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7 Reasons to Come Hang with Us on Instagram (Win Free Amazon Gift Cards & More!)

Hip2Save Instagram is where the fun & weird happens! 😆
If you’re not following the Hip2Save Instagram page, we’d love for you to join us. 🙌

Here are 7 Reasons to Follow Hip2Save on Instagram:

1. Follow Hip2Save to win free stuff.

Plain & simple – we love free stuff, so we hold our very own exclusive giveaways available to our followers only. Needless to say, if you like free stuff as much as we do then be sure to follow us on Insta!

2. Collin’s up around 5AM PST for her “Coffee with Collin” morning show.

If you don’t already know, Collin’s an early bird and if there’s anyone in this world that’s REAL, it’s Collin. She’s always sharing funny & relatable stories, her favorite deals and posts you might have missed, and answering reader questions (among so many other things!). She shows off her bedhead, no makeup, and real-life talk daily and we’re all here for it!

Watch the latest Coffee with Collin here!

3. Collin also shares more personal stuff on Insta.  


Often times on our Hip2Save Instagram page, Collin gets personal about real life, struggles, stories about her kids, and so much more, but lately, she’s even started sharing before and afters of her home renos. She also recently shared about her new fixer upper beach home! 😍

4. We’re also here to encourage you every step of the way.

Collin and our entire team are passionate about connecting with all of you amazing readers! A few months ago, we were helping everyone move their bodies more and get outdoors by hosting our super fun Hip2Walk walking challenge! We also gave away lots of random free $10 Amazon gift cards to keep everyone motivated.

5. Stetson makes multiple appearances on Instagram stories every Tuesday!

We know that some of you are just here to see Collin’s brother-in-law Stetson 😆, so we gave him his very own day to takeover our Hip2Save Instagram. 😂 We call it Stetson’s Takeover Tuesdays and our followers have been loving it since he made his debut.

We’re not sure how he got so savvy, but he’s got a lot to share, such as where all the best deals are, his favorite tips, restaurant faves, dance movies, random taste tests, and more. The best part, he does it all with grace & humor – what’s not to love?! 🙌

6. You can get to know the rest of the Hip2Save team, too!

It’s true — it takes a village! At Hip2Save, there are tons of employees who work behind (and sometimes in front of) the scenes to make the whole site, community, and social accounts run smoothly.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll get to know many team members, and we’ve only just scratched the surface sharing all the wonderful people who are part of our company!

Make sure to go check out a few who have already shared in our “Meet the Team” stories – one of them is even Collin’s big sister, Bryn!

7. Most importantly, we just want to make you smile and laugh! 😃


While we think you have so much to gain by following Hip2Save on Instagram, we ultimately just want to bring a smile to your face and make you belly laugh every day while bringing you all of the hottest deals!

We sure appreciate all you awesome readers! 

Now, go hit that follow button and say hi! 👋

Did you know that you can text with Collin, too?!