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Our Review of Domino’s “New And Improved” Wings & Sauces

We’re reviewing another HOT restaurant deal!
Craving wings? Be sure to check out the “New And Improved” Wings And Sauces from Domino’s! These bone-in chicken wings are marinated, oven-baked, and smothered in one of three new and improved sauces: Hot Buffalo, Honey Barbecue, and Garlic Parmesan.

Although prices may vary by location, the 10-piece bone-in wings from Domino’s are generally $10.99 for delivery or carryout. If you take advantage of their Mix & Match deal, you can usually score two 8-piece orders of bone-in wings for just $6.99 each. That’s 16 wings for under $14!

You can further customize your order of wings with a cup of dipping sauce on the side, available in ranch, blue cheese, hot buffalo, honey BBQ, and sweet mango habanero flavors.

According to Stetson, our favorite taste-tester, these new and improved wings are really good and definitely worthy of their “New and Improved” title.

Here’s what Stetson thought about each flavor…

“The Hot Buffalo sauce is better than the original. This new flavor is not too hot to enjoy and has just the right amount of zest. The afterbite has a lingering spice to it without being overbearing. It was quite enjoyable.”

“This Parmesan Garlic sauce is heavy with garlic without overdoing it, which some people will appreciate. It may not be the best choice if you’re on a first date, though! The flavor is strong and long-lasting and actually leaves you craving more.”

“The Barbecue Sauce is sweet and tangy and I loved it. This sauce was my favorite, hands down. On the first bite, there’s a nice little punch of tanginess that wakes up the tastebuds. I devoured the 10-piece and this flavor was amazing.”

If you’re planning to give these Stetson-approved wings a try, check out the other items on Domino’s Mix and Match menu and customize an inexpensive takeout meal for the entire family.

For just $5.99 each, you can choose any 2 or more of the following menu items for carryout: Medium 2-Topping Pizza, Bread Twists, Salad, Marbled Cookie Brownie, Specialty Chicken, Oven Baked Sandwich, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, 8-Piece Boneless Chicken, or Pasta in a Dish. Dinner is done! 🙌

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