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Highly Rated Elite Gourmet Rapid Egg Cooker Only $12.79 on Amazon

Amazon has eggs-actly what you’re looking for!
While supplies last, hurry on over to Amazon or Macy’ where they are offering this highly rated Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Poacher for just $12.79 (regularly $15.99) with automatic savings applied at checkout.

Busy mornings? Make breakfast in a flash with this egg cooker that makes up to 7 eggs at once, perfectly every time! Choose to poach; soft, medium, or hard-boil; scramble; even make omelets with the easy veggie steamer function too! This rapid egg cooker is available in three colors for this awesome low price: grey-blue, mint, or coral.
Here’s how the deal breaks down…

Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Poacher $15.99
Less automatic $3.20 discount
Final cost $12.79 on Amazon or Macy’

On the fence? Check out these 5-star reviews…

I got so sick and tired of cleaning egg off of pans that were supposedly “nonstick” that I decided to order this and I am so glad I did. This is now one of my most favorite things in the kitchen. You set it up, walk away, it shuts off on its own and you go over to it and it’s like magic. It makes the best eggs. Not only that, today I made hard-boiled eggs, and the shell when being removed was in very large pieces and just slipped right off.

I love breakfast, however, many times I am running late and have to be out the door by 6 am for work. I have to have protein for breakfast, I love eggs. Lately, I have been stuck buying the hard-boiled eggs at the kiosk at work at $2.09 for 2 eggs. It adds up. A friend told me that this egg machine worked great for her so I bought one. Cooked the 7 eggs last night, tried one right away and it was perfect. I put the rest of the eggs in snack size zip bags, 2 to a bag. I took 2 ( 1 bag) to work this morning and OMG, I am in heaven. This will be saving me $$ and will pay for itself in a week & a half- WOOT!

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