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Upgrade a Boring Drawer with Stylish Leather Handles!

Have a piece of furniture that could use a makeover? Here’s a fun home decor tip!
Consider changing out plain-looking furniture pulls or handles for stylish custom leather drawer pulls. This small detail can have a big impact and will give your piece of furniture an instant modern makeover! Changing hardware on drawers is simple to do, and how beautiful are these minimalistic leather ones?!

We recently set up a desk area in my son’s room for distance learning, and I liked this simple desk I found in-store at a retailer called At Home, but it had no hardware at all. I came across some pretty leather drawer pull straps from an Etsy shop and fell in love with this idea right away.

Hip Tip: This desk is no longer available where I purchased ours, however here’s a similar one available on!

We added these two 4.5 inch handmade leather straps for around $10 each to the front, and I love the look so much! I feel like it made a super inexpensive desk look much more high end.

Install was easy with these leather drawer pulls as well!
The hardware comes with the leather handles, and there are holes in each side for the screws. We easily used a hand drill to screw them in place.

Since our drawers had no hardware we had to take the extra step of measuring and marking where to drill using a pencil, but if you are replacing existing hardware you could order the same size, and use existing holes.

In this Etsy shop, there are lots of lengths of leather straps to choose from, and seven different colors of leather options to pick from as well.

So bottom line, this desk looks awesome because of the fun leather handles, and now I’m thinking of other pieces of furniture where I could possibly use more! My son loves his desk, and I’m so happy with that small makeover.

I love unexpected details like that, don’t you?! 

Note: This is a fun product review and easy home decor tip that I wanted to share, and is not a sponsored post.

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