add ingredients and you’ll have a delicious meal in minutes.
Here’s why Stetson loves his Mealthy Man Cooker –

“I’ve been a fast food eater for so long 😬, however, that tends to get pretty expensive and isn’t always the healthiest. Ever since I got the Mealthy Man Cooker, I’ve been making my dinners at home in less than five minutes! If I can do it, then anyone can! Turn a piece of bread crust, popcorn, and a Frosted Mini Wheat into a complete steak dinner! Who knew cooking could be this easy?!” – Stetson

The new Mealthy Man Cooker retails for $499.95 on the Mealthy website, though it’s currently on promotion for only $399.95. Better yet, today only, you can score $10 off this new gadget on when you use promo code HIPMAN at checkout!

Here’s the deal…

Mealthy Man Cooker 6qt $399.95 (regularly $499.95)
Use promo code HIPMAN (save $10)
Shipping is FREE
Final cost only $389.95 shipped!