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Highly-Rated Waterproof Playing Cards Only $6 on Amazon or

Amazon has cards you can play anytime, anywhere!
Hop on over to Amazon or where you can snag these Hoyle 100% Waterproof Playing Cards for only $6.15!

Alternatively, offers these playing cards for $5.99. Plus through May 6th, these cards are included in a promotion to score $8 in ExtraBucks Rewards when you buy $25 worth of items from their Spring Renewal Event. CarePass members can snag free shipping or you can opt for store pickup where available.

Thanks to their unique waterproof feature these highly-rated playing cards are ultra-durable and easy to shuffle – plus they’re the perfect cards for families and kids during any event! Grab a pack and have fun playing you won’t be disappointed.
Our HIP readers love them too…

I bought some last year for the boat and they are great! They don’t come apart at the edges like normal cards and no worrying about spilling drinks or food on them.- Hip2Save Reader GAmommyof4

We use these and uno splash in the hot tub every night. 🙂- HIP Reader al3xandra1987

Their clear plastic exterior makes them super sturdy too. This is an excellent feature because they don’t easily bend, crease, or show the wear and tear of traditional playing cards.

Though your first thought might be to only play with them during wet conditions, you don’t necessarily have to, you can play with these any time you see fit.  If the playing cards get dirty whether you use them while snacking or someone accidentally knocks over a drink on them while playing, they are completely washable- awesome!

Keep a set in your beach bag, boat, or RV, and be ready for a spontaneous game of Go Fish at a moment’s notice! These waterproof playing cards would also make such a fun hostess or housewarming gift for anyone with a pool, waterfront property, or just a love of the outdoors.

Look how this family uses these playing cards…

These cards are already the hit of the summer! For $6, we have had so much fun, the kids are rocking their math and are getting a boatload of exercise.

Here are the two main ways we use them:
1️⃣  Throw some in the pool (they will sink unless sitting perfectly on top of the water) and have a race to get 10 hearts, all even numbers, numbers divisible by 3, etc.
2️⃣  Throw only the numbered cards (2-10) into the pool (you can do all numbered or only red or black, for example) and then have the kids race to bring back cards which make an equation to make a certain number. The kids absolutely love this!!! We also make rules like:
✅  your equation must be at least 3, 4 or 5 cards
✅ we exclude the 10s
✅  we exclude “double digits”… meaning you can only get one of each number. No 2×2, for example
✅  If I’m feeling like a softie, we’ll even include the Aces to use as ones. But that makes it soooo much easier so beware!

I love how you can tailor this to your child’s level. It has been so fun to see the equations they come back with. They literally beg for us to do this and I love how they are working on quick math recall…. and simple equations!

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