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You Need This Under $20 Sticky Strapless Bra in Your Life (+ On Sale for Prime Day!)

Skip the straps and scoop up a sticky strapless bra instead — here’s why we love this one!

Whether you dread wearing regular bras or you want to rock a cute backless dress, a sticky strapless bra is practically a wardrobe essential for us ladies.

Though when it comes to sticky bras, not all designs are created equal. With some brands, the quality just isn’t up-to-standard and you don’t want to be found with a bra sliding off your tata’s when you’re in public (believe me, it’s uncomfortable and awkward). 🤭

Thankfully, some of our Hip team members discovered the Niidor Adhesive Sticky Strapless Bra and it checks all the right boxes.

Lucky for you, it’s on sale now for Amazon Prime Day!

Niidor Adhesive Sticky Strapless Bra $19.94 (regularly $24.99)

Just a quick note: This post is not sponsored! We simply couldn’t believe we were able to find a sticky strapless bra that actually works well, and so we had to share it with you all. 🙌

Here’s why you should go “braless” with this highly-rated invisible sticky strapless bra:

This adhesive bra actually stays in place. 🙌
Moisture is the enemy when it comes to sticky bras, but this one actually holds up under some pretty sweaty conditions. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend going for a run with it on, but it’ll keep you covered during everyday activities and evenings out and about.

I sweat a lot (like more than the average person), so a powerful stick is one of the first things I look for in an adhesive bra. I mean, what’s the point if it doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to?

“I have worn a stick-on type of bra for years, and since I have had the same one for 3-4 years, I decided to finally buy another one. This Niidor Adhesive Bra had great reviews, was a good price, and it came with nipple covers as well as the actual bra cups – seemed like a bargain.

The sticky bra is super easy to apply and does exactly what I need it to – it covers me up enough so that you can’t see nips poking through your shirt. It’s also super easy to remove, although I will say it does pull a bit when you are removing it – but there isn’t enough pulling to be bothersome to me.

I love being able to wear whatever shirts I want, regardless of the straps as I can use this bra with everything.” – Angie, Hip sidekick

This sticky bra won’t give you cone-shaped boobs.
Ever tried on a bra that made the girls look like awkward and pointy cones? It’s the worst! Whoever made it apparently didn’t try it on first.

It’s safe to say that the bra shape factor is pretty important to all women and this adhesive bra provides the perfect profile. No cones, no uni-boob, no lumpiness. Just a natural-looking silhouette that makes it easy to wear any kind of fabric and any kind of fit.

The push-up bra clasps allow you to easily adjust your cleavage.
Not all strapless sticky bras are adjustable like this one. It allows you to customize the amount of cleavage, whether you want a modest or bustier look.

Since it’s seamless and invisible, the outer edges are practically undetectable so it really looks like you’re not wearing a bra. If your boobs aren’t the perkiest, this silicone bra will definitely give them a good lift!

Cleaning this adhesive bra couldn’t be easier.
Good news: You can clean and reuse your sticky bra! That’s right, all you have to do is run it under some water with a bit of detergent, let it air-dry and voilà, your new favorite bra is fresh again!

Hip Tip: Don’t put your sticky bra in the washing machine or dryer! It’ll likely come out with a bunch of fuzzies that essentially ruin the stickiness.

It’s a bra made for nearly every shirt and dress style.
Plunging v-necks, halter tops, strapless dresses… There really isn’t a style, fabric, or neckline that these sticky boobs don’t work with. The level of thickness is just right, unlike a lot of other sticky bras that are too thick in the middle and too thin on the edges.

This invisible bra also comes with nipple covers if you want something lighter and don’t need any pushup support.

“I bought this sticky bra after buying one of these adorable tanks and realizing I did not have a bra that would work. I was a bit nervous to use this bra as the process of putting on the silicone cups and taking them off freaked me out a bit (I was worried it would hurt to remove after wearing it all day).

Truth be told, I had to try twice the first time to stick the cups on correctly (and unattaching them is not very pleasant, especially in the nipple area).

But once I got them on, they worked fine and I felt supported throughout the day. I think this is a product that will get easier and easier to use once I wear it several times.” – Bryn, Hip sidekick

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