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Easy Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art Using Painter’s Tape

This easy sidewalk chalk art project will color you happy! 🎨
At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, we saw a trend going around using painter’s tape and sidewalk chalk to create some beautiful outdoor masterpieces! Even though we may be spending less time at home these days, we’ll always be looking for ways to enjoy some family time outdoors, and this activity remains a Hip2Save favorite!

Make beautiful stained glass sidewalk chalk art right outside your home…
Although there are so many fun DIY crafts and activities you can do with your kiddos, we love the simplicity of this one. This sidewalk chalk art project is really easy to set up, it only requires two different materials, and it will leave your child with a totally unique and photo-worthy result every time.

All you need for this fun activity is some sidewalk chalk, painter’s tape, somewhere to color (like a sidewalk or driveway), and your imagination! To get started, just use the painter’s tape to tape off sections of your coloring surface. The tape can be placed at completely random angles – there’s no wrong way to do it!

Once you’ve placed your tape where you want it, color away!

Hip tip for recreating this easy stained glass sidewalk chalk art: After coloring in a section of your artwork, try using your hand or an old sock to smooth it out. This is a great way to blend different colors and spread the chalk dust into the corners and other spots you might have missed.

Once you have all the sections of your artwork colored in, remove the tape, stand back, and admire your colorful creation!

Check out some of these gorgeous finished products for inspiration: 

With warmer weather upon us, this activity is a great way to spend a little time outside while adding a pop of color to your world. Thank you to all of our team members and valued readers who contributed their beautiful photos. They’re all so gorgeous and made us so happy just looking at them. Enjoy! 🌈😍

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