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Cleaning Supplies Back to School Teacher Gift Idea + FREE Printable Tags

Start the year with a clean slate with this clever and clean teacher gift idea!

What a great back-to-school gift tag idea to show your teacher appreciation!
Considering our kiddos are the most likely to catch and spread a cold, cleaning supplies are a must in the classroom. From disinfecting Clorox wipes to hand sanitizer, schools are likely to accept anything you offer on top of their own inventory. Why not present the cleaning supplies as a gift by adding our printable tags to add a smile to your teacher’s face. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

If you do have extra cleaning supplies on hand or you’re able to purchase some, consider donating them to your child’s teacher using these cute and FREE printable gift tags.

It’s such a thoughtful, yet practical way to celebrate the beginning of a school year like no other. These cleaning supplies are used up fairly quickly at schools, so your donation is greatly needed and appreciated especially when you add a personal touch with these printable tags.

I’ve designed two different-sized printable sheets, so feel free to pick the one that’s the best fit for your items:

Click HERE for Larger “Looking Forward to a CLEAN Start” Gift Tags
Click HERE for Smaller “Looking Forward to a CLEAN Start” Gift Tags

Printable Tags




Simply print the tags on heavy cardstock paper and use a hole punch to create the hole.


Then attach them to your cleaning supplies with a ribbon. It’s that easy!

These tags are perfect for each school year ahead!
Classrooms can get pretty dirty, so why not lighten the mood once cleaning time rolls around? These gift tags will put a smile on everyone’s face. Sometimes teachers already ask students to bring cleaning supplies, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate this extra touch.

Not sure what to buy? Here are some cleaning supply gift ideas to pair with gift tags:

Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfecting Wipes
All-Purpose Spray Cleaner
Paper Towels

Support the movement to help teachers clear their back-to-school supply lists!