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This Smart Fragrance Diffuser Lets You Change Scents from Your Phone

Heard everyone talking about Pura?
If you’re curious about what all the buzz is about surrounding these new Pura brand smart fragrance plug-ins, today I’m sharing all the deets about my experience using Pura, and how I think it stacks up compared to less expensive options.

First, I’d like to point out that I’m a little obsessed with luxury scents in general! 😍
I’ve shared in previous posts about my love of Capri Blue Volcano candles from Anthropologie and how I achieve that smell in my home by using the essential oil blend in a diffuser. I love this method, and use it each day in my kitchen area.

I’m also loving Caldrea brand counter & room sprays, as they are so fantastic smelling as well while cleaning.

My latest quest was to figure out a way to scent the area in my home upstairs where the stinky teen and pre-teen live! Ha. 😆 I’m not sure if you can relate to the sweaty sports kids smell, but it is REAL.

The usual go-to plugins are Glade plugins or Wallflowers from Bath & Bodyworks. Those can typically smell good at first but then fizzle out pretty quick, and sometimes their refill scents can smell artificial. I recently tried this Better Homes & Garden plug-in with Red Lava scent and it literally didn’t smell at all – FAIL! 😧

Enter the glamorous Pura Smart Diffuser!
This smart device delivers designer naturally derived scents controlled through an app on your phone. Yep, I said your phone! It allows you to swap between scents, adjust the intensity, customize schedules, and control the nightlight all through the Pura app that you can access on your phone.

I bought this Pura diffuser starter pack and it comes with 2 different scents to get you started. I also bought the Pura refill in my favorite scent EVER, Capri Blue Volcano!

I can confirm the smell that comes from the Pura diffuser is pure heaven! I also LOVE all three of these scents! It’s so fun to switch to a different scent to suit your day and mood!

To me, the scent level is more noticeable in a good way, and not overwhelming or headache-inducing. Also, the refills should last between 15-21 days at an intensity level of medium.

Getting started with your Pura Smart Diffuser is fairly straightforward, but I do have a few tips to read first!

Download the Pura App, create a login, and then follow the steps to then scan the QR code on the back of the Pura once inside the app. You’ll then plug it in and pair it to your WiFi. The last steps involve scanning each fragrance and inserting them in the back of your Pura. Once all is set-up, you’ll be able to adjust everything from your phone!

Tips to make this Pura smart scent process more seamless:

When picking a wifi network to connect Pura to, make sure you don’t pick 5G because Pura isn’t compatible. Pick your standard 2G network, and enter the password. This Pura connectivity troubleshooting guide is helpful!

When it searches for a network to connect to and it can’t find one, you add it in manually. Make sure you add the exact name of the network, with correct upper and lowercase or it won’t work.

If your Pura is too far from your actual internet modem, it may not work. This happened to me, and I moved it closer. This actually worked out fine for me because I wanted to use it upstairs anyway, but could be a possible issue.

Make sure you don’t accidentally plug it in upside down! LOL! That happened to me and some dripped out! 😬

Pros of the Pura smart scent diffuser:

Pura scents are clean, sophisticated, designer fragrances that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for kids and dogs, according to

It truly does smell heavenly and you can tell right away that the room where it’s plugged in has a luxury smell and feel — a totally unique experience compared to other popular plug-in brands.

The Pura app allows you to switch between fragrances, adjust the strength of the fragrance, and change the color of the light from your phone. You can also set it so that the scent isn’t on when you’re not home so it’s not wasted.

Cons to the Pura smart scent diffuser:

Plain and simple, the price. This smart device is definitely a pricy splurge item compared to most other plug-ins. The refills are around $16 and last 2-3 weeks at a time depending on the intensity you set.

The Pura setup instructions are helpful but seemed a little more tricky than most smart devices we’ve had.

You may not be able to connect to the internet to use the Pura if it’s too far from your internet modem, which limits where it can be installed.

All in all, if you are into designer home scents, you’ll love the Pura!
I spend so much time working at home, and also now with social distancing, the Pura smart plug-in fragrance diffuser totally makes scents and sense! I absolutely enjoy it and tend to splurge like this on things for my home, while saving everywhere else.

Not convinced yet? Check out what my teammate Paige has to say about her Pura:
“Oh my word, I LOVE my Pura. So much so that I bought another one! I love that I can get my favorite scent (Volcano by Capri Blue) sent to my house monthly. I also have really enjoyed Tinsel & Spice and Yuzu Citron, but I have also tried a few others and they’ve all been nice.

I love using the app to change the nightlight color, too. Right now it’s orange for fall, but I’ve used almost every color. 😂 I feel like I am a big sucker for home fragrance, so I have tried them all. Pura is far and away my favorite. ❤️”

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