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Peach Ring Gummies in a Starbucks Cup – This Secret Menu Drink is Amazing!

We’re holding onto summer flavors! 🍑
The Starbucks Peach Ring secret menu drink is the perfect end of summer treat. Starbucks may have launched their pumpkin goodies early this year, but it’s still peach season here and we couldn’t think of a better way to treat your tastes buds than with this refreshing drink.

Read on to find out how to order one for yourself!

Recently, my Hip sidekick Amber and I headed to Starbucks to try their secret menu Pumpkin Cheesecake Frapp (SO YUM!!) and lucky for us, the barista told us about her new obsession… the Peach Ring secret menu drink! Of course, we had to try it! 😍

And let me just tell you… it tastes JUST like Peach Ring Gummies… my FAV!!! 👏

Could a drink even get any better than that?! Nope. And my honest thoughts are, our recent Snickers and Skittles candy-themed concoctions pale in comparison to this Starbucks menu hack – because this peach ring drink combo is SPOT ON! 🙌

Here’s what’s in this drink:

Black Tea Lemonade (the drink base)
Peach Juice
Soy Milk

Here’s how to order the Starbucks Peach Ring Drink the next time you head to Starbucks:
“Hey! Can I please have a Grande Black Tea Lemonade with Peach Juice and a splash of soy milk? Thanks!”

Ordering different sizes will sound the exact same, since your barista will know how to adjust the peach juice and soy accordingly. 

*Unfortunately, this secret menu drink is not mobile order friendly since you cannot add soy milk in the app. 

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