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This Snack Idea for Kids Will Save Your Sanity During Quarantine

It’s no secret… kids LOVE snacks, snacking, and more snacking!

In fact, that’s probably become even more apparent now that schools are closed (along with all these stores) and we’re all either working from home or dealing with many unknown circumstances during this chaotic time.

That said, we have a simple idea to help get at least one thing under wraps for all you parents out there and it might even make working from home a bit easier, too.
Say hello to snack bins!

Or in my case, a snack tray!

No matter what you have in your house, a tray, bin, or just leave it on the counter, you can easily create a designated spot for your kids so they can chow down whenever the moment strikes. (Which, let’s be honest, it’s more frequent than our brains can handle being asked most sometimes.) 🤣

Here are some of the perks of doing a snack bin:

You get to pick the snacks (I always opt for the healthier, the better).
The kids are happy because they think they’re picking the snacks since they get options.
You don’t get 2,935,872,034 snack questions a day.
Your day will run more smoothly without having to stop and get more snacks out.

Hip Tip: You could also make your day run more smoothly if you have lunch already prepped and in the fridge. Here are some easy (sandwich-free) lunch ideas for kids that Lina shared.

Need some snack ideas?
I really love shopping at ALDI – I feel like I save so much money every week and with the tricks and hacks we shared, it’s a no brainer in my book! Here’s a list of my favorite snacks to pick up for the kids:

Peanut butter filled pretzels
Bag of apples (they’re typically smaller than the individual ones and the perfect size for little kids)
Bag of oranges (we really love the Cara Cara ones)
Snack bars
Dark chocolate with fruit-filled centers (we love the pomegranate and blueberry ones and they’re perfect for a small sweet treat)

If you’re putting your snack bins in the fridge, as an idea you could also add some yogurt, applesauce cups, or slice up your fruits and put them in a bag.

Another idea is to shop in bulk for snacks at membership stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Just keep in mind that right now they’re encouraging a limit to two people per membership shopping at once. Regardless, if you’re heading to the store soon or placing an order for pickup, they have tons of options that would go perfect in your kid’s snack bins. Here are just some ideas on what you can score:

Fruit snacks
Trail mix
Breakfast and snack bars
Cracker packs
Chip variety packs
Apple sauce packs

You can even cut down on plastic, buy using some reusable food wraps!

We love helping save the earth by switching to more eco-friendly products and these food wraps are one of my favorite transitions to date! 🙌 Plus, they offer incredible savings over the long haul, so if you’re going to be bagging up a lot of snacks for this snack bin idea, you might want to consider some of these new Bee’s wraps. You can read my full review on these wraps here.

And one other fun idea, make DIY movie night bins with shower caddies.

Make movie night fun and personalized for each family member! Grab some $1 divided caddies (or use what you have on hand), a few designated popcorn containers, and plastic/mason jar tumblers with straws and fill them with treats that each person enjoys.

Eating low-carb? We’ve got an awesome idea over on for make-ahead keto snack boxes!

Now if you really want the kids to stop snacking, hide the snacks in these Moldy Sandwich Bags! 😂 And I bet if you placed some chips or candy in these Lunch Bug bags, they’ll definitely not be interested! 😉
Have fun snacking!

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