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How This Reader Reorganized Her Pantry Without Spending a Dime

Repurposing & Recycling = Saving Money!
If you’re like me, opening up your pantry to well-stocked and organized shelves has a certain level of indescribable happiness. We’ve posted several tips about staying organized and we are always on the prowl to find the best ways to get those outcomes with as little out of pocket as possible!

Hip2Save reader, Jen, was looking for a solution to organize her pantry without breaking the bank and she totally nailed it!

“I have been trying to reorganize my kitchen and pantry during this pandemic. In the past, I have seen several posts by Hip2Save team members about reorganizing their pantry using OXO containers. Instead of purchasing containers, I have repurposed my instant coffee jars to stock up my dry pantry items and I have been loving the outcome.

These jars are made of glass, completely food-safe, and can be washed and reused. The manufacturer’s labels peel off easily giving them a clean look and I can easily see my food items without having to label them. Plus, the size of these jars is also perfect for my kitchen shelves! The trick is to use jars of the same kind to have a uniform feel.

I have also been taking advantage of the Frontier Co-op spice deals on Amazon that you have been posting and my next project is to repurpose those glass containers for all my kitchen spices!”

We ❤️ this look as well!
Thank you so much, Jen, for sharing this tip with us! Not only are these jars a great size for this idea but they are shaped with an ergonomic design which makes them great when reaching for them.

Plus, we often see these jars of instant coffee on sale which means you’ll be saving even more money out of pocket! Be sure to stock up on these the next time we post them to begin getting your pantry organized.

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