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This Affordable Patio Umbrella Light From Amazon is Wireless & Easy to Install

Need a recommendation to light up your patio as the nights get darker earlier?
If you happen to have a patio umbrella, consider buying this clever LED light I purchased via Amazon that easily clamps to the pole and doesn’t even need wiring or a plug-in. So awesome! 🙌

It’s battery-operated, super easy to install, and honestly provides a decent amount of light! This light is very highly-rated, with tons of glowing reviews, so I was interested in checking it out for myself as a frugal outdoor lighting solution. By the way, this umbrella light costs under $12!

Heads up: I’m not being paid to say this! I purchased this LED umbrella light and thought it was too cool not to share with you all!

Just add batteries and the this clever LED umbrella light is ready to go!
This light requires four AA batteries that you’ll need to provide separately, and then it opens up and closes around a pole easily for an umbrella. You can adjust it at any height around the pole you’d like. There are three different brightness modes that are easy to adjust by pressing the ON/OFF button.

Hip Tip: Does your umbrella not have a pole down the middle? There are also a couple of hooks at the top to secure it to something like an S-hook.

Here are some other uses for this handy LED umbrella light:

It would be a fantastic tent camping light, that could easily hook to the top of a tent because it’s so lightweight.

If your kids like to build forts or have a special reading nook, this could be a fun light for them to use!

This could be fun to take to the park/beach at night for convenient lighting.

Here are the reasons I’m loving my OYOCO LED patio umbrella light:

This light is super easy to set up with batteries and doesn’t need any plugs, which is convenient for outdoor spaces!

The LED bulbs give off brighter light than you’d guess!

There are multiple brightness settings, and it has a couple of hooks on the top that adds to functionality for hanging up.

If you’re needed an extra lighting source outside, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to grab one for your umbrella! I love things that are functional, work as promised, and don’t break the bank.

Patio lighting is a focus of mine currently, as our Arizona weather is finally starting to cool down, and we can enjoy being outdoors again!
We recently also installed some pretty LED cafe lighting string lights for our patio, and this LED umbrella light will fit right in as a handy addition.

I know it’s the opposite for many of you in colder weather states, but keep this helpful light in mind for next year perhaps!

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