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Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister Frapps Are Now on the Starbucks Secret Menu!

The Sanderson Sisters are in town! 🔮🧙
Actually, they’re at every Starbuck’s near you because little did you know, these Hocus Pocus Frappuccino Drinks can be whipped up off the Starbucks Secret Menu – just say the magic words and Voila!

Depending on which Sanderson Sister speaks to your soul, your local barista can whip up these spooky potions that are inspired by Sarah, Winifred, and Mary themselves.

Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of these drinks. 😅

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Thanks to our friends over at Delish, we know just the formula to bring all your Hocus Pocus dreams come true…in a Starbucks drink – could Halloween get any better?! We think not! Each original drink is formulated to fit the looks & personality of each Sanderson Sister, so whether you’re sweet or overly exotic, there’s a perfect drink for anyone.

Here are the 3 Sanderson Sister drinks (from oldest to youngest 😉):

The Winifred Frappuccino drink:

Winifred is the infamous leader of this Hocus Pocus sister tribe and is certainly the most unique of them all. Packed with peppermint and topped with crushed strawberries, this will be a much more exotic drink that what you’re used to seeing on the Starbucks Secret Menu but it couldn’t be more fitting to Winifred’s personality and looks.

Here’s how you can order this Sanderson Sister Starbucks Secret Menu Winifred frappuccino drink:

“Hi! Can I please have a grande Green Tea Cream Frappuccino with 1 pump White Mocha and 1 pump Peppermint, with Crushed Strawberry Inclusions on top of the whipped cream?” 

Staying in? Make it mobile order friendly!

This order can even be done on mobile, but keep in mind you won’t be able to add the Crushed Strawberry Inclusions to your order, so if that ruins your potion, stick to flying by the drive-thru. 🧹

Here’s how you can order it on mobile (without Strawberry Inclusions):

Click the Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino to you order
Click “Flavors” and add 1 pump of White Mocha and 1 pump of Peppermint Syrup
Add to cart

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Alana said about her Winifred drink:

“I was nervous to try this drink because green tea with white mocha and peppermint just sounded crazy, but this drink is REALLY good!!! The peppermint is not super strong or overpowering at all – it’s just the perfect amount. The white mocha totally makes this drink incredible. I personally never had a Green Tea Frappuccino so I don’t have much to compare it to, but this was so good and I will definitely be ordering it again.”

The Mary Frappuccino drink:

Not to worry, you won’t be smelling children when sipping this decadent frappuccino, rather this drink is the perfect blend, reminiscent of chocolate-covered strawberries. YUM! Although Mary is constantly brewing up ways to cook kids, her gullible personality it too sweet not to love, hence, the sweetest drink of this Halloween trio. Which also happens to match her attire in shades of red perfectly. 🙌

Here’s how you can order this Sanderson Sister Starbucks Secret Menu Mary Frappuccino drink:

“Hi! Can I please have a grande Strawberry Crème Frappuccino with no classic syrup and 1 pump of White Mocha with Strawberry Inclusions blended? Then can I also have mocha drizzle and strawberry puree on the bottom and on top of the whipped cream please?”

*Note that this order is NOT mobile order friendly since the strawberry inclusions and strawberry puree cannot be added. 

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Alana said about her Mary drink:

“If you’re looking for a delicious dessert Frapp then this one hits the nail on the head! I personally would ask for more chocolate next time as I didn’t quite get the explosion of chocolate covered strawberries that I was hoping for, but nonetheless, it still tasted really delicious!”

The Sarah Frappuccino drink:

Starbucks will cast a perfectly sweet spell on you just like Sarah Sanderson herself. She’s the sweetest and youngest boy-crazed sister with a flirty purple get-up so we didn’t need to get too clever to mix up this Starbucks Frappuccino drink. Packed with a sweet berry taste, this purple Frappuccino drink will not disappoint – just like Sarah’s gorgeous looks.

Here’s how you can order this Sanderson Sister Starbucks Secret Menu Sarah Frappuccino drink:

“Hi! Can I please have a Violet drink with soy instead of coconut, double blended with whipped cream and ginger powder on top?” 

Note: Our taste testers receipt said the barista rang in extra blackberry, not sure why, but she did mention that we’d be taking photos of these and she was super intentional on making them beautiful. We’re thinking they felt the drink needed a bit more blackberry to give it a more enhanced color.

*Note that this order is NOT mobile order friendly as most of the changes cannot be done virtually. 

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Alana said about her Mary drink:

“This had a delicious & refreshing earth-ness to it. It was so tasty and had a lot of good flavor. The soy milk add in made this Frappuccino so creamy versus how a standard violet drink would taste with coconut. I personally didn’t taste the ginger at all, but overall I loved sipping on this drink!”

We’re so stoked about this Starbucks Trio… we don’t even care that we have to wait until next Halloween to see the new Hocus Pocus movie. 😍 Grab a couple of girlfriends and claim your favorite drink! Let us know in the comments which potion you’ll be whipping up next. 🔮🧙
Happy Halloween, Hipsters! 💜🖤🧡

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