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Starbucks Drink Hack – Cold Brew That Tastes Like a Wendy’s Frosty!

Starbucks for the win!
This Starbucks secret menu drink hack is basically the most amazing one yet that we had to try it out for ourselves. As if our easy homemade Wendy’s frosty wasn’t already making everyone drool, now you can order something just as (if not more) delicious at Starbucks! 🙌

Thanks to this TikTok user, we’ve recently discovered a way to get the best of Wendy’s… but at Starbucks! And people are going crazy over it.

It’s no surprise that this special order drink is going viral! Similar to our popular whipped instant coffee and our adult martini recipes, this Starbucks drink is what speaks to people. Topped with a layer of perfectly whipped and sweetened cold foam, it’s going to leave your taste buds feeling like they just dove into a caffeinated Wendy’s Frosty. YUM!

Stetson was so excited about this yummy Starbucks drink hack that he created a video for ya:


If you can’t see the video, watch it on YouTube here.

So what’s in this Wendy’s inspired Starbucks cold brew? 🤩

According to our TikTok source, we knew just what to order. So, of course, we sent Stetson to be our exclusive taste tester.

Here’s what’s in the drink:

For the drink, mix the below ingredients:

Cold Brew
4 pumps marshmallow
A splash of cream

For the whipped topping, blend the below ingredients:

Heavy cream foam
1 scoop of vanilla bean powder
1 pump mocha

Ready to order? Here’s what you need to say to your Starbucks barista:
“I’d like a grande cold brew with 4 pumps of marshmallow and a splash of cream. Then for the cold foam, please blend heavy cream with 1 scoop of vanilla bean powder and 1 pump of mocha, and pour over the top of the cold brew, please!”

*Note: Keep in mind that this recipe is not going to be a mobile-friendly order since marshmallow is not an option for drinks and you cannot change the flavor of cold foam. 
On a side note, did you know that you can score this Starbucks drink for free if you’re new to the Starbucks rewards program?! Here’s all the info!

Here’s what Stetson had to say about this new concoction:

“I didn’t think this would work at first, but I really did get that hint of a Wendy’s chocolate frosty after thinking about it. The drink is really creamy and yummy. The whipped consistency with the cold foam topping takes it to another level. Not a bad way to wake up in the morning, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth and need to get your caffeine fix.” 🤤

Well, now we’re all on our way to Starbucks. Cheers! ☕️

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