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This Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum is the Cleaning Hero Every Home Needs!

Keeping your floors spotless just became completely effortless thanks to the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum.
The sight of immaculately clean floors is a glorious sight to behold, and if you can get them to pristine condition without lifting a finger, even better. This may sound like a fantasy, but with the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum in your home, it couldn’t be more real.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi-enabled smart vacuum, you can finally conquer the never-ending battle against pet hair, cracker crumbs, and just about any other little particle that makes its way onto your floors.

Here’s why the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum is the cleaning assistant your home needs:

It’s a must-have for pet owners.
Sick of pet hair constantly covering your floors? It’s not going to clean itself up and unless you manually vacuum every single day, the furry mess will only continue to grow and spread across your home, making its way onto furniture and just about everything else.

With this vacuum, you can say goodbye to all the cat and dog hair and finally put an end to the animal shedding mess.

Setting up your Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum couldn’t be easier.
To be honest, I thought setting up my new Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum would be grueling and time-consuming but it was unbelievably easy and took less than ten minutes. The SharkClean app provides simple step by step instructions that even the most tech-challenged person can follow along with.

Once you’ve set your vacuum’s schedule, given it a bit of time to map out your living space, and even bestowed it with a new name (Stella, in my case), your cleaning hero is good to go! Now you can get back to all of your other to-do’s and leave some of the grunt work to your Shark!

You can conveniently manage your smart vacuum to suit your lifestyle.
There’s something oddly magnificent about waking up to a room full of beautiful vacuum marks across your carpet or a kitchen without crumbs (and it wasn’t the dog that cleaned them up).

One of my favorite things about the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum is that it lets you set the cleaning schedule that best suits you and your home. It can be easily controlled right from your phone with the SharkClean app so you can adjust the settings at any time.

Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty™ XL combines Shark’s no-hair wrap Self-Cleaning Brushroll and Self-Emptying Base. After each cleaning session, it automatically empties out into the bagless base, which can hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris!

If there are areas of your home that you don’t want your clever vacuum to visit, just use one of your handy BotBoundary strips and it’ll steer clear of that space. If this isn’t vacuuming at its finest, I don’t know what is!

Hip Tip: If you plan on scheduling your Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum to run at night or while you’re away, be sure to clear the floor of anything it might knock over or suck up like shoelaces, clothing, and other small items.

Check out these offers on the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum!

Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum 
Comes with IQ Navigation, charging dock, self-cleaning brushroll, (2) side brushes, and BotBoundary strips.
Final cost only $299.40 shipped for EVERYTHING! 

Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum with Self Empty Base 
Comes with IQ Navigation, self-cleaning brushroll, PowerFins technology, (2) side brushes, BotBoundary strips, and self-empty base.
Final cost only $549.60 shipped for EVERYTHING! 

Even better, Shark offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year VIP warranty, meaning if your Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum fails for any reason, you can ship it to Shark for FREE, they’ll fix it or replace it for FREE, and send it back to you FREE. You really can’t go wrong!

Check out the rave reviews from other Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum users:

“Initially I was skeptical about dropping hundreds of dollars on a robotic vacuum, but after hours of research and watching robot vacuum reviews on Youtube, I decided to pull the trigger and buy the Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum (with lifetime warranty). I’ve been very pleased with this product, to say the least! I can wash my dishes, wipe down the counters and dump the trash, all while my ‘Sharkie’ cleans my floors.”

“If you’ve ever thought a robot vacuum isn’t for you, you have to give this one a shot. It has none of the flaws and all of the benefits. It sets up in minutes, connects to your tablet or smartphone and you can easily control it through the app. The IQ Robot is the perfect name because this vacuum is very smart. It maps out your home, taking note of obstacles and furniture so it doesn’t just move erratically.”

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