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Making Amazon Returns Has Never Been Easier!

Got an Amazon item you don’t want to keep? Whether the product wasn’t what you expected or you don’t need it anymore, sending it back couldn’t be easier with all of the flexible Amazon return options available.

The best part? Shipping on returns is free for Prime members, so you’ve got nothing to lose and very little work to do to send your packages back.

Here are the 6 easiest ways for how to return Amazon items:

1. Let Kohl’s handle your Amazon returns.
If you have a Kohl’s nearby, you’re in luck! They may offer one of the easiest return methods as they’ll take care of the packing, labeling, and shipping at no cost.

When I made my first Amazon return at Kohl’s, I expected it to be a time-consuming process, but I was in and out in just 5 minutes. Plus, you’ll likley receive a 25% off Kohl’s coupon just for making your return there. That’s a win-win in my book!

How to return Amazon items at Kohl’s:

Request your return for your order from Amazon’s online return center.
Choose Kohl’s Dropoff option.
Check your email for the QR code.
Take your product to the Amazon return kiosk at Kohl’s and show the QR code from your smartphone.

We asked our Hip2Save community what their favorite Amazon return method was, and the vast majority chose Kohl’s because of the hassle-free process and ease.

2. Take your returns to a local UPS store or schedule a pickup from home.
Don’t want to leave home to handle your returns? You’re in luck, thanks to UPS’s convenient shipping options. You can easily schedule a pickup from your address as long as your items are packaged and labeled or your driver has received the shipping label from Amazon. Depending on the item, there may be a small pickup charge, so be sure to check for fees through your Amazon return center first.

If you live near a UPS store, you’ll be happy to know that most Amazon items are eligible for free packing, labeling, and shipping in-store as long as you provide the Amazon return code. You literally just bring in the item and they do the rest – all for FREE! 🙌

How to return Amazon items at UPS:

Select your return method from the online return center.
Take your returnable items to your local UPS store and show the return code provided by Amazon.
They’ll handle the rest!

How to schedule a UPS pickup:

Select the UPS pickup option from the online return center.
Schedule the pickup date.
Pack and label your items for pickup.

3. Head to your nearest Whole Foods Market for quick and easy returns.
Since Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market in 2017, they’ve been working hard to make things easier for their valued Prime members. Nearly every Whole Foods store now has an Amazon Locker so that you can take care of your returns while you check things off your grocery list.

Just bring your package along with the QR code, and your package will be on its way in no time, with no extra fees.

How to return Amazon items at Whole Foods:

Submit a return request through the online returns center.
Check your email for your package’s specific dropoff code.
Take your package to a Whole Foods location with an Amazon Locker and enter your exclusive dropoff code on the touch screen display.

4. Mail your Amazon packages via U.S. Postal Service.
What’s easier than simply placing your unwanted items in your own mailbox? If you have access to a printer, the USPS shipping method is probably the easiest return route you’ll find.

Again, you’ll want to check for possible shipping fees associated with your items, as many third-party Amazon sellers don’t offer free returns.

How to return Amazon items via USPS:

Repackage the items you wish to return.
Print off the return label from Amazon and place it on the box.
Place your outgoing package in the mailbox for pickup.

Hip tip: Keep a few used Amazon boxes on hand for future returns, so you don’t have the expense of purchasing new boxes.

5. Drop off packages at an Amazon Hub Locker in your area.
Shipping packages directly from your house or apartment isn’t always the easiest route, but fortunately, Amazon Hub Lockers are readily available in over 900 cities.

Items returned via Locker Hubs should be smaller than 18x14x12 inches, properly packaged, and labeled. Additionally, you can also have Amazon orders sent to your Locker Hub for easy pickup.

How to return Amazon items at a hub locker:

Search for a hub locker in your area by zip code, address, store name, or a landmark.
Submit a return request through the online returns center.
Check your email for your package’s specific dropoff code.
Take your package to a locker location and enter your exclusive dropoff code on the touch screen display.

Hip tip: If a third-party seller charges a restocking fee for your returned item, try submitting a fee dispute and request a full refund.

6. See if there’s a physical Amazon store in your area.
If you live in one of these cities, you can take the items you want to return to a physical Amazon store for a full refund within 30 days. Larger items may not be eligible for return at some Amazon store locations, so you’ll want to confirm shipping standards with the store first.

How to return Amazon items at a physical store:

Locate the nearest physical store in your area.
Double-check shipping standards before you head to the store.
Select Amazon in-store drop off from Amazon’s Return Center.
Bring the return items, along with their original packaging and receipt (email or printed) to the store.

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