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This Lap Desk Has Been a Total Game-Changer & It’s Under $25!

A lap desk will up your working from home game.
I’m sharing how one of my new favorite products has drastically improved how I work from home! If you’re someone who loves to work somewhere besides your desk, you’re going to love this game changer! It’s the best invention ever!

I was recently at my Hip sidekick’s house, and stashed away in her gorgeous office were two lap desks… one of which she let me borrow for the day. I have never even heard of such a thing! 

Needless to say, as I sat on the couch in her office, I typed my little heart out all day long while using this thing and loved every second of it! I couldn’t stop telling Amber how obsessed I was with the whole idea of it. 🤣
Before I knew it, I had forgotten what life was like without one! 😍

It wasn’t long after leaving her house I started researching one to buy and that’s when I stumbled upon the Sophia + Sam Lap Desk on Amazon.

Score this awesome deal on Amazon!

Sophia + Sam Lap Desk
Only $24.99!

Note that this lap desk is fulfilled by and sold by a third-party seller, Birdrock Home.

I’m not your traditional worker. I get very antsy at a desk and like to move around my house – from couch to dining room, to floor, literally wherever! Embarrassingly enough, there are even days I just want to work from my bed.
…I’m sure you’re thinking, why is it so great?! 🤔

Just to give you a visual of what I was working with before (if I wasn’t on a flat surface like a desk or counter), I would typically use a big book (super uncomfortable on my legs) or a pillow to prop up my laptop… until it would overheat and force me to move, of course. 😅 (You know you’ve been there too. LOL! 😉)

Well, here are all the amazing perks of my new Sophia + Sam Lap Desk:

It’s super comfortable! The bottom of the lap desk is made of memory foam so it forms to your body no matter how you’re sitting!

It’s more ergonomic. After using it a couple of times, I noticed the foam has a slight tilt to it so it naturally creates a better position for your eyes and arms if you’re using it on a flat surface like your dining room table.

It’s huge & flat. It goes without saying this lap desk is far better than using a pillow or a book on your lap, but there’s even plenty of room for a larger laptop up to 17″ (I have a 13″) or adding other accessories while you work like your mouse, phone, remote control, etc.

My wrists no longer hurt. By the end of the week, my poor working habits were creating some discomfort in my wrists, but not anymore since I opted for the lap desk with gel-foam wrist rest!

The wrist rest is versatile. Speaking of how awesome this aspect is, the wrist rest also keeps my laptop from slipping so if I’m sitting cross-legged it won’t slip down – it stays perfectly in place!

It’s easily portable. It’s super convenient to carry around with a durable handle.

It’s easy to charge my computer. Before I was being inconvenienced when my laptop needed charging. It definitely wasn’t functional when propping it up with a pillow, so this lap desk made it so much easier and I can charge in the same spot I’m enjoying for the time being.

It’s aesthetically pleasing. I love neutral colors so this matte black style was perfect for my taste and won’t be a nuisance if you like to keep your home neutral too.

It’s versatile. Even when I’m not using this lap desk, it’s great for my daughter to use for coloring, my older boys to do homework on the floor, among many other possibilities!

You can even order one with a light! While I didn’t think it would be functional for my working environment, if you see yourself doing lots of nighttime reading with this lap desk, you can spend just a few dollars more to add a handy USB light too!

Needless to say, I love, love, LOVE this lap desk and cannot imagine living without it now! It has made daily work so much more comfortable and versatile as I navigate my job here at Hip!

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