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Grab These Highly Rated Cooking Class Cookbooks & Let the Kids Make Dinner Tonight!

Anyone else have kiddos who often say “Mom… there is nothing to do”?
I recently started searching for different ways for my boys to get more involved in our everyday routine (because what else were they going to do given all the social distancing precautions?). As a recipe developer for Hip2Save & Hip2Keto, I came across this kids’ cookbook called Cooking Class on Amazon and ordered it right away — perfect!

And let me just mention this post is not sponsored! I actually was so excited to try this cookbook with my kids and wanted to share the fun we had with all of you! 😃

Deanna F. Cook, the author of Cooking Class, mentions at the beginning of the book some genius cooking habits and discusses kitchen vocabulary. Now for me (someone who creates recipes for a living), this is my love language, but for kiddos who aren’t necessarily in the kitchen a lot, this is a great way to teach them the difference between dice, chop, and even mince.

The Cooking Class cookbook is packed with over 50 recipes that kids will love.
I had the boys sit down and pick out one recipe to do for our Hip2Save readers, and within a few minutes, they gave me a list of 10 different recipes they wanted to try out.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Homemade fruit roll ups it is!

I have learned from my own experience that if you make the kitchen fun, kids will want to help. Also when you make food fun, kids will actually eat their fruits and veggies!

While this fruit roll recipe is super simple with just two ingredients, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach my boys some kitchen skills, like carefully cutting up fruit, measuring ingredients, pouring onto a pan, and watching me safely demonstrate how to use kitchen appliances.

All the recipe directions are easy to read for the kids, and they explain everything they need to do step-by-step. For these fruit-roll ups, it was an easy 7 step process. I will say that the fruit-roll ups do take some time with the dehydration process, but that gave the kiddos a break from the kitchen to go play while the fruit was baking.

Not only did my boys have tons of fun diving into this recipe, but they were actually learning how to follow the instructions AND enjoyed the process at the same time. Better yet, they had the tangible finished product to gobble up at the end. Huge mom win!

I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed their time in the kitchen learning how to make a healthier fruit roll up! What’s more, the back of the cookbook is filled with awesome stickers, place cards, and even blank recipe cards, so I can’t wait to have my boys get creative and make their own recipes.

My Hip team member Lina also has this Cooking Class cookbook, and loves cooking from it with her daughter!

“My daughter received this book as a gift a couple of years ago and we love it! I love the stylish fun vibe it has with easy directions with photos. My daughter baked the lemon bars and made crepes all by herself right off the bat using this book! Yummy!”

But wait, there’s more!
Deanna Cook has yet another cookbook made specifically for kids called Baking Class — I actually just ordered it myself after seeing how much my boys enjoyed their cooking experience from Cooking Class!

My boys and I highly recommend this fun kids cookbook! If you’re thinking about grabbing one for your kiddos or another child in your life who’s eager to learn their way around the kitchen you won’t be disappointed!

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