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These Kids Placemats are Non-Slip, Educational, & FUN!

Kids placemats that make mealtime fun! 🍝
Now more than ever, parents are trying to find ways to teach their children from home, and I found just the thing to pull double-duty to entertain and educate — Merka kids placemats! They’re sure to fill your kiddo’s mealtime with quality education & learning but while getting them excited to sit still… mom win!

merka Kids Educational Placemats 4- pack $24.99
Featuring Letters, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors
Score 32% OFF – no code needed!
Final cost just $16.99 SHIPPED!

merka Kids Educational Placemats 4- pack $26.99
Featuring The Solar System, The Human Body, USA Map, & World Map
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Final cost just $19.99 SHIPPED! 

merka Kids Educational Placemats 4- pack $24.99
Featuring Time, Money, Calendar, & Seasons
Score 32% OFF – no code needed!
Final cost just $16.99 SHIPPED! 

Recently I was talking to one of my team members about how my oldest son is now sitting at the table…and boy does my toddler make some serious messes! 😂 Needless to say, the topic of discussion was how I was on the hunt for some kids’ placemats to help contain our messy situation…

That’s when she told me about these Merka placemats that she had heard about on a podcast. She also mentioned how everyone was raving about them so naturally, I had to check them out!

Now, hear me out… typically I tend to veer more towards neutral products and stray away from anything overly colorful. (Guilty!) 🙋‍♀️

However, any product that can pull double duty is a winner in my book. After checking out their store on Amazon and reading all of the awesome reviews, I was totally sold! Plus, it’s just a bonus that my son can learn while he eats. 🙌 And if you don’t have kiddos or your household is a bit too old for these placemats, they’d be a perfect gift for Christmas!

These Merka kids placemats have been keeping my busy toddler entertained while keeping our dining room table clean. They’re truly a win, win! 

So far we’ve tried the Transportation set and the Letters & Numbers set. Best of all, our little guy absolutely loves them and he ate his WHOLE dinner the first night we used them! Say what?! 🤯 It’s been a fight lately to get him to eat his dinner so I’m incredibly thankful for how these kids’ placemats have improved our meal times!

Talk about GREAT quality! And these kids placemats have many other great features:

Silicone suction non-slip back so they stay in place.
High-quality materials & UV color printing.
Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
A portion of their profits goes to help underprivileged students.
BPA-free and made of premium quality, 100% safe plastic.

Still on the fence? Check out these other mom reviews:

“This set of 4 kids’ placemats are exceptional! The pictures are fun and vivid, and they hold up! My son is not gentle on anything, and these do the job. They are a great size, so you can have a plate, bowl, cup, and spoon on it with plenty of space for hands/arms.” – Jenn

“We have washed these quite a few times, and they still look as good as new.” – Mark

“I chose these mats since they’re non-slip and being a grandmother of four under 5-years-old, that was important – they are indeed non-slip! I also looked for placemats that had the proper format for the upper and lower case letters. Being a former kindergarten teacher I know how important it is for young children to see the correct format as they learn to read and write and these were the best!” – Cindy

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