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7 Clever Ways to Keep Your Eyeglasses From Fogging (Even When Wearing a Face Mask!)

See life more clearly.
Wearing a face mask has brought on so many new learning curves for everyone, but the struggle with fogging glasses is going to be a thing of the past. Now you can have anti-fog glasses every time you leave home!

While there are many anti-fog products on the market, we’re sharing whether these much more frugal approaches actually work to keep your glasses free from fogging.

1. Rub your glasses with shaving cream.

If you hadn’t heard before, shaving cream not only reduces fogs on mirrors while you’re showering, but it’s also a great way to have anti-fog glasses! All you have to do is simply rub a small amount on your lenses and wipe off with a gentle cloth until clean.
After trying this myself, it really did work!
Even after an hour, I tested it again by placing my mask over a portion of my lens and did a few deep breaths. No fog to be found!

Disclaimer: This anti-fog trick didn’t work for excessive heat, like sipping from a hot mug of coffee, but nonetheless, my mask troubles have vanished!

Keep in mind that if you’re testing this hack on a beloved pair of eyeglasses, we did hear rumors from some readers that it can ruin the coating on glasses.

2. Use scotch tape on your nose to mask the fog.

Many people, including surgeons, swear by using tape to keep the hot air from escaping the top of their mask and fogging up their glasses. That said, I found Scotch tape to be totally ineffective.

It wasn’t comfortable on my skin, parts of it came off right after putting it on, it wasn’t pleasant to take off, and even ruined my undereye makeup. Plus, I have no idea what’s in the tape’s adhesive, yikes! 

That said, there are plenty of more suitable tapes you could try which, unfortunately, I didn’t have laying around to test out but all come highly recommended from many Hip readers!

You could consider using cosmetic tape which is easier on the skin, double-sided fashion tape for a more concealed anti-fog trick, surgical tape for obvious reasons, or even Cabeau Tape which is specifically made for anti-fog on glasses!

3. Make sure your mask is positioned properly.

If you’re wearing a mask, make sure to have it tucked under your glass frames so they rest on the top of your mask. Then pinch the wire around your nose so that it fits snug against your nose and cheeks. Doing this will limit the fogging while breathing and will still keep your face mouth and nose protected.

As another tip, you could also twist the string around your ears so the air vents out and not up, but keep in mind, this may alter the effectiveness and safety of your mask. In that case, check out this helpful video on how to tie your mask while still keeping it sealed, and of course, getting rid of glass fog.

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4. Put a tissue in your mask to absorb the moisture.

Rumor has it that folding a tissue lengthwise and laying it across the top of your mask and nose will catch hot air and moisture from escaping, therefore creating the perfect anti-fog glasses.

I actually don’t have tissues on hand (it’s one of the many things I’m opting not to buy in 2020), so instead, I tested this hack with some toilet paper. I figured it can’t be much different and toilet paper is pretty absorbent too. Low and behold… it actually works!

So not only can you use a tissue, but if you don’t have any on hand, reach for some toilet paper. Keep in mind, the soft ply will be your best bet. 😉

5. Wash with soap and water, then air dry.

One anti-fog trick and something everyone likely has laying around (or so I hope)… some soap and water! If you didn’t already know, immediately before wearing a mask, you can wash your glasses with soapy water and let air dry or gently rub the lenses dry and you’ll be good to go for about an hour! Plus, your glasses will be fresh and clean so it’s a win, win!

Opt for warmer water so they dry more quickly or are easier to wipe clean. However, hot water can make your lenses crack or bubble. As you probably already know too, any material used for drying glass lenses should be soft, clean, and lens-friendly to prevent any scratching – a microfiber cloth is your best bet.

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6. Use hand sanitizing wipes at the grocery store.

While this would be a super convenient hack since most people are heading straight for the grocery store with a mask on, it’s actually not going to be a promising anti-fog hack for your glasses.

According to many sites upon researching this reader tip, you cannot safely use any products with high concentrations of acid to clean your glasses. Doing this will ruin the surface of the lens and can also ruin blue light lenses.

Unless you know that the ingredients in said grocery cart wipes are lens safe, let’s save them for the carts. The good news… if this is the only way you hoped to keep your glasses from fogging, you can just stay home and order from one of the best grocery delivery services instead.

7. If all else fails… these “clever” anti-fog tricks from readers are sure to work.

“Breathe in really hard right after you breathe out… it sometimes defogs your glasses for long enough that you can regain your sense of space. 😂

“I just put my glasses on top of my head… then I can’t see of course, but at least there’s no fogging. 😆

“Just get contacts!!!”

Of course, we’re just kidding, Hip Friends! However, I’m willing to bet these “tricks” work well too. 😏

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