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Cat Owners, This Monthly Disposable Litter Box is a Game Changer + Get 20% Off!

We’re not kitten around- Kitty Poo Club is a MUST for pet owners! 😻
Cats are wonderful. Litter boxes are not. They can be stinky, messy, and a hassle to clean. Fortunately, Kitty Poo Club is the pawsome disposable cat litter box subscription service that takes care of it all!

With Kitty Poo Club, each month you will receive a high-quality, pre-filled, disposable litter box that will last the entire month, and when your new box comes, just recycle your old one! Plus, shipping is 100% free.

No mess, no odor, and no cleaning involved!

Even better, you can score 20% off your first litter box – no promo code needed as the discount automatically applies at checkout. Simply head here to enter your email address, click on the purple “Go” button, then select ‘Click here to redeem your offer’. You will then get to select your litter type (if you aren’t sure, they will help you decide), add or skip adding additional accessories, and then check out. Easy peasy!

Pick your cat litter, too!
The really cool thing about this subscription service is that you get to choose what kind of premium litter will be in your recyclable litter box. Some cats do better with a specific type of litter so this is a HUGE plus. You can also switch anytime!

They offer Silica which is a non-toxic mineral-based non-clumping litter or Fine-Grain Silica which is the same as the original Silica but with a finer sand-like texture. In addition, they offer a Clay litter, which is a charcoal-activated clumping clay blended with minerals, and Organic Soy.

Hip Sidekick, Chelsey LOVES this mess-free litter box!

I really LOVE this idea- an environmentally friendly, recyclable, no-waste litter box!?! This is seriously a no-brainer for cat owners. I just love the thought of getting a fresh, new litter box each month as I feel that no matter how often I clean my kitty’s litter box, after a short time I always think the typical plastic ones just have a sense of ‘permanent dirtiness’ to them. I also 10000% appreciate the unique type of litter Kitty Poo Club uses! The larger-sized silica litter is SO. MUCH. EASIER to clean up than regular fine-grain litter that gets everywhere! My kitty had no issues adjusting either and was curious about it upon opening- no coaxing required!

Grab this purr-fectly good deal…

Kitty Poo Club Box as low as $22.99
Automatic 20% off your first box (you need to add your billing information to have this apply)
Shipping is free
Final cost $18.39 shipped!

*Note that the scoop is available as an add-on for just $1.99

Each litter box is designed with functionality and convenience- the inner walls of the box even have a waterproof coating so you never have to worry about it leaking! Plus, they are eco-friendly and built to last. These boxes are also designed with a new theme and pattern every season with the current theme being Fresh Gardening.

Hip2Save readers LOVE this monthly service…

I absolutely love this service. I recommend them all the time to family and friends. No more odors in my house and most importantly my cat loves it. She always watches when we open her new box and immediately jumps in when we pour her fresh litter.

I love the club… game changer. I actually put the cover on the box above the “hood”… and I don’t have to see the used litter. I only have one cat and she is fine with that.

I love this product! I’ve been using it for a year now and I will never go back to plastic boxes and store-bought litter !!

Try it out with NO risk!
If you are not 100% satisfied with the Kitty Poo Club, they will refund a single box within the first two weeks of your first order. Sweet!

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