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These $7.99 ALDI Candles Look Just Like Anthropologie Candles

We love ALDI!
Great products, unbeatable prices, and… Anthro knockoffs?! Yes, Anthropologie dupes can even be found at ALDI (and we’re just as amazed as you are)! 😍

Our most recent favorite dupes are the gorgeous candle jars very reminiscent of the Capri Blue candles at Anthropologie, but they’re only a fraction of the cost at ALDI.

From time to time, these Huntington Home designer candles pop up at ALDI, and dare I say, they’re even more gorgeous than the more expensive Capri Blue candles our team loves! 😍 Except, these candles (the same size as the one at Anthro) will only run you about $7.99.
ALDI’s scented candles are almost $25 LESS than the popular Capri Blue ones!
Just keep in mind that ALDI prices may vary per location, so check out your local store for exact prices and availability.

Better yet, when these are in stock, you can place a mobile order for pickup at your closest ALDI store. And although this candle definitely isn’t technically essential, you might be able to grab one from the shelf if you’re heading inside ALDI for your other essential groceries to stock up on during this pandemic.
Just know that they sell out fast so don’t hesitate when you see them available!

Here’s what Jami on our team said about these candles:
“I absolutely love the beautiful iridescent look the candle has with shades of jade, teal, blue, and gold. It has a very clean spa-like scent, aptly named sheer rain with hints of lily, violet, and white musk.”

But one thing to note about the Huntington Home candles…

Stacy on our team has previously scored one of these Huntington Home candles from ALDI and she did mention one issue she had, so we’re sharing in case it’s something to be wary of:

“A word of caution: the last time I bought these candles from ALDI (when they had the dark blue glass container), the dye in the dark blue seeped onto my counter when the candle was lit and made a big circle. I ended up having to put a folded paper towel under them to prevent it. It could’ve been a fluke, but I’d recommend putting something under them just to be sure.” – Stacy at Hip2Save

While no one else on the team has experienced this, just know that another reason to love ALDI is that they have a generous Twice as Nice Guarantee, should you get a product you don’t end up loving. However, it’s important to also note that under the current circumstances of COVID 19, ALDI is NOT currently accepting returns.

Once these terms are back to normal it’s something to keep in mind for future reference. Under normal circumstances, you’d typically receive a replacement and your money back!

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