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Spread Joy to Kids with an Open the Joy Feel Better Box (+ Get FREE Gift)

Happiness in a box. ❤️
If your child is feeling under the weather or could use a little pick me up in their life, Open the Joy boxes will perk them up and keep them busy for hours!

Better yet, we’ve scored you an exclusive freebie add-in to the Feed Better Box when you use our promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout (read on for more info)!
The mission of Open the Joy is what makes them stand out among other boxes.

We get introduced to hundreds of products each month and every once in a while we come upon something that is so special, we just have to share!

This post is not sponsored, but we were so touched by the mission behind this company and the product itself, that we wanted to review it for you so you can spread the love and joy, too!

Shalini Samtani, the founder of these boxes is the mom of a child who once experienced an extremely rare illness and spent endless heartbreaking hours in the hospital. After their journey came to a happy end, she set out to find a more meaningful way to bring happiness and laughter into children and parents’ lives who are struggling with such dark times.

Here’s just a snippet of the positivity they’re setting out to bring to families:

“Our mission at Open the Joy is to improve the lives of children suffering or recovering from illness, while also supporting their caregivers and families. Our Feel Better Collection is designed specifically to empower kids by lifting spirits, invoking laughter, healing through art, and creating a sense of wonder and awe through magic. We support our mission by partnering with the Spread The Joy Foundation, contributing to the free distribution of Joy Boxes to hospitalized children in America.”

Read more about their mission HERE.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Open the Joy – The Feel Better Box:

I first just want to say, I went into this review not knowing anything about these boxes but upon opening it I was totally wowed (and so were my kids) by everything inside and not just by the amount of stuff, but the quality of every single thing is really impressive, too!

The colors are bright and cheerful and brought a smile to all of my children’s faces when they saw how much cool stuff was inside and waiting to be explored! Even the box itself comes with a woven handle at the top so it can be used as a briefcase to tote around all of the activities.

Speaking of crafts & activities, here’s a list of all the incredible things that will be included in your Open the Joy – The Feel Better Box:

56 Page Feel Better activity booklet with 5 sections
Conversation Cards with 109 talking prompts
8X8 Positive quote painting canvas
13 Bright 5ml paint pots & 2 paint brushes
6 inch Doc Ollie Unicorn plush
Blank 16 pg. create your own storybook
50 Sheets of colorful origami paper
Set of 4 mindful origami instructions
Set of 4 fine motor magic tricks
Deck of 54 “Would You Rather” playing cards
Finger puppet
Extra-large cootie catcher
Fidget noodle
6 Pack Positive Quote coloring posters to decorate your room
6 Pack markers
15 Super cool stickers

Even better, when you purchase a Feel Better Box, you’ll receive a FREE 6-in-1 jumbo rainbow marker with promo code HIP2SAVE. How’s that for a box full of fun stuff?!

My oldest son, who is 9 1/2 years old, loves the origami book and yes, tons of origami papers are included, too! He also loved the blue fidget noodle which stretches up to 8 feet – so fun for him and his brother to play with!

Whereas my daughter, who just turned 4, loves all the painting supplies, coloring activities, colorful stickers, and the adorable plush rainbow unicorn.

There are so many crafts in this box, they’ll last quite a long time before they start to put a dent in completing them.

Open the Joy truly nailed their mission to lift spirits, invoke laughter, and heal while creating a sense of wonder. My personal favorite was this deck of conversation cards which we’ve been continuing to use every night at dinner.

It’s so fun for everyone to pick a card, go around the table and have something different and fun to talk about. Plus, it encourages family bonding and getting to know each other more than we normally would at dinner time.

As a parent, I found the best part of this box (besides how incredibly inspiring it is) to be that literally everything you need for each craft or activity is right inside this box which makes life so much easier and hassle-free when you’re just trying to have some fun!
Here’s how to get this awesome kit:

Open the Joy – Feel Better Box $49.99
Use promo code HIP2SAVE at checkout for FREE a 6-in-1 jumbo marker
Shipping is free
Final cost only $49.99 shipped!

The Feel Better box is designed to brighten the lives of those who are struggling, but I’m a believer that everyone should seek a positive attitude and surround themselves with things that bring positivity to their life.

That said, I think The Feel Better box would be great for any kid and fun for so many ages. Plus, the lessons to be learned from this box are so valuable and while those lessons are priceless, this box is worth every penny and then some! ❤️

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