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Did You Know That OtterBox Sells PopSocket iPhone Cases?!

Deck your phone out for the new year!
OtterBox has revolutionized how you dress your phone for everyday use! We’re totally obsessed with these innovative OtterBox PopSocket cases so we had to share them with you all. 🙌

Here at Hip, we love products that are totally functional and worth every penny (when it’s a bit of a splurge), and these iPhone and Android cases are no exception! If you love the peace of mind of having a durable protective case on your phone and/or already have a PopSocket on your phone, you’re going to love these cases! 🙌

Unlike traditional PopSockets that sit on top of your case, this 2-in-1 case has the PopSocket sunken down into the back of the case, so when collapsed, the case is much more seamless. This design is genius and functional as it keeps your phone safer from catching onto things (unlike the traditional PopSocket design).

Just keep in mind that if you’re used to a traditional PopSocket, these ones won’t pop out as far. Also, keep in mind that these don’t prop up on a table as easily as the traditional designs…but Collin didn’t have a problem finding even better ways to use it.

Otter + Pop Cases are so versatile!

Check out Collin with her fancy OtterBox PopSocket case! 😍 Her PopSocket definitely comes in handy when she’s sharing awesome stories & deals with you all on Instagram. 🙌 Simply prop it up on your laptop for ergonomic viewing or stand it up on your table – the options are truly endless!

The OtterBox PopSocket cases also just make it so much easier to grip! So whether you’re taking cute selfies all the time or tend to drop your phone (occasionally 😅), this case will make life so much easier!

Speaking of easy, you can even wirelessly charge your phone with the case on – all you have to do is remove the PopTop from your phone (which is totally easy to do)! Plus, they’re PopMount compatible too so you can ride in style and be able to follow directions via GPS so much easier during your next road trip. Sweet! 
Speaking of PopTops, you can even customize & change them with this case! 

As if these cases couldn’t get any better, they also have infinite PopTop interchangeability (compatible with both iPhone and Android), meaning you can scoop up new individual PopSocket PopTops to show off your personal style.

For a limited time, show off your holiday spirit with their 2020 Festive collection:

Changing up your phone case for the holidays can be a great way to spread cheer and make your personality shine! From left to right, check out some of our favorite holiday cases!

Holiday Classic
Light It Up
Candy Cane Club
Sparkle Rose Polar Vortex

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