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Our 7 Favorite Costco Prepared Meals are the Ultimate Weeknight Lifesaver (Enchilada Bakes on Sale!)

Check out my favorite Costco prepared meals that will help you get dinner on the table during busy weeknights!

Costco prepared meals to the rescue! 🙌
Ever get overwhelmed with meal planning and grocery shopping? 🙋‍♀️ Inevitably, life can sometimes get crazy hectic. The high-quality prepared meals at Costco are worth keeping a yearly membership alone in my opinion. I am someone who does a bunch of cooking at home in both my personal life and work life, but, sometimes, I get meal burnout.

In most cases, heading to the prepared food section at Costco is less expensive than takeout food and tastes more like home cooking. Having one or two of these family-style meals on hand for when I’m too tired or too busy to cook can be such a lifesaver!

Note that prices have varied per location. We’ve verified many of these prices this year, but it’s possible they aren’t the same as your local Costco.

Costco is my happy place.
I’m a big Costco fan in general and am always impressed with their quality groceries and prepared foods. It’s honestly exciting when we discover new meals my family will eat and love without complaints.

In fact, it’s almost kind of hard for me to narrow down my Costco-prepared meal favorites, so today I’m sharing 7 plus a bonus single-serve option we are loving right now. Note that prices may vary per location.

Also, keep in mind that some of these pre-made Costco meals would be so wonderful and thoughtful to bring to someone who is sick or experiencing a loss. ❤️ For instance, the pot pie is nice in that it has a disposable pan already, so you wouldn’t need to collect it back.

Even if you don’t live in the same area as your loved ones, you can order these online for Same-Day Delivery to give them a “homemade” meal while being apart!

Here are the top 7 Costco prepared meals you should add to your shopping list:

1. Grilled Chicken Street Taco Kit

Total Price: $15.48 ($5.49/lb)

Who doesn’t love taco night?! This taco kit makes it so easy as it includes everything needed including 12 tortillas, seasoned grilled chicken, shredded cheese, cabbage, lime wedges, salsa, and cilantro lime cream.

To prepare it, I simply warm up the chicken in a pan on the stove and heat the tortillas on my griddle.

I love that these street tacos are easy to fix with pre-portioned ingredients. The tender chicken pieces are seasoned yet not too spicy for kids. I feel like it’s a generous amount of food and feeds us four, and is definitely a winner!

2. Chicken Pot Pie with Rotisserie Chicken

Total Price: $26.40 ($4.99/lb)

This creamy pot pie can feed an army and yet tastes gourmet and grown-up at the same time. It has tender roasted chicken with lots of flavorful fresh veggies and a perfectly browned crust that is to die for! You can tell this pot pie has the quality ingredients Costco is known for, and the leftovers taste just as great when warmed up the next day.

If you’re needing to dig into a warm comforting meal with minimal effort, this is a definite favorite!

3. Enchilada Bake with Rotisserie Chicken

Total Price: Only $20.60 (regularly $23.60) –  ($5.99/lb)

*Score $3 off per meal through May 14th!

Here’s how to get the taste of yummy homemade red enchiladas without all the work involved! We first spotted this as a newer option about a year ago, and we’ve really enjoyed it a few times so far.

This cheesy enchilada bake is very much like a creamy cheesy casserole-type meal that features corn tortillas, red sauce, onion, corn, bell peppers, beans, lots of cheese, and pieces of Costco’s famous rotisserie chicken that we all know and love.

It gets nice and bubbly and warm in the oven, and I love that there are no dishes to wash afterward! This is a great lazy meal when you don’t want to cook.

The enchilada bake has lots of southwest flavors going on and is on the spicy side, which my family loves. It definitely has a little bite to it though. If you don’t enjoy spicy food or can’t eat it, maybe skip this option, but man we think it’s YUMMY!

4. Italian Sausage & Pasta in Garlic Wine Sauce

Total Price: $18.38 (4.79/lb)

If you’re having one of those days when diving into a buttery pasta dish sounds delish, pick this meal! Oh my goodness, it’s so good. The chicken sausage is awesome in it too and has tons of flavor, while these yummy delicate pasta circles are swimming around in an awesome butter garlic sauce. I love the tomato spinach addition, too.

At first, I wasn’t sure what my kids would think of this meal, as it’s a little more grown-up tasting with the white wine sauce, but everyone enjoyed it. My kids even had seconds!

The real star of the show is that sausage, and there are generous amounts of it!

5. Kirkland Signature Meat Frozen Lasagna 2-Pack

Price: $19.99 for 2

Ok, hear me out on this one. I am normally NOT a frozen meal fan, but there is something special about this lasagna! It has the perfect amount of meat and gooey cheese and amazing flavor. I have tried lots of frozen lasagna in various grocery stores including Trader Joe’s. This Costco one WINS!!!

My kids go crazy for this yummy meal, and it’s so incredibly convenient to keep these in our deep freezer for a last-minute dinner! Paired with a simple salad, it’s a surprisingly delicious feast.

This lasagna takes a little over an hour to bake in the oven and comes out bubbly and delicious. This item can be found in the freezer section at Costco, while my other 4 faves are in the refrigerated section.

P.S: Speaking of Kirkland frozen products, they always seem high-quality and this one doesn’t disappoint! We also LOVE the Kirkland brand thin crust frozen pizza that comes in a 4-pack.

6. Beef Bulgogi Korean BBQ

Total Price: $22.58 (6.99/lb)

Many of our readers have commented about how yummy the marinated Bulgogi beef is at Costco and all I have to say is they are not wrong! I was kind of skeptical, but this meal was super easy to pan fry and the results are delicious. It may not look that appealing in the container, but it turns out beautifully in the pan after just a few minutes. 🤩

I would say it’s a bit on the sweeter side as far as the sauce goes and the thinly sliced beef is very good and satisfying. My husband and I added hot sauce and the kids enjoyed it as is. It has Asian take-out food vibes and I loved it!

I served mine alongside rice and veggies that I’ve steamed together at the same time using my rice cooker for a quick and comforting dinner my family all enjoyed. We are for sure picking this up again in the future!

7. Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef and Rice 

Total Price: $19.38 (5.49/lb)

Stuffed peppers happen to be one of my favorite homemade meals, but it can be a bit labor-intensive to make from scratch. Picking up a pan of prepared bell peppers with ground beef, rice, and cheese couldn’t be easier. The result is a cheesy hearty meal the family loves.

The Kirkland Signature peppers no longer come in their own oven-safe pan, so you’ll have to use one of your casserole dishes, but now you can fib and say you made them yourself! 😂

BONUS! Best Single-Serve Meal: Ramen with Chicken, Tokyo Style – 6 pack

Price: 14.49 for 6 bowls

Here’s a bonus recommendation if you haven’t tried them yet. I wanted to shout out these delicious ramen noodles bowls found in the frozen section! These are warm and delicious, especially if you need something quick! My kids enjoy popping them in the microwave during the day for a quick lunch, and I enjoy them with a little sriracha hot sauce.

These are quite an upgrade from the cheap square ramen soup packets. I love that they include some chicken and a few veggies, along with those crave-able soft noodles and broth.

These Costco-prepared meal recommendations are super helpful!
I could probably talk about Costco finds all day, but these are some of our go-tos prepared foods that are both delicious and helpful to have around for last-minute meals. These are favorites that go beyond the popular rotisserie chicken that we all love. Enjoy!

Did you know these brands make Kirkland Signature products?!