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Have Tangled Hair? This Curved Hair Brush is the BEST Detangler!

Do you or your kiddos struggle with tangled hair?
If so, consider switching to this type of curved detangling hair brush by Perfehair! It’s truly the best!

I used to have this same tangled hair struggle daily with my daughter when she was younger. She often woke up with the craziest tangles – and also has a super-sensitive head! So needless to say, mornings weren’t always the easiest. 😬

Even though my daughter is now 12 years old, she still struggles with tangles and this painless hairbrush sure helps. 🙌

Mornings can be super frustrating trying to get kids going, so choosing the right brush can be tricky — & I’ve tried tons of hairbrushes. Some of them have even been pretty expensive and disappointing.

I know that the Wet Brush is a popular choice, but in our case, this curved detangling hair brush still seems to work best for my daughter’s thick, wavy hair. Even better, scroll down as we’re sharing a promo code to help you save on this brush!

This curved vented detangling brush is my personal FAVORITE, and here’s why.
Years ago, a friend of mine witnessed my struggle and pulled out this curved detangling brush from her purse, and I ordered it immediately via Amazon!  It worked 100x better than the paddle brush we were using.

The wide-set bristles combined with a contoured shape makes all the difference as they allow you to easily brush through the thickest hair.

This detangling brush seems to work well on wet, dry, thick, or wavy hair!
Hair can be dry or wet, and this brush detangles it either way! In my experience, though, it is a bit easier to comb through wet hair after using a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray.

Hip Tip: I also sometimes make DIY Hair Detangler using a leave-in conditioner, water, and a spray bottle. It has helped tame the tangles when using it before brushing.

I don’t often get excited over something as simple as a brush, but these brushes have worked awesome for us, and many years later I am still using them!

We have multiples of these brushes because at a price point of around $13 it’s inexpensive to stock up. I keep one in each bathroom, in a beach bag, and also have one that stays in the car.

Perfehair Curved Detangling Hair Brush $10.55
Use promo code ZM78UHJ3
Final cost $8.97!

Here are the top reasons I LOVE this Curved Detangling Brush:

It does a fantastic job detangling and there’s no painful pulling like other brushes. The large brush easily slides through thick hair.

I’m not the only one who is a fan of this brush. Check out all the great reviews on Amazon!

It’s ultra-lightweight and easy to hold, even though the size is large.

It works on both long and short hair, straight and wavy. Plus, we use it on both wet or dry hair.

Want to check out more products by this brand? Head on over to their website to view more beauty tools they carry!

I also use this brush to blow dry my hair!
Not only is this a great brush to consider for tangles, but it’s a perfect venting brush to straighten hair while blow-drying. I use it first when drying my hair and then finish with a round brush for volume.

I hope this post has been helpful if you’re struggling with finding the right brush for tangles! 

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