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This Floating Picnic Table is Perfect for Family Time on the Lake, But It’s Gonna Cost Ya!

Sam’s Club sells everything… even floating picnic tables!

Start your summer off with some fun by heading to where you can snag this super cool Floating Picnic Table for $598 shipped!

Equipped with cup holders and eye hooks for attaching a cooler, this lightweight floating picnic table is perfect for enjoying dinner or just hanging out at a local lake or backyard watering hole. It measures 8′ x 6′ and has a capacity of 600 pounds, which lets up to five adults and/or children easily use this table.

One of the best features of this floating picnic table is how easy it is to clean and move around. Plus, it’s durable so you can enjoy it for many summers to come!

Check out why these reviewers invested in this table:

This table is a great hanging out spot on the water! My kids played their waterproof cards and had snacks, and we all used it as a fun resting & playing spot while swimming around. It was more stable than I thought it would be – a unique idea, and added to the fun. The only con was the table sometimes got in the way when we were trying to raft up our pontoons, but we worked around it.

We have one of these at the summer camp that we direct. It is absolutely fabulous! Everyone loves to have a place to perch in the middle of the water. Sometimes, people will sit at the table and play cards. Other times, we flip it over and lay out on the benches. It is very stable and makes a perfect place for people to hang out in the water. I highly recommend!

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