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Why I Have Eucalyptus Hanging In My Shower

Here’s an easy home DIY to upgrade your daily shower into a calming spa experience!
Have you seen the fancy greenery hanging from showers in pretty home decor pics? There’s a reason for it!

Incorporating a small bouquet of fresh eucalyptus into your shower will create a relaxing aromatherapy experience through breathing in steam combined with the natural oils from eucalyptus leaves. You’ll also experience the benefits of eucalyptus since it’s a natural decongestant which helps with colds and allergies, perfect for this time of year!

What are the benefits of eucalyptus?
Eucalyptus can be found in many products like cough drops, cough medicine, pain relief, and decongestants like Vicks. Its benefits can including helping to calm anxiety, pain, and clearing nasal congestion and inflammation. I also happen to personally LOVE this scent. I sometimes even use the essential oil in my diffuser as well.

This DIY is super simple and quick to accomplish.
You’ll just need to wrap a few pieces of eucalyptus branches together near the bottom using twine, or floral wire. You can then simply hang it up upside down on the back of your shower head. The hot steam from your shower will activate the oils on the leaves for a natural scent.

Tips for hanging eucalyptus in the shower:

Before hanging the eucalyptus leaves in your shower, you’re going to want to either roll them using a rolling pin or beat them up a bit to release the oils. This is a tip I received from the florist I bought my branches from, which helps release the oils.

If you don’t want to hang it on your shower head, consider using use a temporary shower command hook near the shower head instead.

You can pick up fresh eucalyptus at just about any florist. I found some for just $10 at my grocery store’s floral department. Also, Trader Joe’s has $3.99 bouquets of them, I just don’t live near a store unfortunately. Or, maybe you’re even lucky enough to have a tree in your yard! 

Not wanting to DIY a bouquet of eucalyptus? You can actually purchase fresh eucalyptus bouquets already wrapped via Etsy and have them shipped. I think this would make a wonderful gift for someone as well. Maybe even perhaps someone who is feeling under the weather.

DIY Hanging Shower Eucalyptus


Supplies Needed

  • fresh eucalyptus leaves (about 4-5 branches)
  • rubber band or floral wire
  • twine or string



Trim the branches to about the same length (mine are all about 14 inches long). Roll over them a few times using a rolling pin to rough up and release oils.


Secure the branches together using a rubber band or floral wire. Wrap twine around the rubber band a few times and tie. Add about an 8-inch piece to tie/hang to the showerhead.


Tie the eucalyptus to the back of the showerhead, or hang nearby using a temporary hook.

I love eucalyptus so much!
You can definitely smell it in the shower, and I think the tip about rolling the leaves a bit to release the oil is helpful. It’s subtle but the smell of fresh eucalyptus surrounds the shower. A bundle should last about 3 weeks in the shower before you’d need to change it again.

Hanging eucalyptus in the shower is also a beautiful decor piece!
It’s a visually stunning detail to add to your shower. You can even treat guests by adding a fresh eucalyptus bundle to a guest bath when they visit as a nice added touch.

Want another idea for an awesome eucalyptus shower experience?
I also love this luxurious Travertine eucalyptus steam shower spray. Last year I visited my favorite Fairmont hotel’s spa, and they used something similar to this in all their showers. The smell was just so incredible!

After I got home, I bought this spray from Amazon to recreate that magical spa experience and it does create an amazing aromatherapy shower, too. I love that it’s 100% natural eucalyptus and smells so high quality as opposed to artificial scents. Note that it’s not the cheapest spray, but a little does go a long way.

The spray is definitely a stronger smell than the fresh eucalyptus bouquet. You’ll notice it clears the sinuses right away.

To use, just spray the shower wall a couple of times and the aroma is immediate. To be honest, it’s more immediate and intense than the fresh leaves, so this is also another great option to consider that won’t dry out and keeps well in the bathroom.

I’ve been enjoying this eucalyptus shower spray so much! In fact, I spray this also when taking a bath, since a big warm bubble bath is my favorite way to relax.

No matter how you get your eucalyptus fix, your bathroom will feel like pure luxury! 🧖‍♀️

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