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7 of the Best Cookware Sets to Buy

On the hunt for the best cookware set?
With all of the latest COVID-19 circumstances currently underway, you’re probably doing more cooking at home than you’ve ever done before. You might also be realizing you’re due for some new cookware because those pots and pans just aren’t what you thought they were. 😏

Luckily, we’re sharing some of our favorite cookware sets (both budget-friendly & splurge-worthy) as recommended by our team and especially our recipe creators.

1. Rachael Ray Create Delicious 13-pc. Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set

Buy on Kohl’s or Walmart

This 13-piece cookware set includes all of the cookware you need to make your favorite dishes. It even comes with a baking sheet so you’ll be set to throw in a batch of your favorite cookies after dinner. With the Platinumsheild Technology (which is 9x harder than titanium), you can be sure this set will last for years to come.

“I love this set that I bought a few years ago from Kohl’s. I was upgrading from a cheapie set that I had bought when I got married, and took some time to look around for a new set that was both reasonably priced and had good reviews. I’ve used at least one of these pots/pans a day for the last two years and they still look brand new.

I do hand wash them after use, but they’ve also been tossed in the dishwasher a time or two. I don’t have any issues with uneven heating or foods sticking to the pans (which happened a lot with my old ones).” Chelsey 

2. Calphalon Classic 10-Piece Nonstick Pots And Pans Set

Buy on Wayfair (To easily find this Calphalon set on Wayfair search SKU: CPH2513 )

Cooking just got a whole lot easier with this non-stick set, especially with their built-in measuring marks and pour spouts. Whether you’re searing, simmering, frying, boiling, or all of the above, this 10-piece set will be treasured for many years.

“My parents love their Calphalon pans and still have them 30 years later! High quality and they cook evenly.” – Paige

“We have non-stick Calphalon and have had them for at least 13 yrs – and they are amazing!” – Michelle

3. Member’s Mark Nonstick 15-Piece Cookware Set by Tramontina

Buy at Sam’s Club

Sauté pans and saucepans and grills, oh my! With every size pot and pan you’ll ever need, this 15-piece set will make it easy to start whipping up a variety of delicious recipes. Best of all, they’re made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty!

“We bought the Member’s Mark set from Sam’s Club when we moved from Florida to Kentucky – that was over a decade ago, and we just needed a basic set to cook with back then. It ended up being a really nice set and includes a bunch of different pieces we use daily.

For the price, I’m so impressed with them! My mom liked them so much that she even bought a set of her own.” – Liza 

4. Curtis Stone Dura-Pan cookware

Buy on HSN

Cook like never before with this popular 11-piece cookware set that your kitchen-loving heart is dreaming about! It comes with a unique oval pan (normally only in professional chef sets), a grilling pan with pour spouts, a steamer that fits perfectly onto the sauté pan, and all other essential cookware.

“I use Curtis Stone for all my pots and pans. It’s sold at HSN. You would not believe the reviews – they are incredible and they certainly live up to the type – NEVER burn, wipes out easily, just incredible!” – Jennifer

5. Masterclass cookware

Buy on Amazon

Made of cast aluminum with 2 layers of tough, chemical-free non-stick material, you can ensure you’ll always have fast, even cooking while keeping the pan scratch-free. We know you’re also a big fan of great deals, so once we get back to normalcy, you can scoop up steals on this cookware at stores like Home Goods and Marshalls!

I love Master Class Pots and Pans! I get mine from Marshalls or Home Goods, but you can easily buy them on Amazon, too! I’m such a sucker for adding pops of color and these do just the trick and work amazing in the kitchen.” – Ashley

6. GreenPan cookware

Buy on Bed Bath & Beyond $10+

If you’re looking for a brand that will take your cooking greener than ever, then look no further! And no, I’m not talking about Green Eggs and Ham…I’m talking no chemicals and actually made of sand — talk about eco-friendly!

With GreenPan’s innovative design, this brand uses a sand derivative as its main material and even cures each pan in the oven with 60% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional non-stick pans!

And in case you didn’t already know, most traditional non-stick pans when overheated release toxic fumes, whereas GreenPan is already eco-friendly and it even has a Thermolon technology which means it’s heat resistant up to extremely high temperatures. It’s also an outstanding heat conductor so you will cook on lower heat and ultimately saving your home on energy.

7. Le Creuset

Buy on Le Creuset

It wouldn’t be a cookware roundup without including the most durable and legendary cookware known to all. Anyone who’s been around the kitchen knows that Le Creuset is the crème de la crème of all cookware and a few of us at Hip2Save are huge fans for obvious reasons.

Le Creuset has everything from cast iron to stainless steel and nonstick to stoneware. Known for their quality materials and collectible-worthy pieces, this cookware is not just durable for more than one lifetime, but they’re also a stunning statement piece that you won’t mind leaving out for decoration.

Plus, they have incredible warranties, so in the case you accidentally break a handle as Paige did above, you might be able to send it back for a replacement! Note that Le Creuset offers different warranties depending on the type of product so click here to find out what your piece qualifies for.

Hip Tip: Shop these best sellers for 20% OFF! No promo code needed!

Bonus Tip: Mix & match brands based on your needs.

Copper Chef cookware 

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge 6 qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Remember, you don’t always need to stick to a predetermined set if you want to shop based on your actual cooking needs. Lina, our amazing recipe creator, likes to mix and match for the perfect assortment of cookware!

“For me, I gravitate to the copper skillets (Copper Chef) as an all-purpose sauté pan, cast iron skillets (Lodge) for meat and sauté, and my enamel cast iron Dutch oven for stews and soups (Lodge). I also don’t believe in buying sets – buy the size pans you will truly use because most of the rest will just collect dust.” – Lina 

And if you need a recommendation on how to clean your cookware…

“Brillo pads are a must-have cleaning tool for mine. It makes the copper shiny and the few stainless steel pans of mine stay shiny and new, too.” – Lina 
Cooking with cast iron? 

If your favorite way to cook is with cast-iron, Lina shares all the best tips on how to care for it on our sister site, Hip2Keto. From keeping it naturally non-stick to washing it the right way, you’ll want to know everything she shared so it’ll be sure to last for decades!

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