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11 Easy Ways to Prank Your Family on April Fool’s Day

Try these silly easy April fools pranks for the family! This post is full of April fool’s pranks for kids that bring on the laughs! 

Do you like playing harmless and silly April fool’s pranks on your family?
I personally think it’s fun to become a little bit of a prankster once in a while to lighten the mood and make my kids laugh. Here are a few funny and easy April Fool’s pranks and ideas sure to bring some giggles – even year-round when they least expect it! Ha Ha!

If you’ve been following Hip2Save over the years, you know that we LOVE April Fool’s Day! 😉

Although we typically go all out here at Hip2Save, we didn’t post any pranks this year. We hope you all had some fun today anyway. Here is a look back at some of our favorites from over the years:

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1. “Ice Cream” Sundaes that are savory, not sweet.

Use an ice cream scooper to serve up these “ice cream” sundaes that are actually made from mashed potatoes and gravy. Don’t they look so realistic?

Collin actually played this prank on her daughter, Piper, a few years back. Check out this April Fools FAIL video as things didn’t go as planned. 🤣

2. Bug on a Lampshade is sure to create some jumpscares!

Tape a plastic bug (find plastic spiders at your local dollar store or on!) on the inside of a lampshade and then ask a family member to turn on the light. Yikes!

3. Donut Box Trick is full of veggies no one expected.

This April Fool’s prank is bound to get everyone! 😂 Grab a donut box and fill it with fresh veggies for a funny fake-out!

4. This Oreo cookie trick will result in disappointment.

It’s a classic prank! Replace Oreo cookie filling with toothpaste! Use a butter knife to scrape off the Oreo filling and place a little white toothpaste in the middle of one side. When you put it back together, it looks exactly like a real Oreo cookie!

You could even leave some of the outer edges of the original cream filling so that from the outside, the cookie won’t look tampered with at all!

5. That’s not orange juice!

Do you know that orange powdered cheese packet that comes with packaged Mac and Cheese? Pour it into a pitcher, mix it with water, and it looks exactly like orange juice! 😂

6. Give out some Cracker Jack carrots. 

For a fun lunch box prank, replace a snack box like Cracker Jacks with fresh baby carrots. This trick also works well with a small bag of chips. Just remember to seal the package back up with a little double-sided tape for a more realistic effect!

7. “Spaghetti and Meatballs” cupcakes are the perfect April Fool’s dessert.

While it’s technically an April Fool’s prank, this easy cupcake recipe actually makes for a yummy treat amidst the joke. Plus, they look so realistic!

Hip Tip: Here’s a fun April Fool’s Day book for the kids!

8. Put some confetti in a vent!

You can either buy confetti or cut up some paper, stick it in someone’s car vents, and wait for them to be covered when they turn the air on! A few of our readers did this funny prank, and the results were hilarious.

9. Star Wars fans won’t be able to get enough of this “blue milk”!

PC: Rimma_Bondarenko/Getty Images, courtesy of Reader’s Digest
Reader’s Digest brought up the perfect prank to get the kiddos into the April Fool’s spirit – blue milk! Simply add a few drops of blue food color to your milk carton, and you can serve up a glass of blue milk!

10. Serve up a bowl of cereal that requires a little extra work to enjoy.

Have kiddos that enjoy cereal? Good House Keeping recommends creating some April fool’s prep a night in advance by pouring cereal and milk and adding a spoon then freezing it overnight. Your kiddos will be stumped trying to dig into this frozen bowl of cereal. 😆

11. Keep the lights off. recommends using colored tape for little ones and clear tape for older kiddos, leaving them confused about the lack of light. 🤣

Have you pulled off a great April Fool’s prank? Please share with us!